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  1. Welcome home Pard ! Things are just a little faster this time around. Dont blink . Rooster
  2. I agree that could have been better. I think he was going for a old used look .
  3. You cant fix something that is not broken. Just Sayin .
  4. Check out this amazing work . This is a little long watch , But worth it . https://youtu.be/wezRoxocJhw
  5. I got my 2nd Model Dragoon today from Daniel Dodge . Wow what a nice gun in great shape . Great Pard to deal with and Fast shipping too . Thank you Daniel ! Rooster
  6. Cant believe that 66 in 44 special is still hear . Free bump on a Very Nice 66 in a great caliber and at a good price !
  7. Thats one of the funnest things I have ever seen !
  8. My Winchester 1894 with The Tang safety , Dont have enough room for a Tang sight .
  9. Looks Beautiful Michigan Slim . You are in Indiana . So you get it just like we do I belive . Hope to see you down the trail . Rooster
  10. Kinda funny all summer long people at the Gas station in little cars say, I Bet that thing uses a lot of gas ? I say yep 40.00 a day . But it's a lot cheaper then the Tow truck your going to need three or Four times this Winter lol Michigan born and raised. I can drive my 4x4 anywhere anytime of the year. Just Sayin Rooster
  11. About 200.00 per gun is about normal .
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