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  1. I bought one in 410 shotgun . Really fancy wood on it too. Sweet little shotgun .
  2. I wonder if the Dallas Cowboys will be next ! LOL
  3. No Gun ? I have a gun in every room ! I know I know you are thinking what are you afraid of Rooster ? I say NOT A DAMN THING My kids was raised around guns and they had there own guns in there bed rooms . My grandkids are being raised around guns and already know guns are Not Toys . I believe in teaching the kids about guns , Not hiding them and never letting them see or touch guns . That's how accidents happen ( curiosity ) So Saith The Rooster.
  4. I'm glad to hear you are ok . Our Heavenly Father was surely watching over you that day . God speed . Rooster
  5. My wife plinks with a Taurus tip up barrel pistol. Quality ammo is the big key of any auto loader to work properly. We only shoot CCI ammo in all the .22's we own . So saith the Rooster
  6. Oh boy do I remember Katrina ! She was the first girl I ever @#$% Never mind I will get banned again
  7. I called our local police department and told them they are doing a unforgiving job and Thank you for doing it so well. Also when I'm in a restaurant eating and a officer or officer's come in to eat . I pay for there meals . And tell them Thank you for what you guys do. Rooster
  8. Straight out of the box my two was great . Took one leg off the hammer springs so my Grandsons could cock the dang things . Other then that , what more can you ask for for under 180.00 otd each . Rooster
  9. The Bad guys got what they deserved. Hopefully the store owner dont get jail time or held up in Court for years . Rooster
  10. I'm really not uncomfortable with the M.I.M parts inside of this rifle . I'm just pointing out that they are M.I.M parts and Uberti uses Machined parts . So if a guy like me was thinking about buying a HRA New Original Henry because it was made in America. That the Uberti rifle is more true to the original Henry and has machined parts inside of it . They both are fine rifles . Like I stated earlier. If I had both Rifles on a bench in front of me at the same time. It's clear the Uberti is a better built more Athletic rifle. Rooster
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