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    God Guns Guts - Family - Ridding My Harleys - NRA Certified Range Officer - NRA Life Member - GOA Life Member - Warthog Life Member - An Armed Society is A Polite Society - Lube Your Balls & Cap Your Nipples

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  1. Why not just but a 66 then ? Just sayin Rooster
  2. I bought a pair of the for the Grandkids to shoot with the Henry rifles I bought them . With some Single six springs installed in them . I don't think you can buy a better gun for less money period IMHO. So saith the Rooster
  3. Switch too the Open Top Cartridge guns in the hi humidity and rain lol
  4. I never understood why they was so cheap in the first place . They are definitely the best Cap Guns ever built . I used to buy them unfired like new for 150.00 and over the years I probably had 70 or 80 of them . They definitely are worth 600. But the price everything demands today is Ridiculous !
  5. When I was shooting full time . I had a pair of Uberti open top 44 Specials with smith shop pins and action work by Long Hunters shop . With Army grips and 7in barrel's They shot very nice . The best part was they feel and point just like my Colt 1860 Army's . So it did not matter if I was shooting Cartridge guns or Cap guns . The gun in the hand pointed and felt the same . Just sayin Rooster
  6. Now that Colt has been bought out . You might regret this sale . Free bump
  7. Sounds like Joe Biden Jebbern in writing
  8. My Tab is open for You to have a drink with Yosemite Sam !
  9. Loved the original show . I don't think there is a episode I have not seen several times over . The new show would be a good show called something else ! IMHO
  10. In sted of complaining about Her . Let's try to make Her Great Again Together.
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