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  1. There is that foolish unsupported statement again about "No One" shooting two handed in the Old West, there is NO evidence that "No One" shot two handed and your repeated claims to the contrary doesn't make it so. Like I said, that one statement alone makes me dismiss every other comment you have made.
  2. Just because people shot and trained one handed shooting well into the 20th Century in no way is that proof some cowboys didn't use both hands to shoot, and one of those smart cowboys may have even come up with as you call it Slip Thumbing..... To make the absolute statement that "No One" shot two handed in the Old West is Comical. You are complaining because you apparently have never captured a fastest shooter, overall champion recognition shooting one handed. Eliminating the Overall Fastest Shooter recognition at matches will only have a couple results, lower our member count and discourage young shooters from joining. Just my two cents. This isn't just about YOU, this is about all of us.
  3. Well there it is on YouTube so it must be true, if you want to talk about WW2 and Vietnam we can, but the discussion was the Old West. Stop whining about the rules, two handed shooting, and who is recognized as the fastest shooter. Your argument is about a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.
  4. No, I haven't seen such a movie, but that doesn't mean cowboys didn't shoot the way we shoot.....I would think especially in the Old West one would want to shoot as fast as they possibly could shoot.
  5. I absolutely love the statement ”No-One shot using two hands like we see in matches” How in the name of Moses do you know that information?
  6. Ain't it funny how some folks want to tailor the game to fit their own needs and shooting style? I don't understand this debate, seems it is the reason we have the different categories to begin with and the aim should be at bringing more folks into this sport, not limit the fun.
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