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  1. I used to have a Lyman top punch modified to size these bullets. But I can't locate it. I have a new one ordered. I do have a bullet seater/crimp die that has it's top screw contour machined so that it doesn't deform these pointed slugs.
  2. Well dang!!!! Cheyenne Ranger! YOU MAKE IT LOOK EASY!!! THANKS! I had found that #303 yesterday, but I could not verify it in any Lyman or Saeco charts. I appreciate it, Mustang
  3. Howdy, Casters: I am searching for a certain top punch for a Lyman mold/bullet. I can't seem to find a chart that tells the correct one to use. Lyman products is not answering or their phone system is inop. The mold part no. is 429303. The Lyman no. is 26603003. Since it is a pointy bullet, I can't just use any old .44 caliber top punch, as it can deform the bullet nose. Much obliged for the help! Casting & blasting, Mustang Gregg
  4. Grizz: It's real good to hear from you, Pard. I'm glad you made it through the winter (if it's really over)! I did a swap yesterday getting a new Henry H001 and cash for the M24. So it's off the market. I have to fix the title to the post now. Your SE-NE Pard, Mustang
  5. Dominguez: Do a search for IHMSA. That is the biggest outfit in the handgun portion for the metallic silhouette game. Oh yea, sorry--- International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association. And I am in the market to buy some more lino for future casting and blasting. Mustang Gregg IHMSA #17040
  6. Yul Lose: Do not use it for C&B. It's too hard. MG
  7. Let's try $650. I could include shipping charges(?). Mustang Gregg
  8. If I was still shooting metallic silhouettes, I would be calling you, Pard., I only have maybe 100# left. Good luck, Mustang Gregg
  9. EH: This time they did not even ask for a S/N. But, yes, they usually they do. I have a list of the Bearcat revolvers and when they were built and their S/N's just in case they ask for one. Mustang Gregg
  10. OLG: I reckon they would not sell anything that knowingly replaces a "safety" device. They want all of their firearms left stock when they go out new or when in for repair. Much obliged!!
  11. Much obliged, Johnny. But I just ordered a Bearcat #KPR5 spring seat from Ruger. I appreciate that. BTW: How's that SxS doing?
  12. Here is a list of trainers that I got from Deuce's post. https://www.sassnet.com/ROInstructors.php?fbclid=IwAR3ElVO5UQgbQrOdyO5QC1aDXSUppcfYnaa5KLRsfoFiv0fyaSyViedXvz8
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