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  1. The shooter would not be "penalized" because it is a bonus if hit not a miss. Is the correct answer to give him the bonus or do not award the bonus and offer him a reshoot?
  2. I agree with PWB but there was a discussion about just awarding the bonus. I didn't think that was an option.
  3. JohnWesleyHardin


    We had two bird malfunctions today. One the bird simply didn't fly. The second, the bird took off early due to the other targets going down. What's the right call. We award 5 second bonuses for each hit bird.
  4. I went to Paradise Pass last weekend and shot in the Indiana State Shoot. Great people, great range, great match. Thank you all for the hospitality. If anyone is ever close to that range, you owe yourself a visit. I will go there ever year for the State shoot going forward. Put in on your calendar and make the trip. Again, GREAT people.
  5. One thing I love about cowboy shooting is suspenders! I wish they would come back in style.
  6. I drop shotgun shells while working posse duties. Is there any rule against removing your belts between shooting stages?
  7. I am looking forward to my first time at this shoot as well. Camping on the range. Plan on being there Thursday night! I had the privilege of shooting with some of you folks before but looking forward to meeting the rest of you!
  8. Distance is a matter of preference, but many stages we were shooting from the left or right of the stages at targets that were placed in the middle of the stage. We were basically shooting at 45 degree degree angles. Personally, I did not like that stage design.
  9. I have been shooting a little over two years. This was my first EOT. I am from Iowa where our stages are fast. Close big targets. I did terrible because I didn't adjust. That is on me not the design of the match. If I would have slowed down and paid attention to my front sight, I would have done much better. I never expected to win, but I had real expectations of a top 75. It was all my fault nobody else's. I didn't adjust. Having said that, I had a wonderful time. 1000 mile trip, so maybe not an every year thing, but I will be back and hell will be coming with me.
  10. I didn't shoot well but we had a wonderful time. We are in Amarillo tonight heading to Oklahoma City tomorrow. I had a blow out on my trailer outside of Amarillo. What a pain in the ass!
  11. Well we are here! View coming into EOT and view from our camper.
  12. 250 miles a day. The journey is the best part.
  13. I will be staying at hidden valley RV. Not picking up my packet until tomorrow afternoon so I don't know when I am shooting. Just wanted a general idea how earlier before my safety meeting should I arrive.
  14. I am staying at Hidden Valley RV park. Just want to know how early to get there. I don't know when I am shooting yet because I am not picking up my packet until tomorrow afternoon.
  15. On Thursday, how much time before my safety meeting should I arrive at the gate to have enough time to get settled in before we start?
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