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  1. I have been seeing primers for sale made by Zinc Point Primers. My guns are very light and will generally only set off federal primers on a consistent basis. Anyone have any experience with these primers and how soft there are?
  2. My understanding of the rules is that he should have been offered a reshoot or keep the score without the bonus.
  3. Issue at a match yesterday. Shotgun target trips a bird. Shotgun target went down, no bird. TO said shoot where it was which was correct. Two schools of thought were present. One, grant him the bonus, the other was that he could keep his score, without the bonus, or be granted a reshoot. What is correct?
  4. I am now signed up for EOT and the Indiana State shoot. I am only six hours away so I am staying the week for EOT, leaving my camper there, coming home for a few days and coming back for the the Indiana State shoot. Should be a great time. Went to the Indiana Shoot a couple years ago and it was one of the best shoots I have ever attended.
  5. Has anyone used Federal Gold Medal Grand shotgun shells in a double barrel? I have always used AA low noise low recoil but can't find them anywhere. The AA were 900+ pfs. The gold medals are 1100 fps.
  6. Actually he is in Neosho, Mo, which is South of Joplin.
  7. Lance Schofield,(417) 483-8360. Just outside of St. Joe Missouri. LS grips. He made me a beautiful set of buckeye burl grips.
  8. I am from Iowa, so Landrun isn't our regional, but when I first started shooting, I was told you can't miss two matches each year. One being Gunsmoke, which is our regional, the other being Landrun. I always camp on the range and you couldn't ask for a better shooting experience.
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