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  1. I don't have hearing issues but couldn't hear conversations with my old plugs in. I was skeptical, but these work as advertised. I love them!
  2. JohnWesleyHardin


    I am in and we just got confirmation that we can stay in the same house we stayed in last year! Can't wait to redeem myself!
  3. I agree with all the comments here. It really isn't about cost at this point, it's about availability. I started loading shotgun shell last winter and I haven't seen any for sale around here for about a year.
  4. I agree with El Catorce. Everyone is in the game for different reasons. Some categories require specific rifles. I think the coolest rifles are 1860 Henry's, but not for competition. Lightnings are cool too, but only a few cowboys can run them quickly. Go to matches, see what you want out of the game, shoot some cowboy's guns, and make a decision.
  5. IMO Miroku Winchester best cowboy gun you can buy. Mine have all been slicked up by Cowboy Carty.
  6. Spf Ruger Old Army. Sold to me as NIB. Gentleman said he bought it that way, had it for 10 years and never fired it. I was looking for a pair and bought three in one day so I don't need this one. I paid $1000 for it and we'll sell it for that shipped to your FFL.
  7. Just loaded a box of these. Had them for awhile. Those days are gone forever.
  8. Ditto. Cheap Harbor Freight model is what I use and it's all you need.
  9. Thank you for the tip. I replenished my supply. Oh, by the way, I have Federal small pistol primers for sale for $275 per thousand.
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