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  1. I bought a custom made hat there on my way from Iowa to New Mexico a couple years ago. Great experience.
  2. I may consider a trade for my Spurs SKB beaver tail for a SKB splinter. It is a very nice gun and I have $2100 in it. It is now my backup as I prefer the splinter. It would be better if my back up was the same as my primary shotgun.
  3. I have been seeing primers for sale made by Zinc Point Primers. My guns are very light and will generally only set off federal primers on a consistent basis. Anyone have any experience with these primers and how soft there are?
  4. I am from Iowa, so Landrun isn't our regional, but when I first started shooting, I was told you can't miss two matches each year. One being Gunsmoke, which is our regional, the other being Landrun. I always camp on the range and you couldn't ask for a better shooting experience.
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