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  1. @Popcorn KellyThe list posted in this thread and the list in the link provided do not match...missing Comstock Charlie and Bailey Creek if I'm not mistaken
  2. What the issue? Its a link to the clubs Google drive and I shared it with everyone. Its sometimes hard for me to catch these things, as I'm an account administrator with all my profile CC
  3. Our Website is updated with the scores and you can also use this link to view them. Again thanks for all who attended and congratulations to all the winners. We hope to see you next year. CC and the FDMR BOD
  4. Congratulations to all the Iowa State Winners and a big thank you for all that attended. I and the FDMR BOD hope you had a great time...I will post all the scores tomorrow, as I just got home from the range. CC
  5. Congratulations to Little Hermana and JB Kidd for winning the Iowa State SASS Women's and Men's Championship. I'm not sure if there has ever been a brother and sister winners of a state championship, but I know this one is well deserved
  6. Congratulations to Duece Stevens and Gunslinger Grace for the overall wins at the Iowa State Shoot
  7. Congratulations to JB Kidd for receiving his SASS Regulators award today at the Iowa State Shoot. Any of you that know JB will agree that this is well deserved. He's a great representative of our game, a fierce competitor, and a good friend. Thank you for all that you do for the game.
  8. We are still finalizing the posse list due to some cancelations, but here are the stages. State 2022 .docx
  9. Carty's the smith I'm trying to get them for. He has my rifle that I just purchased, but he can't do his magic on the toggle set up that's stock on the Davison Specials that have come up for sale online recently. Apparently those links have a little bite different geometry.....the search continues.
  10. Still looking. I've called around and like you've all said not much in the way of spare parts. If anyone has a stock set laying around please let me know. thanks, CC
  11. It's not too late to get signed up, just updated shooters list for a couple that came in over the weekend. Get in those last minute apps Thanks, Cactus Clark
  12. Good Morning All, The shooters list is fully updated and the T-Shirt orders have been placed. We have 81 shooters registered, but we will still take in those last minute stragglers. We don't like turning away any shooters. There is however a small late registration fee ($10) and we have no guarantee that we can get you a T-Shirt. I want to thank everyone that's already signed up. The crew has been working hard on getting our range ready. We will have things ready for a great match come Memorial Day weekend. Thanks Cactus Clark and the FDMR BOD
  13. Bump to the top, this is the last day to be included in the T-Shirt order. We will still take registrations after today, but no guarantees on getting a T-Shirt. thanks to all that have already signed up. Cactus Clark and FDMR BOD
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