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  1. Yes. I have a pair of new model K-Vaqueros in .357 and 4.62" barrels. I had my phone stolen and can't take another pic now. But I have a WTS ad on this forum. Hey. I found a photo. They are the one's below with the white grips with stars. MUSTANG GREGG
  2. 357: Okay, yes he did. Notice that I am NOT on the trigger of that SxS. It's on a sofa static. MG
  3. Sent PM back. I will have to go check the chokes & length. They are either 26" or 28". I recollect that they are 3" chambers (Full & Mod?). I won't know until I get to town. MG PS Right now I'm looking for my cell phone. I have either lost (or possibly was swiped) my cell phone with all of my pics, etc.
  4. I have a Browning BSS 20 gauge SxS for sale. It's a good shotgun, but it is not our caliber. So I'd like to sell it for $800 or swap for a BSS in 12 gauge. Mustang Gregg Pictures below.
  5. I have done nothing to them yet. But they definitely have lighter hammer and trigger pulls. The .357's are lighter than the .44's. MG
  6. Yep, I recently lost several "soft" sheets out of the barn. I reckon they were probably pure lead.
  7. Much obliged, GW. I still have a load of it to try. Or maybe it will go to the scrap yard. Oh yea, besides running light weight, it is as brittle as lino.
  8. I wanted to try out a new Lyman mold this morning. And I grabbed a couple of ingots that were supposed to be made of the old tire wheel weights and solder. There was not supposed to be any zinc weights in them. Well, the crap melted at a very high temp---the dross turned blue---didn't want to flow out of the bottom pour nozzle---and the bullets were about 15 grains lighter than what lino out of that mold should be. I have only ever used wheel weights [the old ones], linotype, and solder. So this was a new experience. Do you reckon that there was zinc in the ingots? Mustang
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