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  1. Well. . . . So much for that theory And politics are crazy Everywhere now that the left has taken over.
  2. I agree with Billy & Null. Especially starting, it is a good idea to look them in the holster. It actually doesn't take any noticeable time once you get in the habit. You can be grabbing your second pistol by feel while holstering the first. And you must have a holster rig that you can trust where the holster is and that it is solid and consistent - even when you look them in. That being said many experienced and top shooters do not look unless they have to move a lot. I generally mean to look them in, but at a match, I almost never do. But I've
  3. Cool! Unfortunately that is why they are selling - everyone has left Ohio.
  4. There are two different methods of attaching the two parts - the old simple pin and the newer (more authentic) extra part. The pin - part 104: And the new, stronger Uberti style - part 721:
  5. That is the current plan. We got lots of complements on it. Instead of the banquet, we gave two free meals per shooter, plus water, fruit, snacks, etc. We got the tent ($2500!!!) just in case of bad weather and it worked great We will also let folks know that we still have a costume contest as some may not have realized that. Fast Eddie has some other great new ideas for next year. (Just remember, folks, such matches require many thousands of hours of work from many people. Before, during and after the match. And Eddie puts in more than anyone
  6. First: An unfired round is a counted as a miss. Use the flow chart, you will see that the shooter will NOT get a P for an unfired round since it was counted as a miss. Remember, a Miss cannot cause a P. For review: https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/RO/Miss Flow Chart.pdf So if the R.O. told you to shoot the last round, you got bad advice. If you did it on your own, you would get a P and no miss. Generally you cannot get a P and miss for the same shot as far as I know.
  7. The Results are posted! http://www.srscowboy.com/GA_state_21_match.htm
  8. I had better consistency with 3.4 as a minimum load with Trail Boss.
  9. Plus: 2009 - CD 2010 - CE 2011 - CF 2012 - CH 2013 - CI 2014 - CL
  10. Compare the proof code to this: https://www.rem870.com/gun-manufacture-date/italian-firearms-year-of-manufacture-look-up/
  11. The Baikal is a very strong gun. It does come in three version, just for clarity. One appeared to have external hammers but they were merely cocking levers for internal hammers - so not for Frontier categories. Another did have external hammers. The most common had internal hammers and was a pretty good SASS gun once tuned. Sadly since they are no longer imported, parts can be a problem. But since built like a tank, they don't need parts very often, especially if well tuned. Lake Baikal - deepest lake in the world as I remember.
  12. We used to see a lot more of that sort of stuff many years ago. I was known for singin through the stage or more likely yelling at the bad guys through it all, just like the old radio shows. It was for fun and no way to score it other than laughs. When I first moved to Georgia and did that, they were laughing so hard the almost couldn't count my misses. Heard a top shooter comment, "He could be pretty good, if he'd just shut up and shoot." So I eventually did that and had great fun shooting pretty fast and wining a lot of categories if not entir
  13. Is the right barrel the first one fired? A common problem with Stoegers is that the latch mechanism can wear enough that the first shot will slightly open the action, thus causing the other barrel to not fire. The lug is normally warn and needs to be built up to properly latch AND the latch should be modified to that it more fully extends and provides a larger surface area for lock up. Some will go with a stronger spring for the opening lever but that is only a temporary fix. Worse case, the lug is coming undone from the barrels and will have to
  14. One possibility. If the stage instructions say the shooter may reholster or stage guns on table. Also, just to clarify, the shooter MAY put the pistol on the table (empty) and shoot the second pistol. Shooter then must return revolvers to holsters. So thanks for the clarification since in this case, safely staging the revolver results in a penalty.
  15. There is some error in the story but as normal for fat-checkers they also deceive and generally never discuss the main content or point. Numerous studies over decades declared that masks do not help stop influenza. The media and powers to be just want to spread panic. A favorite trick is "attack the man" or attack the source without addressing the content - as they have once again done here. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7680614/ Glad the BLL is down.
  16. That sort of thing is what a mask is for - larger, heavier particles. But you also have to watch because mask wearing also has risks. The U.S. Gov just published a Stanford Study that explains the position formerly held by CDC. Masks do not work for fighting virus such as influenza and corona virus's.
  17. I miss Cheyenne... Hell On Wheels: June 30 - July 4 2021 https://bordervigilantes.com/ https://bordervigilantes.com/hellonwheels.php https://bordervigilantes.com/server/uploads/how_2021_registration.pdf
  18. A couple clubs here tried it but gave up on it for various reasons. One thing is be sure ROs are trained on the semi-auto procedures.
  19. Yup, Word just doesn't work well with the graphics. Gates puts them where he wants them (big surprise there.) Excel and Power Point allow you to place graphics where YOU want them.
  20. The Vaqueros with 45/8 barrels have 5.625 inch barrels as I recall. Slightly longer than the 5 and 1/2 inch barrels. 45 Divided by 8 . . .
  21. HP-38/Win 231 is an excellent powder for 32's. And can work well in 38's. But doesn't go well on pancakes..
  22. Two great tests of people: 1. When things go wrong 2. When given power From this post, Dee comes through in both cases!
  23. Cartridge length is important. The snap caps are generally intended for pistols so length is not as critical. Another solution is to file off part of the cartridge rim so that the extractor cannot grab the shell. Then you can cycle the gun with only that one "snap cap" in the chamber. I just used regular brass and loaded a bullet with no powder or primer. Then filled the primer pocket with sealer. Once in a while I replace the sealer to be sure it is "live."
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