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  1. Local shops have the Ruger New Vaquero in 4.62" 357magnum with the wood grips I really like. Is the SASS model more recommended? Seems like they have a different grip and hammer.
  2. Didn't expect to come back from dinner with this much input! Much appreciated y'all! Sorry if I didn't reply to everyone! What do you mean by leather with no loops and just matching slides? Are you talking about the retention loops I see on some holsters? I will definitely look into all those leather makers. Would you also recommend El Paso Saddlery? I'm glad to hear that SxS are also competitive. They look more enjoyable to me than a pump. I'll definitely look into those fellas. Thanks for the recommendation! Seems like most of these guys offer preworked revolvers, lever guns, and shotguns. I guess each gunsmith has their own strengths? And some may be more cost efficient for certain guns? I had briefly considered just getting everything from one person like Long Hunter or Cody. I seriously considered getting a pair of Colts in 45 along with a Winchester 73 in 45 as well. Colts and Winchesters are how I first fell in love with the old West. I'm sure I'll eventually end up with some... but they're so beautiful that I'd be worried about dropping or marring them up. And I'm not sure if I would send them out to get modified. K... going to add those fellas to the list of people to also check out lol. Is Shotgun Boogie from Europe?? I must be googling wrong for Harlem Wolf as I didn't find a match. Seems like everyone recommends the SKB SxS and the Baikal shotguns if SKB is too much money. I've never owned a SxS before, but it sounds like these are far higher quality than a Stoeger? Cody Conager and Long Hunter both seem to be highly recommended, I'll definitely look into them more. Thanks for the advice on double straight hang holsters. I was wondering about that myself. Good tip on the gun cart. I'm going to probably try using my 3 Gun cart since they're so similar. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll get my lawn mower out... it's still warm enough this year for me to get some business! Hahaha. Any Ruger Vaquero will do? Was wondering if the SASS Ruger Vaqueros are even better. Problem is that they seem to be going for $1400-1500 for a pair on Gunbroker while Long Hunter offers modified versions for $1625.
  3. I've shot Steel Challenge and 3 Gun, but I've gotten bit by the cowboy action bug. Serious enough that I'll be selling a couple items I barely use so I should have about a $4000-$5000 budget to spend on guns and gear. Obviously I don't have to spend the entire budget, but I'm more than willing to buy once to cry once for quality and gear I'll never need to replace. Sounds like most people advise buying completed rifles from cowboy action gunsmiths as it's cheaper than buying new rifles elsewhere and sending them in. The only thing I'm really unsure of is which shotgun to go with. Seems most recommend the '97 pumps for speed, but the double barrel shotguns looks really fun too. Appreciate any advice!
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