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  1. Wagon Box Willie, Love the pics and video. Keep making smoke.
  2. Well Said J BAR . Long Live the REAL BP shooters!!!!!!
  3. You the man.:) Never tried making my own BP. My hats off to you PARD ! BTW ,what caliber do you shoot? I love the 38WCF.
  4. Thanks to all who responded. Black Powder is the REAL deal! Reloading BP is a labor of love I guess. It gives you a satisfaction that you can't get with anything else when you see,feel and smell the difference . BP forever.
  5. The Shoer 27979, It is Hard work if you cast your own bullets ,melt your own lead, lube your own bullets and shoot 38-40 cartridges. That said ; I still love it.
  6. Like to know how many DEDICATED Black Powder Only shooters we have and Why you shoot only REAL BP. As for me , I love the FLAMES , BOOM AND SMOKE . The smell ain't too bad either. It takes a LOT of dedication ,time,and hard work; but I love it !!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Pards , Got a RCBS on it's way . Can't wait till it comes in. Guess I'll keep the Lee for a backup, unless I run out of targets to shoot. ​Way more money , but should be a lot less aggravating. Mad Dog McGee
  8. ​Like to get some advice on bullet casting furnaces. I have a Lee Pro 4 which leaks, adjustment screw bypasses the needle rod, and won't maintain a set temperature very well. Yes I can cast bullets and spend a lot of time unclogging the spout, freeing the needle rod and trying to adjust the temperature ; but I'd rather sped my time on actually casting bullets. So which furnace do most of you recommend in the $500.00 or so price range ? I don't won't to buy another problem machine like this one. Thanks in advance, Mad Dog McGee
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