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  1. I'm looking for a 12ga. mag tube for my '97 takedown. Mine got warn out and wont fit properly anymore. Looking for either the new, china-made part or maybe someone would part with an original in good shape? I considered just buying one from Numrich, but figured I'd ask around on here first.
  2. I never have issues with getting parts back in place, I did all my slicking and stuff on my own. I feel like I have no business owning a gun I can't disassemble and reassemble. Don't think negatively about other people who believe differently, but for myself I expect a lot. So, poor reassembly isn't something I'm really worried about.
  3. Not sure if this has come up before and I know I post on here a lot, but I have many questions and appreciate the community's feedback. How often do you gents and ladies clean your firearms? I am mainly inquiring about mainmatch/competition guns, but I am also curious about your other firearms as well. Generally, I like to completely strip and clean my guns the night before and right after matches (monthly and annual). When it comes to shooting outside of the sport, for fun (wait... I thought I did this cowboy thing for fun?), I generally will only snake the barrel and wipe-down the bolt-head
  4. Thanks for the input everyone! My question is Chinese or original?
  5. Pulled the tube out and took a look. I have absolutely no clue how, but the threaded end of the tube definitely isn't a perfect circle. Like I said, this problem only happened recently. Looks like I'm going to need to buy a new tube unless someone knows how I can get it back into shape. It's not horrible, but noticeable.
  6. Thank you for the help, everyone, but I do believe it is all the way in, but the tube just feels right when I try to insert shells, like resistance for about half an inch about a quarter inch into the tube and that's what's keeping it from feeding.
  7. Single loading not an issue, but sometimes it's fun to be able to stoke it or evil roy load it.
  8. I recently purchased a takedown '97 from another gentleman on the wire here and it had a coyote cap action job. I took it to a monthly match the day after I brought it home and it functioned fine. I even brought it out to a friend's ranch about 4 days later and stoked it and shot "normally" I also slam fired it too. I took it out just yesterday (about 3 weeks after getting it) and when I fired it, the mag tube came loose on me from the recoil of a AA lite target shell. Today, I found that the tube must have been upside down, but now, it will not feed shells through the tube if stoked. I believ
  9. Definitely "shop around" and decide what you like. My dad's been in this for years, but I just started this year. I have some cheaper leather that gets the job done, borrow two .357 colt clones that feel amazing, and purchased my rifle over the summer as well as currently waiting on a shotgun for myself. So far my '73 in .45 was about $1250 out the door, plus about $150 on new parts, fitted and installed by yours truly. And the shotgun is going to be about another $700-$750 for an original '97 with action work. So far I've got a grand total of just over $2100 and that's including extras. You c
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