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  1. That would be my opinion as well. Interested to hear an official position.
  2. What requirements must be met for a shooter to be eligible to be named state/regional/national champion? If a shooter from another country moves to the US and lives here, plans to live here for several years, are they eligible to be named champion of their state/regional/ national match where they live?
  3. Looks awful small for something called the TEXAN. Haha.
  4. What works for one guy may not work exactly the same for the next. Let the timer tell you, it doesn’t lie. I can tell you without a doubt that I shoot faster with 125s than I do with 105s, it’s not a huge difference, but it is consistently there for me.
  5. Yeah I agree with you.....has PWB lost his mind? or have misunderstood something?

  6. Smokestack;


    I'm trying to find out if my app has been received.

    I mailed apps for two matches on the same day. I've gotten a confirmation and my check has been cashed from the other match. I have had some issues with stuff being lost in the mail and want to make sure that hasn't happened here. Our plan is traveling from Alaska and doing 4 matches on consecutive weekends.


    Marshal Stone

    1. Smokestack SASS#87384
    2. Smokestack SASS#87384

      Smokestack SASS#87384

      She said your application was received on Friday and will be processed tomorrow or thursday. 

    3. Marshal Stone, SASS #53366

      Marshal Stone, SASS #53366

      Thank you.

      See ya in Oct.


      Marshal Stone

  7. No, you must use load data for the powder you are using.
  8. There are still a few clubs which have refused to evolve with the game. They are struggling to survive due to lack of shooters interested in what they offer. I am not saying your opinion is wrong, but you are certainly in the minority.
  9. Well I can only find "shoot where it was" and "engage an alternate target" in one place in the rule book and they are literally in the same sentence. I would assume that they are either both an option or neither an option.
  10. I like that. Think I'll borrow it. Thanks.
  11. So shoot where it was would not be an option in this case either? The 10th pistol shot was a miss and caused a P all at once? Not trying to be a PITA, I just don't understand this line of thinking. If shoot where it was IS still an option in this scenario, can you please direct me to the section of the rule. Oils that covers this besides the target failure section? Thanks.
  12. That would be a Rattler John sweep.
  13. If when the shooter completed the 9 rifle targets he shot where the knockdown was it would only be a miss for the 10th pistol shot correct? Instead of shooting where it was, a shooter has the option of shooting an alternate target. I would not give them the P based on that thinking. ROII pg. 8
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