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  1. I disagree and would not modify the engagement portion of the pawl. Underneath on the bottom end there is a protrusion on the pawl that comes against the top of the grip frame. There will be a notch on the grip frame where Ruger sloppily fit them. TIG weld the protrusion on the pawl and reshape it to make it just a bit longer and it will freespin smoothly as it was supposed to.
  2. .... I still can’t believe the ROC approved it.
  3. I shoot them for fun and it ends up being both to at least some degree.
  4. It applies to SASS matches just as well.
  5. To me, the good old days are next weekend, and the weekend after that.
  6. The most troubling part is that none of the spotters, TO or score keeper were aware of what the correct call would have been. It really is a shame that so few take the time to learn the rules.
  7. It’s always the middle number because that’s the most misses that at least two spotters agree on.
  8. Smokestack SASS#87384


    The 170° doesn’t always apply at the loading table. It depends on stage design. For instance, the way the stages at EOT are designed, the 170° doesn’t apply at the loading or unloading tables.
  9. Smokestack SASS#87384


    On the line, SDQ, loading table would depend on range design.
  10. Your assumption that moving the targets out will only slow down the fast guys is deeply flawed. That being said, I’m not a fan of a whole match of huge in your face steel, but some are and that’s OK. Some like small, fat targets, and that’s Ok too. What I take issue with is someone who acts like one or the other doesn’t require skill. They both do, and to some extent they are different skills.
  11. LOL. Another one who thinks a different skill set is a no skill situation.
  12. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “SASS approved”?
  13. The problem is not the washer, if there is one, but the placement. If it’s at the lower end of the spring, it can shift and pinch the strut causing more drag. If you’re going to shim a spring, always do it on the non moving end.
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