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  1. I prefer clubs that follow SASS rules for SASS matches.
  2. I very much prefer a bandolier because for me it is faster and more natural type movements than a belt. Also, it restricts my body movement less and is much more comfortable to wear.
  3. Check your loading gate. It may be bent or loose and interfering.
  4. Yes, you can pull 4 pretty easily. I don’t think I have a video of how I do it but I’ll see if I can put something together.
  5. Yep. 2 in each hand. One stayed in the bando. I just had it there so my hand would reference the same as if my loops were full.
  6. Here are a couple videos that I used to learn this technique. The right hand shells are grabbed upside down and loaded while shouldering. The left hand are pinned against the forend until needed. BE6BA676-8C7C-4D86-8DEC-D10D65D480FE.mp4 690E2D83-2259-4DEC-92EE-309CDD275EB4.mp4
  7. I love the way mine works with my ‘87 9C451A0D-E89F-45B2-B61E-0FAF4DA03BE2.mp4
  8. In a perfect world, that is true probably most of the time. But some stages definitely make it impossible and some shooters as well.
  9. PS: I think anyone who would want the shells on a bandolier to sit vertically, hadn’t spent enough time with a well designed one to know why they shouldn’t.
  10. For me switching to a bandolier from a belt was like cleaning your windshield after driving with it dirty for a long time. It was a completely natural improvement for me and it just worked better right out of the gate. There are a few inherent advantages to a bandolier over a belt and vise-versa. Just as a sxs and a ‘97 can both have strengths and weaknesses. I personally feel that by not allowing a bandolier to be secured, it maintains some equity between the two and keeps the belt from being kicked to the wayside. I think the rules as they currently stand are the best they could be for the sport.
  11. Pull he forend off and look for grooves worn by the cocking levers.
  12. For those who may be interested. Here are the stages from The Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly 2019
  13. I guess I’m the odd one out here who thinks ladies should follow the same rules as the men. Unless of course the rules for the ladies category were to read differently.
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