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  1. The o-ring is not a hindrance at all. It’s quite the opposite. It allows the cap to be run in with just your fingers it til it just touches, and it stays there. It doesn’t get too tight or loosen up with use.
  2. Thanks guys, I do make them. I’ll contact those who’ve expressed interest this evening.
  3. Yes, but by their very definition, stage conventions only apply in the absence of specific instruction. For instance if the instruction were to stage long guns on the table in the window, the convention would stipulate that they lay flat as the table is a horizontal surface. But if the instruction were simply “stage long guns safely” the stage convention would not apply to any non horizontal surface, such as across that board or vertically against the wall.
  4. People traveled half way around the world to shoot the biggest highest level championship there is. It is not a triviality and deserves more attention than that.
  5. Every stage in a match can’t and shouldn’t IMO favor a double shooter. I saw plenty of videos of right handed double shooters who didn’t have any issues with the amount of space given on that stage. While it may not have been the ideal amount for how you would like to have staged them, it was enough.
  6. Curious if stage instructions stated long guns flat on the table or if it read “staged safely”.
  7. It is making a comeback. I can walk into the stores around here and get ammo that is appropriate for sass shooting as easily or more easily than I can 12 gauge.
  8. I floated this on FB but curious what the wire thinks as well. Two part question. 1) Does anyone know why the minimum gauge for shotgun was set at 20 gauge for adults? 2) Given the recent resurgence of the 28 gauge and the availability of quality SxSs, would you support a rule change to allow it? If not, why? I personally think it would be a positive change particularly for some of our smaller and or recoil averse members.
  9. Yeah I agree with you.....has PWB lost his mind? or have misunderstood something?

  10. Smokestack;


    I'm trying to find out if my app has been received.

    I mailed apps for two matches on the same day. I've gotten a confirmation and my check has been cashed from the other match. I have had some issues with stuff being lost in the mail and want to make sure that hasn't happened here. Our plan is traveling from Alaska and doing 4 matches on consecutive weekends.


    Marshal Stone

    1. Smokestack SASS#87384
    2. Smokestack SASS#87384

      Smokestack SASS#87384

      She said your application was received on Friday and will be processed tomorrow or thursday. 

    3. Marshal Stone, SASS #53366

      Marshal Stone, SASS #53366

      Thank you.

      See ya in Oct.


      Marshal Stone

  11. No, you must use load data for the powder you are using.
  12. There are still a few clubs which have refused to evolve with the game. They are struggling to survive due to lack of shooters interested in what they offer. I am not saying your opinion is wrong, but you are certainly in the minority.
  13. Well I can only find "shoot where it was" and "engage an alternate target" in one place in the rule book and they are literally in the same sentence. I would assume that they are either both an option or neither an option.
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