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  1. Yet it’s not listed under SDQ in the penalties overview, or the pocket card, and the penalty itself is not mentioned with the rule you sited above. And the book has very recently been updated.
  2. Where in the rule book does it say that a cocked rifle with an empty chamber leaving the shooters hands is an SDQ?
  3. Personally, I wouldn’t fix it by removing metal. They need to have the small bump on the bottom TIG welded up and reshaped to cause them to cam away a bit more when the hammer is fully down. A tiny bit here goes a LONG ways.
  4. And 90° gets you a ride with flashing lights and all.
  5. You can lean up to 25° but 26° is a SOG.
  6. Umm... OO buck doesn’t hit a steel target Andy harder than 7 1/2 does. There would be no reason to use the buck shot.
  7. Also, with an AZ CCW, you can carry in some places where constitutional carry doesn’t apply.
  8. Just get an AZ CCW. It costs $60 and is easy. They are good for 5 years.
  9. I don’t believe anyone has ever made a stainless steel one, but there are some available “in the white”
  10. That little “all factors being equal” part is where things get dicey. The problem is, all factors are never equal because we are involving the human element and different people. My world record duelist run was done by slip hammering, does that mean slip hammering is the fastest? Maybe, maybe not.
  11. Mine is not a cut and weld an it is in proper working order.
  12. Also, aluminum oxide puts a nice finish on the stainless ones. Welcome to the fire.
  13. It is a design flaw/ bad fitment of parts from the factory on some of the new models. The hammer will interfere with the trigger spring and cause it to drag when you try to slip hammer. The metal can be ground away where the interference is and the problem goes away.
  14. If I run my ‘73 hard enough, I can actually begin opening the lever before the pressure has left the barrel and blow the primers out of the cases. This is where the mechanical limits of the gun as it is currently built exist (imo). If the links were designed differently and had more dwell in the lock up position, this wouldn’t happen. It is a speed induced “failure”.
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