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  1. Not a silver eagle, but I can attest to the Henry being a fun little side match gun.
  2. Well, you’ve got a funny way of showin’ it. Have a good one.
  3. You’re so hell bent on defending your statement that your unwilling to learn how the gun works and how a transfer bar stops a discharge from a dropped gun. Even though when cocked the trigger moves the transfer bar up high enough to contact the firing pin, if the gun were dropped and the sear or it’s not h were to fail, the trigger return spring and the trigger would retract the transfer bar before the hammer got there.
  4. The transfer bar is raised by the trigger only. What you are seeing is the effect of the trigger position being changed by the hammer. Pull the hammer back enough that you can just see the transfer bar and then pull the trigger and watch it.
  5. The transfer bar is connected to the trigger only. You can either believe me, or take the gun apart and learn how it works for yourself, but I’m not going to argue with you about it.
  6. Um.... the trigger certainly is what raises the transfer bar. Not the hammer.
  7. I prefer a yellow lense as it helps keep my eyes from getting “lazy”. I can pick up the next target faster with them than with grey lenses.
  8. This is a neat video that shows a derringer run in real time and then in slow motion.
  9. As a TO, I have literally held a shooter up by his suspenders who would otherwise be unable to compete I’ve pushed those in wheelchairs at times when it was needed and I’ve helped those who have lost their place or become confused. It is our job as TOS to safely assist the shooter through the stage.
  10. Soiled doves and side matches in that order.
  11. I understand that and that’s the reason I limit my match to three runs. It was asked and that’s what my shooters wanted. My prior statement was more about the whoever gets closest to their predicted time type thing. Or other ways of making it a coin toss.
  12. If I never shot in a side matchvthat I didn’t have a shot at winning, I’d probably never have won a side match. This idea that the contest needs to be set up so you can win or it’s not worth playing sure ain’t what will make you better.
  13. Please don’t let this become a thing....
  14. I very much prefer unlimited runs because, well, I like to shoot. More shooting is more fun. I can however understand folks who dislike unlimited runs and think best of 3 is an OK compromise. I absolutely detest matches that charge for additional runs. My 2¢.
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