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  1. Thank you Shooters. He certainly has NOT sold his business. Have a great weekend
  2. all good. We just spoke. Thx Two Dot See you Saturday hopefully
  3. I tried Dave with no luck. And I just was told he has sold the business I will try again
  4. I am trying to get in contact with Jim "Long Hunter" Finch. Phone number or email would be much appreciated. Just want to talk about prescription lenses which he talked about in his excellent You Tube video. Regards Rev
  5. found one El Pueblo. One of my local buddies here hooked me up. Thank you
  6. I have 3 SKB's and they are all beaver tail's. One of them when purchased had the "English" stock and dear ol Goatneck when I sent it to him to be tricked up, put a beaver tail on it. I dont remember whether he had one laying around or we just did a trade or something, but I know some work was definitely needed for it to fit properly. I saw a post recently here where the lug under the barrels that the forend attaches to fell off and the gentleman used JB weld and it's held up for years. That happened to me twice and it was the same SG we added the beaver tail to. I would be reluctant to change the forend's out again. Just me. I would go with using a slip on or trying to find a beaver tail factory gun.
  7. Looking for a forend for Uberti 1873 Oct. 18". 357 I would have thought they are all the same but maybe not. I notice for example on the VTI Gun parts site they have 24" and 20" listed separately with different part numbers? (They dont have any) Any way mine has the 18" Oct barrel Rev
  8. I'll throw my 2 cents in here. I had tennis elbow something terrible a few years back. I started calling it Dillon elbow. I did see a specialist and we went over all my activities and he strongly suggested losing the ball on the Dillon and going to the roller handle. Not only that, he had me buy one of those "noodles" the kids play with in the pool and I cut 6 " off of it and slid it over the handle. Now I did have a cortisone shot but I truly believe losing that ball handle, where you are clasping down hard on it as opposed to gripping the handle with the noodle made a difference. I load standing up and built my loading bench accordingly. I have tried to sit and it's hopeless really I found. Now for full disclosure, I have not had to use that noddle for quite a spell now. My tendonitis is very mild now to non existent at times. Rev
  9. We just had someone with what appeared to be a legit SASS number and history with a year of posts, try to sell a SAA and a Python twice to 4 different people who all sent checks. Luckily all the checks were able to be cancelled when the whole thing just didnt smell right. Perhaps when an add is posted would it be possible that the persons SASS number and all relevant information be confirmed. I am not sure whose job that may fall on. Be wary folks
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