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  1. I don't have a machine on which the loader tool can be installed.
  2. I saw a shooter at the OK Corral in Okeechobee Florida who had a hand press on their gun cart which would put the 3 degree taper on the end of 12 gauge shells. Does anyone know this cowboy? I would like to acquire this item if available. Thanks
  3. These Ruger Special Edition Old Model Stainless Vaqueros have been used very little. They come with the Black boxes and locks. Asking $2,600.00 Pictures available please provide email address in PM
  4. I just received these small pistol primers. I loaded 40 rounds and tried them in three different sets of ruger single six revolvers. Two of the sets still have transfer bars but light springs. The third set had the transfer bars removed with light springs. All sets are still full stroke and have had lighter firing pin springs install. All rounds did fire but the firing pin dent in the expended primers was much lighter when compared to Winchester primers.
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