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  1. I will take them if the price is 80.00 for both sets
  2. I will take them. Let me know where to send the gold dust.
  3. I don't know if it is possible but sure would be nice for the general membership is see what is being discussed on the TG forum even with no access for comment. Might encourage more involvement.
  4. Are the transfer bars hitting the bottom of the firing pin when cocking?
  5. Thanks to all to posted in this thread and the Chicken George post. A special thanks to Garrison Joe for pointing out my timing was not completely done until the carrier timing was addressed. I have modified my carrier so there is space for the cartridge rim to drop and roll away from the extractor nose. All is good now
  6. Joe I understand what you are saying about a carrier slow rise timing but I'm not sure how to correct the problem. Would adding material to the top of the lifter arm be a fix?
  7. I can't seem to get the rifle working right. Has a gen 3 short stroke with a aluminum carrier. Timing seems to be correct as the lower tab is missing the cartridge rim when new round is being loaded. The problem is the spent cartridge is being extracted fine but the cartridge rim of the spent casing is getting caught under the nose of the extractor nose when the carrier is coming up to eject the spent cartridge. Any suggestions?
  8. Way to go Jackie! Hope to see at the range this summer. Ace
  9. Hat sizing help. Need to know where to measure for the Doc Holiday Hat to determine correct size.
  10. Been my experience in south Florida the UPS hub does not want the package sealed as they like to check the packing. Other than that very easy to do.
  11. Sorry all it's 81 here and I got to go shooting!
  12. I picked up two 5 pound jugs at powder valley for 104.00 per jug.
  13. I've got all NIW Starline 700 brass and 300 nickel..... hows about $185 shipped?

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