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  1. Very cool find Warden. Sure wish I was back in the Missouri & Kansas country were you can find small out of the way gun shops!
  2. https://marauder.homestead.com/cowboy.html
  3. I carry plastic liquid wound sealer to stop the bleeding while at a match
  4. I'll take it. PM will address for payment.
  5. HD you are a standup cowboy and we all would hate to lose you. Please give it some time for reflection before you make a decision. Ace
  6. That's the plan and looking forward to seeing you and your dad! Reservations at Comfort Inn & Suites Tavares North.
  7. I have had email contact with Bart around Thanksgiving time. Bart said he has really been busy with work and was a little burned out with shooting. I suspect we will see him return to the game soon.
  8. The economy shipping and tracking leaves much to be desired. I have an order which shows delivery for today but tracking shows the package is in Orlando.
  9. I have had SOG do three sets of Rugers and he does excellent work on all three sets.
  10. I will take them. Sent you a PM
  11. Next in line if Boom Pop does not take them.
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