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  1. Congrats Christian! It was tough competition......!!! Interesting to note that the top five 49ers were within 5 seconds of each other.....now that is some great competition!!!! Congrats!!
  2. Chili!! Great job Brother......very proud of you!!! Looking forward to shooting with you at WR!
  3. Congrats Drifter! Looking forward to shooting with you at WR......mmmmmmmmmm..............lemonade!!!
  4. Doc! Well done my friend.......WOW!!! Very cool....
  5. Lefty, amazing job to finish 2nd Overall!!!!! WOW.......good job
  6. Great job Serenity! Congrats! We are all very proud of you..... BJZ
  7. Well you know the dust has settled when the conversation is reduced to aliens, custard, and ice cream! All good...... I wanted to congratulate EOT for a fine World Championship. I was unable to make the last 2 EOTs, and certainly this was the best one I have attended. The attention to detail was clearly the result of much hard work on the part of the WB, and all the volunteer support staff (it takes a village)......they are to be commended for an excellent job. There are things that will go wrong at EVERY match (I know) and we learn from every event, but they made it appear seamless to the shooters who were there for a good time! Fun and free beer......what more can we ask for! Thank you to Misty for her vision, and for being the awesome leader of a great team of folks! As for the stages and targets, I must say that I was pleased to see that there was a degree of "shooting" challenge to the match. I am thankful that some matches are still a "shooting competition" and not a "how fast can I cycle my guns" match. Please don't get me wrong: whilst I fully appreciate close and big targets, and have a great time shooting those matches, I believe that there needs to be a variety.....and each match should have it's own flavor and quality. Every match should NOT be Bordertown! (I will always love Bordertown, however ) I think the targets were all very "hitable", and the one miss I had, I earned all by myself. The scenarios were different and new for me, and overall I REALLY enjoyed the match. For me, there was just enough challenge and variety to make this a world class event. A monster Thank You to Deuce and Lassiter for all the hard work putting on great match, I had a wonderful time! I will be back! We love EOT!
  8. Yeah I agree with you.....has PWB lost his mind? or have misunderstood something?

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