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  1. I would be happy to take this mould off of your hands. PM sent. Ogallala Kid
  2. If you’ve been loading 44 WCF for ten years with no problems - and are just now getting crushed cases, something has changed. I assume you meant you reload on a Dillon 550 - the company makes an alignment tool for that press. I’ll bet someone in your club has one you can borrow to check/realign your tool head. Might make a difference. I have realigned mine a few times. I’ve never resized brass that hasn’t been cleaned first. If you’re not annealing, I’m wondering how good of a seal your cases have in the chamber after several firings and resizings. Running carbon fouled brass into the sizer over time may have an effect. And lots of folks here have mentioned proper lube for the bottle necked case. My $.02
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