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  1. I used to use one like this for an umbrella holder. Used a small bungee cord that held to top in place. Take the PVC rack out when folding cart. Marshal Stone
  2. I use an old flexible clip-on lamp with the lamp assembly and cord removed. Slide the dowel in where the cord used to be. Been doing this for years. Works great for me. Marshal Stone
  3. HSM ammo seems to be good ammo. The only issue I've seen is they use a very short taper crimp, at least on the .45 Colt. Have seen no problems in revolvers but in tube feed rifles sometimes you will get a bullet pushed back into the case. If anyone in my area is using it I offer to run them thru my press using a Lee factory crimp die which give a nice roll crimp. Marshal Stone
  4. Says unavailable. Hope it's not scheduled at the same time as the TG meeting. Marshal Stone
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