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  1. They just don't tell you which "this spring" they are referring to. I've been waiting 3 springs for a set of Dillion 44 mag. carbide dies. Marshal Stone
  2. You gonna have them at EOT by any chance? Marshal Stone
  3. SASS HQ sent out a member bulletin with all the info. Check your e-mail. I got 3 copies. 1 as a member, 1 as club contact and 1 as TG. Marshal Stone
  4. That was one of the things that came out at the Land Run TG meeting. Glad to see it and in a format that is easy to read. Good job SASS HQ. Marshal Stone
  5. You can drive them, at least the long guns. Fill out a US form 4457 and have US customs sigh off on it before entering Canada. for Canada fill out their form RCMP GRC 5589e Give them $25.00 and you're on your way. PM me and we'll talk about handguns. Marshal Stone
  6. Time to start your planning for your trip to Alaska this summer. The State Wild Bunch match "Shootout at Moose Nugget Flats" is May 11th and 12th 2024. The State Cowboy match "Shootout Under the Midnight Sun" is July 5th thru the 7th, 2024. Applications can be found on the front page of the club website. www.alaskacowboyshooting.com They are a fill in the blank form on the computer, print, add check and mail. Look forward to seeing and shooting with you this summer. Marshal Stone TG Alaska 49ers'
  7. According to the front cover of the January 2022 WB rule book the copyright date is 2008-2022. Marshal Stone
  8. Can't download the picture. Takes a special program. Marshal Stone
  9. Did you get my phone text on Land Run info?


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