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  1. Based on that, I feel it’s legal. Just wanted to make sure that there were no specific situations that would prohibit it on the cap guns. Thank you.
  2. I am pretty sure I know the answer, and I am interested to hear your opinions, but I’d really like a definitive answer here from the ROC please. is it legal to install Super Blackhawk (style) hammers with lowered and widened spurs on a revolver for plainsman and or frontiersman? Thanks.
  3. What are we betting that that’s not true?
  4. Damn. Well, whenever you do come out this way, you can posse with me anytime.
  5. You ought to come shoot the Ca state match at Cajon.
  6. Although we seem to have a different perspective (may have something to do with the miles between us) I respect and appreciate your opinion. the concern that any increase in requirements could drive some people away is not unfounded.
  7. You may want to revisit the original post. I’m not pushing some hidden agenda.
  8. In my opinion, again not according to the rules, but just this one guys opinion, if after shooting a match a person were to remove their gun belt and hat and walk through the store, and no little kids stopped to gawk at “the cowboy”… you ain’t dressed cowboy enough. If aside from your hat and gun belt you fit right into average 2022 society and look like everyone else, you ain’t even trying.
  9. Can you describe to me everything that’s not an apple? It would be a pretty exhaustive list. I’m sure we all know what a cowboy looks like, and by association what something that doesn’t look cowboy looks like.
  10. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of barely cowboy looking shooters at matches lately? I understand that we have a pretty low standard as the costuming minim and the reason for that is to reduce the entry barrier for new shooters just starting out in this game and that is a good thing, IMO. However at some point should we expect people to start dressing cowboy rather than showing up at a match dressed like half of the people at Walmart? Maybe it’s time for a new minimum standard, and maybe it would make sense to start at the top and apply it first to championship matches and or annual events? Do we/should we do something to keep COWBOY Action shooting cowboy, or do we just watch it devolve into 3 gun with single actions? Curious what your thoughts are on this and I’m sure I’m gonna get flamed, but…..
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