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  1. Our rural Ohio school in the ‘50s and ‘60s still occasionally used corporal punishment and the implement in question was indeed called the Board of Education. And one coach had his own paddle which had a number of holes drilled in it to increase velocity. Tasted them a couple of times, most unpleasant. Seamus
  2. United Sportsmen’s in Concord. Beautiful and state of the art. I am very close so I am very grateful they finally reopened although at this point the bureaucracy is almost stifling. What was truly stifling was wearing a mask while shooting. I likely won’t return until the mask rule is gone. Still, very happy they are back in business. Seamus
  3. Oldest I used in Plainsman is my 1875 dated Snider carbine and 1876 built Trapdoor. Oh yes, and the Civil War era Sharps carbine converted to .50-70 in 1868. In Civil War Skirmishing it’s my 1864 or 65 Maynard Type II carbine. Lots of smoke and fire with black powder from all these old irons. Seamus
  4. Cyrus, you left out the most important part, tell us about the gun! Seamus
  5. I’ll bet folks are confusing .25-20 with .25-35. Seamus
  6. Yup, I expect that the Fanner Fifty with Shootin Shells and Greenie Sick em caps was the introduction to reloading for many of us! Seamus.
  7. Clearly not all are Russian. Now I’m afraid to get in my car. Seamus
  8. If you include Plainsman guns it opens the discussion up to a lot of interesting rifles. My favorite is my .577 Snider carbine. Seamus
  9. This is certainly an issue and is the reason why my gun belt loops have .44 Special on one side and .44-40 on the other, separated by three .45-70 in the middle. Never had an issue confusing the latter with the first two Seamus
  10. I agree with Driftwood. Clear markings on ammo boxes and cases themselves and careful segregation minimize this issue. Once I did put a .44 Special round into my .44WCF Winchester and it was a hassle having to fix the problem at the loading table but other shooters simple “went around” me so it didn’t hold the posse up much. It was also good that a pard had a mag tube wrench handy. But I have had and seen others with much worse loading table problems not involving different calibers. I now use a 20 round leather loading strip with Special on one side and .44-40 on the other so the chance of a mistake is really minimized. Seamus
  11. Our Vet has a framed document on the wall that says that every time you lose a dog it takes a piece of your heart but every time you get a new dog they give you a piece of their heart. Eventually if you own enough does in your lifetime you get a chance to have a heart that is as good and pure as a dog’s. Condolences to you and everyone else who will be missing Gus. Seamus
  12. Those are some real Warthog loads you lads are using. Enough in one barrel to load both! Seamus
  13. So how much black powder and shot do you fellas use in a 10g? Enquiring minds want to know. Seamus
  14. Every man has to believe in something; I believe I’ll have another drink. W.C. Fields (Perhaps while under quarantine?) Seamus
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