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  1. Big difference. Most men have a sense of humor; though apparently fewer then I might have expected given some of the comments here. Seamus
  2. In California an owner can be liable for the actions of a negligent permissive user but, barring extraordinary circumstances, is only liable up to the minimum amount of insurance one is legally required to maintain. Seamus
  3. I recall being a youngster in Sunday School and the teacher was listing out various sins. Genuinely ignorant I asked him what adultery was. Crickets, I was totally ignored. After asking several more times with still no reply my friend whispered to me “I think it’s something adults do.” Never did find the answer until long after. Seamus
  4. Carradine was a star of one of my very favorite films; The Duellists. And he is excellent in it but unfortunately he was totally overshadowed by his co-star Harvey Keitel who gave one of the great performers in cinema history as his antagonist. Check it out. Seamus
  5. Wooden machine guns! So, taking away Elmer Fudd’s shotgun was not as unprecedented as we thought! Seamus
  6. Here is my grandfather’s watch. It’s a South Bend. The Studebaker family bought the watch company to compliment their automobile factory in the same city. I believe this was one of the last watches they made; they went out of business around 1930. This one is a pretty nice model, 18 caret gold, 21 jewels. Had it cleaned some years back and it’s kept great time ever since. Some of you no doubt will note that he was an Elk. Seamus
  7. Toff, Swell, Dandy, Fop, Dude, Blade, Boulevardier, Gallant, Rake. Lots of possible terms. The gray gloves really set off the ensemble in my opinion. Seamus
  8. Being over exerted was believed to make one susceptible to contracting polio so our municipal swimming pool every hour had a “polio break” where everyone had to exit the water and sit quietly for five minutes. Seamus
  9. Yup. Friend of mine lived in Florida part time and said when he visited the Bahamas places had those coke coolers filled with beer but every other slot was an empty bottle. That was to make up the price difference. He was in hog heaven since he was able to buy beer while well underage. Seamus
  10. Looking as the specs I still don’t understand how the Brits decided that 380-200 was equivalent to the .455 Webley. Seamus
  11. That IMDb list is pretty good. Three of the top four are by John Ford. Seamus
  12. Is he simultaneously shooting a SASS and Wild Bunch match? Looks like an SAA in his right hand and M1911 in his left. Seamus
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