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  1. Please see the article below for some much needed perspective on this subject. Seamus https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/water-and-drought/article239028703.html
  2. Wild Bunch will be so improved after they add the mandatory Woman of Color and Woke aspects to the script. Seamus
  3. Classic. Looks good until you read the fine print. Makes you wonder how many laws got passed because no one bothers to read it all. Seamus
  4. I only use 50g of Goex, either 2F or 3F, whichever I have a lot of, under 1 1/8 oz 9 shot and it is plenty of smoke fire and knockdown power. I used as little as 40g Prodex with the same result when I was using up that stuff. Seamus
  5. As a youngun I was asked to fetch a skyhook, left handed monkey wrench and striped paint. Fortunately my big brother had previously clued me in when it happened to him so I never took the bait. Seamus
  6. I’m still annoyed at that sodbuster rushing out into the open to confront the Indians with his Henry rifle instead of forting up in his cabin and picking some of them off and making them root him out. Cost his daughters their lives he did! Otherwise a great movie. Seamus
  7. Allan Sherman (anybody remember him from Camp Granada?) talked about why he was overweight; his mother told him kids were starving in Europe, this was post WWII, so he always cleaned his plate, “and they kept starving and I got fat!” Seamus
  8. Cash, always something I like to have a bit of when visiting a gun show. Otherwise credit cards do most of my purchasing. Seamus
  9. Pizza is pretty popular in parts of Italy. Favorite line from that great movie “Breaking Away” when the frustrated Dad complains how his son is only interested in Italian bicycle racing and culture; “Why doesn’t that kid like something American like pizza or French fries!” Seamus
  10. I believe that a fair number of folks who indulge in “preparation” to one degree or another keep a significant amount of cash, oftentimes a large percentage of their assets, on hand in anticipation of a SHTF situation. Seamus
  11. Saw it and loved it, looks great, but am still annoyed a bit about the plot. All 1600 men will be killed if they fail! And they only send one team of runners. And there is no other way to communicate; pigeons, airplanes dropping messages or other communications commonly used at that time. With so many great dramatic stories from that war I’d have preferred something a bit more believable. Still, always happy to see a well done and great looking WWI flick. Seamus
  12. Kit is a perfectly acceptable term but I prefer “traps”. Basically the same thing, the stuff you drag around with you to live your life and do your job. Like when Mattie asks Mrs Floyd from the Monarch Boarding House if she has her father’s traps. Yeah, traps, a viable alternative to the overused kit. Seamus
  13. Just got mine in my monthly magazine. I’d appreciate any insight on who to vote for from a CAS SASS point of view. Seamus
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