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  1. In a later episode someone asks what happens if they don’t pull first, Raylan replies “They always pull”. One of the best TV shows ever. Seamus
  2. I agree with Dantankerous. Such an important topic should remain where it will get the most attention. Seamus
  3. If you have any worries that your shotgun might some day accidentally get run over by a tank, get the TTN! Seamus
  4. Hey Charlie, second greatest? OK, I’ll bite, who do you have as greatest? Seamus
  5. What’ll ya have? Old time flavor! I was raised on PBR and still drink it on occasion. It’s one of the better cheap beers out there. Seamus
  6. William Henry Harrison is Oll Korrect! Seamus
  7. Thanks, Hardpan. That product is consistent with what I have read elsewhere and looks like it’s pretty easy to use. Seamus
  8. I need to replace a front sight on an old military rifle and the new sight comes without bluing. Can anyone recommend a good cold bluing product that’s easy to use and will last a reasonably long time? Thanks for any help. Seamus
  9. Love me some shrimp and grits and this looks a particularly tasty recipe. Thanks! Seamus
  10. Chuck Hawks has an interesting article on loads for the Henry .38-55. Seamus
  11. With one way doors to allow entry by illegal aliens but to keep the taxpayers from getting away! Seamus
  12. Marie was a young teen when she first traveled to France to marry Louis. But by 1789 she was a pretty well seasoned and experienced, if still rather naive, monarch 37 years old. Seamus
  13. I like DST because it gives my gardenias an xtra hour of sunlight:) Seamus
  14. “Stuck on You”, one of the funniest ever. “You’re Saimese twins.” “Hey, we’re Americans”. Very politically incorrect so it ought to appeal to the degenerates that follow this forum. Seamus
  15. Probably prefer Slim Jims rather than Snickers bars. Seamus
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