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  1. Some cattle ranches on the Big Island too. Cowboys there are called Paniolos. Seamus
  2. I agree with Red. I’m not surprised to read stories of idiotic behavior by human beans but I was amazed to hear about someone actually being in a video store! Seamus
  3. Love the motto: “A Gentleman Does Not Motor About After Dark” John Lucas 1834-1903 Seamus
  4. Q: What do you call the person who graduates last in their class at medical school? A: Doctor Seamus
  5. I believe that every match I’ve attended the posse leader reads the order and asks if anyone wants to change their position, which is always accommodated, and the match is then conducted in that order. Seamus
  6. I reckon everyone here, especially those of us living’ in Blue states, knows the reason why! Seamus
  7. Be careful if it’s on your regular homeowners policy. Typically a $5000 limit on guns applies unless you buy higher limits. Also, State Farm and other insurers have recently significantly increased the deductibles to a percentage of the value of the house, again unless you pay to lower it. Seamus
  8. Certainly the funniest of the ever popular’50s Rock and Roll plus WWII Spy movie genre. Seamus
  9. Similar layout to the Polish PZL 23 Karas. Seamus
  10. Hello Constable, I also shoot my 1916 Bavarian contract Steyr Hahn whenever I get the chance. Still have some good Hirtenberger ammo put away for it. I like to wear a hat or helmet because the empty cases tend to fall back right on the top of my head! Seamus
  11. And don’t forget 9mm Steyr, used in the Austrian Steyr Hahn and very similar yo the Largo cartridge. I’m told Largos will take Steyr ammo but not vice versa. Seamus
  12. Cypress, No, he’s a retired Army Lt Colonel but never got into shooting. He’s a Snowbird, lived in Richmond VA in summer. Now he’s a Halfback; bought a cooler summer home near Asheville NC. We love to visiting him at both his houses! Seamus
  13. Hi Cypress, Those are the very things I experienced that day over 50 years ago. I can still see that blinding flash! By the way, there are two coincidences in your post. One, my brother also lives in Largo. And two, my wife’s maiden name is Kenney! Seamus
  14. I was delivering newspapers when I was in Jr High School and ducked under an awning in front of my school when it began to rain. After a bit it let up so I decided to resume my rounds. I got maybe 20 feet when a bolt of lightning hit a good sized tree about 30 or 40 feet from me and severed a large branch. Dazed, I staggered back to that awning and waited out the storm. For years I would look at the scar on that tree and think about what might have happened. Seamus
  15. Surprised they haven’t taken you up on it! Seamus
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