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  1. Like most of us it’s hard to pick a favorite “child”. My mdl 61 Winchester made in 1941 is the favorite volume shooter. But my real favorite shooter is my original Remington Rolling Block carbine in .50-70. Straight shooter out to a reasonable range. Thump, smoke and fire! See it’s picture in my avatar. Seamus
  2. Well SJ I had to look up that ditty and must say it’s a new one to me. Bawdy ain’t beginning to “ cover it”. Anyone who’s up for for real laughs should Google those lyrics. The last line is just over the top enough! Seamus bgavin, Always happy to hear about the doings of a member of the clan...
  3. I was wondering if it was going to be something made out of latex... Seamus
  4. Rented a VW recently with that auto stop start. It was a PIA but at least you could switch it off. Transmissions with a zillion gears is how they increase gas mileage these days. My Acura has 8 gears but I almost never notice them shifting it is so smooth. Seamus
  5. I have never been impressed by what RIA does in describing and the paucity of photos of most of their firearms on the website. Seamus
  6. He used to refer to himself as “A three time loser; a one eyed black Jew!” Boy could he sing! My wife saw him perform live a couple of times and rated him as one who truly enjoyed entertaining. And I’ve heard that he was among the very best gun handler, fast draw artists in Hollywood in his day. Not surprised to see he collected some fine firearms. Seamus
  7. I use an old Mayonnaise jar I found on Funk and Wagnalls porch with water and a little Dawn detergent. Seamus
  8. The top five are Plainsman ready. .50 Maynard (capping breachloader) .50-70 Sharps, .45-70 Trapdoor Springfield, .577 Snider, .50-70 Rolling Block. The 11mm Mauser 71 and Gras 74 don’t make the cut unless match allows bolt action. I really like single shot carbines. Seamus
  9. Last gun I auctioned was only 20% at Milestone Auctions in Ohio. I was lucky too because at least two people musta wanted it bad because it went about 40% over what I expected. Seamus
  10. Opinel is a very underrated knife and one of the most economical values available. The No. 6 is a great size for EDC and very light for its size. Seamus
  11. Some of the auction houses will pick up the guns from you if you are selling a large enough collection. Seamus
  12. I have no sympathy for this guy but in this case it appears they actually wasted time doing this since there is a clear path away from the vehicle going where the hose is headed. Hopefully it wasn’t too much of an emergency. Seamus
  13. Why reload on the clock? As someone noted above the seven shooter Nagant is legal so just pair one this 62 and, Voila, six plus four equals ten Seamus
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