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  1. Brilliant article. But where are the protests for Hans’ comrades who were brutally gunned down by McClane while they were, mostly, peacefully occupying the building to protest the actions of the evil multinational corporation? Some of them were even persons of color and thus clearly specially marked for death by the police. Yes, these protests make about as much sense as most such events now a days. Seamus
  2. That was the entire message of the movie. Sgt Al killed a kid by accident but he’s redeemed at the end when he learns that he can kill again and all is well! In contrast John McClane needs no redemption because he only ever killed guys who needed killing. Seamus
  3. I thought of that one as soon as I saw the title to this post! Seamus
  4. Check out the Dug Up Gun Museum in Cody WYO (one of the coolest places around BTW) and you’ll see quite a number of rifles left in a tree crotch or branch where the tree eventually grew completely around it. Careless hunters/shooters put their gun down and wander off, get lost and probably after a great deal of frantic looking finally give up and go home unarmed. Apparently lots of folks are more careless with their firearms than your average SASS shooter. When I was about 12 my friend called me up all excited because he’d found a musket up in his attic. They lived in an old Victorian house dated probably from pre-1900. It was in pretty good shape and all very cool but I think his Dad just stashed it away or sold it because I never saw it again. Seamus
  5. Most of you probably recall the infamous 18 1/2 minute gap in the Nixon White House tapes as revealed during the Watergate investigation. I heard Arlo tell a long, funny story some years back. Seems he ran into Jimmy Carter’s son Chip who told him that he was rummaging around in Nixon’s old record library in the White House one day and found a copy of the Alice’s Restaurant album. Chip speculated that perhaps one evening, under siege and seeking solace from his many weighty problems, the President grabbed what he thought was a blank tape and recorded the title track. Later, on realizing that he’d actually taped over something possibly important, he erased the song, which as you also may know runs a bit over 18 minutes. The rest (may be) history. Seamus
  6. There are several exceptions to the law requiring handgun sales in California being limited to the approved roster including the one noted above for certain single action revolvers. Also excepted are Curio and Relic guns, private party and interfamily transfers. Seamus
  7. A preposition is not a good word to end a sentence with. Seamus
  8. Wait, haven’t you heard about the anticipated Great Flint Shortage in 2021! Seamus
  9. Has anyone used it in 12 gauge? Seamus
  10. Who here uses a SASS legal gun to hunt with? Seamus
  11. Someone told me recently that this occurs because doctors and hospitals know that federal funds apply to COVID deaths and whenever possible will mark death certificates accordingly. Not sure if that’s accurate but it has the ring of truth. Money talks even to the grave. Seamus
  12. Pard of mine used a thin leather strip to secure the lever. Seamus
  13. Hey look, it’s a Texas Aggie class ring. Even got a built in nose picker! Seamus
  14. My Dad always called it a Pig Shave. When I got in trouble (which hardly ever happened ) he would threaten to have my hair cut that way as opposed to my usual crew cut. Seamus
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