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  1. I recall seeing a video of him or another SASS shooter firing one with original type ammo some years back. They were speculating that it might have been the first time one as fired like that in decades. Seamus
  2. Even though it wasn’t a united country until 1871 Germany has existed as a location since at least Roman times. In addition the German language has existed for centuries. One of the rallying cry’s of the 30 Years War in the 1600s was preserving German liberties under the Holy Roman Empire. Poland is another example of a country that existed as a sovereign nation at times but even when they were not everyone knew where Poland was. Seamus
  3. Our prior dog was Dolce because she was so sweet. Next came Liebchen, also literally a sweetheart. We commonly call her Little Dog, Bad Dog or just plain Dog. She’s 15 now. Here she is doing what she does best. Seamus
  4. Eve was suspicious that Adam was fooling around with another woman. He swore that he wasn’t but she wouldn’t believe him. Finally in desperation he lifted up his shirt and said “Here, count my ribs!” Seamus
  5. That’s my main memory of “Hostiles” too, J-Bar. Sounded just like real black powder loads going off. Seamus
  6. Nice looking shotgun and shoes:) Seamus
  7. I believe that where .22LR wins is that when folks shoot a .22 they probably fire a lot of rounds compared to pretty much any of the more expensive centerfire calibers. Seamus
  8. I remember asking my mom about why this was so when I was a kid. Her answer was, “Because men think they’re so funny”. Seamus
  9. Pump fan here so I’m sticking with my Winchester 61 and 62, both nearly as old as I am. Our group shoots matches totally off hand and with basic iron sights only so the pumps can more than hold their own against the ubiquitous 10/22s and other semi autos. I imagine a 52 in the right hands could wreak havoc there! Seamus
  10. Thanks, Dave. I’ll have him join the SSS and see what they know. Has anyone ever seen stock marks like that before? Seamus
  11. Who has info on tracking down dates of manufacture and possible unit issued for 1860 Spencer Carbine? My pard has serial 43474 and is seeking whatever information he can find. Also it has what may be a unit number on the stock and I’ve never that seen in many US military rifles. Seamus
  12. I gotta agree. Part of what makes it so good is that the “bar room” itself is so rude and crude it actually looks like someplace you might have seen in the Old West. Seamus
  13. The concept of snake boots makes on sense. Snakes have no arms or legs so how they gonna wear boots!? Seamus
  14. For that age, Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith. Award winning young adult novel of the Civil War in Kansas. One of the few books I ever read multiple times. Seamus
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