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  1. “My lawyer has advised me to never consent to such a search.” Seamus
  2. Looks to be room to squeeze another one in there. Seamus
  3. Very underrated hero in the patriots hierarchy. Seamus
  4. Those guys at Safeway are Corn Pirates. A buck an ear! Seamus
  5. KILL YOUR TV!!! (But seriously, with the Lockdown we unfortunately watch it more than ever). Seamus
  6. Corduroy in particular due to it’s “cords” wearing down and getting smooth over time is notorious for having the “well rubbed” look. Seamus
  7. PG&E has a map on their website of the locations subject to the outages mentioned in Joe’s original post. Seamus
  8. Looks like one (of the many) that I missed on the Dove Opener last Tuesday... Seamus
  9. Ridiculous and annoying how just about every city and county hereabouts has to pass these absurd restrictions in the name of the Almighty Nanny State.... Seamus
  10. ...and of course Northernmost as well! Seamus
  11. Isn’t that an M1 Unicorn, inflatable, marine use? By the way, it’s a big week for inflatable unicorns. Just read an article with video about a ferry in Greece that rescued a four year old girl who was adrift on one miles from the beach she started out on. I never realized their ubiquity let alone their military applications! Seamus
  12. This is actually one of my favorite things about the series. The author created a character with a lot of traditional strengths and with much to admire about him but also with this blindness to reason and clear prejudice against Nighthorse that make it much more difficult to do his job correctly and which complicates things enormously. I don’t think there are very many such characters out there with that particular type of flaw; some are straight out heroes and many are anti-heroes but I applaud the writer who took a different path in creating Longmire’s character in a nearly unique way compared to most popular fiction. Seamus
  13. Depends on the office and the occasion. A Mayor I’d keep the first name basis. For President it ought to be Mr President unless you are in a very private intimate setting, then I expect he’d appreciate hearing his name from old friends. Seamus
  14. Probably at that time armed with an 03 Springfield bolt action instead of a Garand. Makes his feat even more impressive. Seamus
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