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  1. Me too. Carryover from my childhood hay fever when I was always sniffling and blowing my nose. Mostly now it cleans my glasses. Seamus
  2. Early 2000s, traded a pard a used repro Smith carbine for a pair of 58 Remingtons with .45 Colt R&D cylinders. Paid just about $400 each for a 92 Rossi in .45 Colt and a 12 gauge TTN SXS Mule Ear shotgun. Later bought the Smith back from him for $350. Seamus
  3. Shouldn’t gas and diesel use different nozzle sizes to make this mistake impossible? Seamus
  4. I was just reading the latest American Rifleman with an article about RCBS. It discusses reasons for the decline in handloading recently, particularly for shotshells, and citing one of the reasons being the fact of “the sun setting on the growth of CAS.” Seamus
  5. Seth MacFarlane is also a remarkably good singer performing old standards etc of the Frank Sinatra era. Seamus
  6. Are there any other real BP manufacturers here in the USA? Seamus
  7. With my cursor-less ipad, touching the icons yields no result. Seamus
  8. Clearly Charlton and his fellow competitors used souped up chariots to gain extra “horsepower”. Seamus
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