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  1. Giants vs Dodgers is one of the most intense, longest held and CLOSEST rivalries ever. Played on both coasts and since 1890 the current record is an incredible 1252-1224-17. Nearly 2500 games played in that time and the Giants lead is barely one percent. Seamus
  2. If VP Pence had an ounce of guts he’d pull all the strings he could to get this SNAFU fixed! Seamus
  3. Here in Cali they count a flash hider as an “Evil” feature; add an evil feature to a detachable magazine and you have an Assault Weapon. But if you add a flash enhancer maybe that will subtract one other evil feature and result in a “featureless” rifle. Seamus
  4. “County Morgue, you stab ‘em, we slab ‘em!” We had a lot of fun as kids in the ‘50s. Seamus
  5. Lots of info on on shooting these carbines in the forum of the North South Skirmish Assn. Seamus
  6. Thanks for the input. In the past I’ve only adjusted the rear except for a rifle that only allowed drift on the front. Seamus
  7. I know the basics of adjusting iron sights but my questions is this, is it generally better to adjust the front or rear sight or does it not matter? In this case I have a Winchester Model 62A .22 that hits right of the bull. Both front and rear sights are in dovetails. Is there any rule of thumb regarding which which one is better or easier to adjust to get the desired result? Thanks for any responses. Seamus
  8. Well on the Model M 1903 you do sort of “push the button” to release the mag. Not like later and more traditional mag buttons John Browning employed but I wouldn’t necessarily say that pushing the button is wrong here. Certainly not compared to gun gaffes other writers make. I always liked that Spenser’s weapon of choice was a Browning Hi Power. Seamus
  9. Rye, No, this was in the late ‘90’s, before my SASS involvement. The staff does rehearse you a bit about what tidbit Alex will ask each player about. We discussed how I’d done a three month solo motorcycle trip through Europe (when I was between wives.) When I told him my wife Karen insisted that when we travel there together we employ more conventional transportation he suggested I get a bike with a sidecar! If I’d made it to a second game I planned on telling him how I was skeptical about his prospects as a “new guy” host when he first replaced the great Art Fleming in 1984. Not sure how much he’d have cared for that. Seamus
  10. Love the comment on the Savage 1899 in .30-30; “It will kill anything.” Seamus
  11. As a former “one and done” contestant on the show I can tell you that pushing that damn button first is the hardest part of the game. On the game I was on all three of us knew most of the answers but the frustrating thing was to try to time it so you pressed the buzzer just as the light (visible only to the players) came on when Alex finishes asking the question/answer. It was maddening finding out that what I had believed to be a mostly intellectual exercise was also such an important physical one as well. Of course anyone who’s seen me shoot a match could have predicted what happened to me! Seamus
  12. While we’re on the subject of great CAS songs about pards gettin’ in trouble with Mexican saloon girls let’s also pay homage to Jay and the Americans great classic “Come a Little Bit Closer” wherein the hero actually survives by bolting through a window when Bad Man Jose (what a great SASS Alias, has anyone taken it yet?) shows up to claim his woman. The only casualty is the poor cowboy’s drink he dropped from his hand. Otherwise a reasonably happy ending! Seamus
  13. That was a great book, read it in high school and and friend and I obsessed for months about it and the then uncommon SHTF scenario. I even tried to write a similar story whose main character had inside information because he was a nephew of General Curtis LeMay. Yet another story I never finished. In 1960 Playhouse 90 television produced a pretty fair movie version of Alas Babylon with a great cast including Burt Reynolds and Rita Moreno. Seamus
  14. I was so angry at that idiot homesteader at the opening of “Hostiles” the way he charges out into the open firing his Henry ineffectively at the Indians. His house was like a fort and he should have been able to give the wife and kids much more time than he did if’in he’d forted up and actually taken some of them out instead. Seamus
  15. .50 Maynard #2 capping breachloader Carbine, 1873 .45-70 Trapdoor Carbine, 1863 Sharps Carbine converted to .50-70 and .50-70 Rolling Block Carbine all suitable for Plainsman category. Also have similar foreign military arms such as .577 Snider Carbine (my favorite shooter) and bolt action 11mm French 1873 Gras and 1871 Mauser carbines. US Model 1917 Eddystone if I were to want to shoot Wild Bunch variations. Most of my guns are military. Ike, my roller began life as a .50-40 but was reamed out to take .50-70 cases. Replacement sight I use at the range is dead on at 50 and 100 yards. For display I use an original type rear sight. Seamus
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