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  1. If if I were in the OP’s position, I’d get clothes from the thrift store or used at a match. For the basics, shirt and pants, I’ve had good luck at thrift stores. I’ve made slacks or jeans more “cowboy” looking by cutting off belt loops and adding suspender buttons. I also converted a free trench coat to a sort of duster/greatcoat by cutting off the belt, loops, and epaulets and dirtying it up a bit. I wear that in spring and fall. Thrift store dress shirts or button up shirts have served me well (although I have some favorites from WW mercantile as well). I look for patterns I like, and usually hide the modern collar with a bandanna/wild rag that I found in WW mercantile’s sale bin. Most of my hats have come from either thrift stores or eBay. I’ve tried to buy beaver hats but if I found a wool felt hat I liked for cheap, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it. Boots came from a local western wear store, but I’ve seen decent boots at thrift stores too. Just make sure they’re comfortable to stand and walk in, because if they’re not, even free isn’t a good price. The great thing is that most of my thrift store clothes can go right in the rotation with my purpose-made CAS clothes and still look good as long as I add a few accessories. (Wild rag, suspenders, etc)
  2. I'd have that same dream if I were you! So, what was the process of putting yours together like? How difficult was it to replace the barrel?
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