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  1. Hey, I know this Guy! I recognize the rolled up sleeves. I've seen him lately helping out in Wyoming and Colorado. He was a Posse Marshall in Hell on Wheels and it was the best Posse I've been with - but DO NOT TELL HIM.
  2. Why do I have to have two pistols? Is the Phantom I've come to know and love the same Phantom who is the scourge of the Wire?
  3. It's not worth a dime and it is too dangerous to fire, especially with modern powder. I wouldn't let my 11 yo grandson anywhere near a firing line with that weapon. Please heed the advice of much more experienced people and don't take it.
  4. I saw some on Gun Broker. The prices were all over the place so caution is advised. I've bought from Gun Broker twice and both were easy and satisfactory purchases.
  5. I have just started being a TO and I really like this Posse role. It is a BIG responsibility and every one of the TO's I shoot with give it respect and seek to keep safety and flow of the Posse in mind. I have been taught by the best at RO I and II, but nothing compares to the first time as TO in a Monthly Match. That's where the other TO's and the PM come into play. Where I shoot, the PM's oversee and guide all of the Posse roles, and are quick to take someone aside and help them better understand the Spirit of the Game. I am the fortunate one to have TO's and PM's like: Assassin, Hawkeye Sam, Sixty Nine Cent Wizard, Kid Bucklin, Avery Wade, Pick, Phantom, Black Jack Ketchem, Pinewood Kid, and Blazen Vaquero. Now that is a group who keeps things on the Up and Up.
  6. I think the answer is going to be, shoot what you like. I have only been shooting for a year, but I have learned that if it is a SASS legal weapon you can shoot what you want. Take a look at the SASS Shooters Handbook categories and make sure your weapons fit into the category you intend to shoot. The biggest advantage to the .38 is the lower cost for reloading.
  7. We here in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming are very pleased with Run-N-Iron out of Nebraska (Lonnie Meyer at www.runniron.com) when it comes to 97's.
  8. Assassin, the concept of a corridor, lane, or even cone requires some additional thought, There are existing Props/Facades which will prevent these spaces from being implemented. While I haven't measured the stage arrangements at Briggsdale, it seems to me there are 3 or 4 stages where the gap from firing line to uprange structures would prevent full use of the corridor, lane, or cone dimensions. This does not mean the concept is unworkable, it just means we have to consider how to incorporate existing layouts into any intended change. For example, there are some stages where the shooter is essentially inside of a prop building. I think there are ways of working this out but not without a small group taking concepts to the field for tests. I would be glad to help in doing that.
  9. I found the article about the Cone of Safety very descriptive and I find Assassin and Allie Mo to have expressed many of the thoughts I have about holstering a pistol on the same side to which there is going to be lateral movement. I also agree with Phantom on the absence of calls because too many believe the Exception gives latitude in accidental uprange holstering practices. As Pale Wolf points out, it does not! Clearly the drawing and holstering of a pistol needs to be better defined so safety is maintained and violations are more easily recognized. Very definitive video can be developed to clarify what is safe - a video which can be shown on anyone's cell phone and a required viewing before signing the range or club waiver. With all of the interest being shown on this topic string, how can someone get a meaningful rule modification request initiated? I will gladly volunteer to help develop the language, develop sketches, and participate in video development. A 10 minute video is something shooters can look at and see if they are in compliance or see where they need to make equipment or handling changes.
  10. Everyone had an outstanding time! I was on Posse #6 and it couldn't have been any better. We all pulled together and moved through the stages smoothly. My PM was Pick and he did a great job. We had 3 of the top 10 shooters in the Posse so I got to learn a lot about efficiency and ways to improve gun stability. You and your team made the stages fun and just right with challenges. Thank you for the prizes - next year please draw my ticket for a 750. Kudos to Black Jack Ketchem and Avery Wade for excellent work as TO's. They really were keen on safety and control of the firing line.
  11. You're saying Nebraska sucks in such a pleasant way.
  12. That didn't take long. Congratulations on the drawing at Return of the Buffalo!
  13. This event was a Class Act! Everything was well planned and executed. As the MD, Wizard worked toward this event for a full year - and it showed. Kid Bucklin was there with all of the administrative details, awards, supplies, etc. and he didn't even get to shoot. The "Jack of all Trades," i.e., 22 Gatlin was all over the props, stage setups, and distribution of support materials. Badger put some awesome thought into side matches and street fighting which was fun and challenging. I know there are many others who helped set it up and take it down and I hope to see their names here as well, such as Hawkeye Sam who was the Range Master. The assignment of PM's was another outstanding choice. I shot with Posse #6 with Pick as the Posse Marshall and Avery Wade and Black Jack Ketchem doing most of the CRO/TO work. Everyone chipped in for all of the roles and it was a fantastic Posse. I had a blast trying to match scores with Clara Barton, Lil Chickadee, Tin Lizzy, and Buzzard Wawkin. We were within 3 or 4 seconds of each other every stage. In fact, TIn Lizzy, Clara Barton and I finished within 9 seconds overall. My most important praise goes to Pinewood Rose and Tin Lizzy. During Saturday's shooting, it turns out, I was had some serious heart arrhythmia (which I thought was just Heat Exhaustion). This episode was bad enough that I am going in to have my heart shocked and an angiogram with possible stints on Thursday. Pinewood Rose and Tin Lizzy saw me having trouble and came to my rescue with water and getting me to shade. Pinewood Rose offered to let me lay down in her's and Pinewood Kid's trailer, and monitored me the next day. Friends, it doesn't get any more important than how Rose and Lizzy made sure I was okay.
  14. Thinking and practice are a big part of this sport. There are hundreds of little details to make you a better shooter which have nothing to do with target size or distance: Learning and practicing shotgun loading. This seems to eat up more time than everything else. Talk with the really good shotgun shooters and watch how they execute the stage. Belt placement, shell placement (left side, right side, or center), left hand, right hand, not waiting to see if target falls, learning a good chuck, checking size of shells, keeping chambers clean, etc. Unless you load using muscle memory you are going too slow. Gosh, there are a 100 other little things. How to draw and acquire target. There is so much hand movement, holster placement, eye focus, hammer cocking, trigger discipline, proper use of hands, and reholstering. The size of the target has next to nothing to do with getting the revolver out smoothly, quickly, and acquiring target. Minimum movement with the rifle while levering, focus on the front sight, clean rifle, proper length of pull, movement of hips, etc. There are a million things to being a good shooter and I find target size to be one of the least important. I AM JUST AN AVERAGE SHOOTER.
  15. PGW has been great to deal with in my case. I bought one of their tuned rifles and never looked back. Joe, Jr and crew are always responsive and let you know when they are in the shop or on the road.
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