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  1. You're saying Nebraska sucks in such a pleasant way.
  2. That didn't take long. Congratulations on the drawing at Return of the Buffalo!
  3. This event was a Class Act! Everything was well planned and executed. As the MD, Wizard worked toward this event for a full year - and it showed. Kid Bucklin was there with all of the administrative details, awards, supplies, etc. and he didn't even get to shoot. The "Jack of all Trades," i.e., 22 Gatlin was all over the props, stage setups, and distribution of support materials. Badger put some awesome thought into side matches and street fighting which was fun and challenging. I know there are many others who helped set it up and take it down and I hope to see their names here as well, such as Hawkeye Sam who was the Range Master. The assignment of PM's was another outstanding choice. I shot with Posse #6 with Pick as the Posse Marshall and Avery Wade and Black Jack Ketchem doing most of the CRO/TO work. Everyone chipped in for all of the roles and it was a fantastic Posse. I had a blast trying to match scores with Clara Barton, Lil Chickadee, Tin Lizzy, and Buzzard Wawkin. We were within 3 or 4 seconds of each other every stage. In fact, TIn Lizzy, Clara Barton and I finished within 9 seconds overall. My most important praise goes to Pinewood Rose and Tin Lizzy. During Saturday's shooting, it turns out, I was had some serious heart arrhythmia (which I thought was just Heat Exhaustion). This episode was bad enough that I am going in to have my heart shocked and an angiogram with possible stints on Thursday. Pinewood Rose and Tin Lizzy saw me having trouble and came to my rescue with water and getting me to shade. Pinewood Rose offered to let me lay down in her's and Pinewood Kid's trailer, and monitored me the next day. Friends, it doesn't get any more important than how Rose and Lizzy made sure I was okay.
  4. Thinking and practice are a big part of this sport. There are hundreds of little details to make you a better shooter which have nothing to do with target size or distance: Learning and practicing shotgun loading. This seems to eat up more time than everything else. Talk with the really good shotgun shooters and watch how they execute the stage. Belt placement, shell placement (left side, right side, or center), left hand, right hand, not waiting to see if target falls, learning a good chuck, checking size of shells, keeping chambers clean, etc. Unless you load using muscle memory you are going too slow. Gosh, there are a 100 other little things. How to draw and acquire target. There is so much hand movement, holster placement, eye focus, hammer cocking, trigger discipline, proper use of hands, and reholstering. The size of the target has next to nothing to do with getting the revolver out smoothly, quickly, and acquiring target. Minimum movement with the rifle while levering, focus on the front sight, clean rifle, proper length of pull, movement of hips, etc. There are a million things to being a good shooter and I find target size to be one of the least important. I AM JUST AN AVERAGE SHOOTER.
  5. PGW has been great to deal with in my case. I bought one of their tuned rifles and never looked back. Joe, Jr and crew are always responsive and let you know when they are in the shop or on the road.
  6. First of all, I am greatly appreciative of the time and effort you put into the Wire and all of the other things you do in SASS. I am beginning to wonder if there are two of you! I have gone back and re-read the Handbook and can see I did not understand the Shooting out of Category well enough. This string of comments, and your guidance, has helped me better understand the "progressive" penalty.
  7. I read through the information and TG Meeting notes. Thank you Branchwater Jack for posting that reference. I can see this type of question has come up before, but unless someone has encountered the situation before, or pays close attention to the WTC it is difficult to decide based on the Handbook alone.
  8. Love the color and texture. I have two rigs but wanted to compliment your rig.
  9. Wow! I went to the Velodog website posted by Brazos John and was fascinated by the information and history. I think you should post a picture with a quarter near the gun to show its size. I was surprised how small some of these were. One photo shows it fitting in the palm of the hand. They were originally meant to be carried by bicyclist for protection - hence the name velo.
  10. In addition to side matches and practice Stages, there are RO Classes on Friday. I was fortunate to go to RO I at Hell on Wheels and looking forward to RO II at Briggsdale. I am learning what I put into the game returns many fold in the fun I get out. I consider it a sign of respect to the long-time shooters for me to learn the rules of the road and the roles in a Posse.
  11. Russ The Red

    Pump gun

    I love the 97. It was what I had as a kid on a farm in Oklahoma. Walked the hills around Apache (Wichita Mountain Range) shooting rabbits for the dogs and keeping coyotes away. I only have trouble with the left-hand extractor. I've snapped two of them. Other shooters have a couple '97s just to keep spares. I paid $450 for mine, so Phantom is spot on for price.
  12. I have used Federal, CCI, and most recently Winchester. All three have worked just fine in my race 73. I've only loaded a few thousand but in all of those no problem.
  13. There is a lot going on in each Posse(a team of nine positions in all) : PM, TO, Score Keeper, LT, Spotters, ULT, Brassers . In my experience, granted only 1 1/2 yrs, I find the Posse Marshalls set the tone for the success of the Stage. They make sure shooters are filling positions, paying attention, rotating jobs, and they help make the right decisions. When the Posse shooters accept these different responsibilities the shooting is safe, fun, and fair. I have had the great opportunity to have some of the sports best PMs: Assassin, Kid Bucklin, Sixty-nine Cent Wizard, Phantom, Diamond Curly, Pittsburgh Mac, and Stirrup Trouble. Each approaches the job a little differently, but all take their job seriously. I have been in every role but PM and I knew the rest of the team was there for support and performing their roles well. I have made mistakes in every one of these roles but never with the intent of harming the score or safety of the shooter. I believe this is the intent of all who take on these roles. It is unfortunate if a shooter feels their position has been harmed by a bad call but in my limited 300-400 stages, I have never seen a intentional bad call. So I say Stop Bashing Spotters or any of the others who are volunteering to help.
  14. I agree with Grey Dog. Chey-Cast are great folks and they have a great product.
  15. Thanks Marshal Jack, it helps to begin the process of walking through the Stages. There are some really challenging sweeps and the Briggsdale Team has given a great deal of thought to make it just right for all of us. Let the Games begin!
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