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  1. They did have Harry as one of the character actors. Near the end.
  2. http://www.pioneergunworks.com/technical-info This is the site for Pioneer Gun Works and the technical specs on ammunition please read about the OAL, bullet weight, etc. I reload and have used this information. I now load Trail Boss at 3.75 grains and a 125 grain truncated shaped bullet with roll crimp in 38 special. I use small pistol primers from Federal, CCI, and Winchester. My bullets come from Chey-Cast of Cheyenne, WY. I use the OAL that Pioneer recommends and have had No Problems.
  3. It's been cold here in Colorado so maybe Marshall Jack has retired to the potbelly stove. We haven't shot since the squib so maybe he's waiting for the temperature to get above freezing. Just kidding of course, but I haven't wanted to go into the garage and reload for about a week now.
  4. That my friends is a great deal. I love my 550 and can sit and load 300 rounds per hour while listening to great music and forgetting the worries of the day.
  5. We here in Colorado are perfectly happy to allow the West Coast population to stay on the West Coast. You wouldn't want to come here anyway because it is bitter cold and snows all of the time, 4 feet of snow on the roads right now. Also, we are only allowed to buy one round of ammunition at a time and all gun ranges must be closed on weekends. So if you think moving to Colorado is the answer, you are wrong. Try the East Coast.
  6. I got my Chaps at an antique shop. I was looking for old items to fix up my gun cart when I spotted the chaps. Cost me a total of $20 and then a few bucks to modify the belt length. Try it, you may hit a jack pot. Now I see chaps on a regular basis every time I go. Ohio may not be good for searching as here in Colorado.
  7. Marshall Jack, sorry for your troubles. I was shooting at Wild Cat this weekend and heard about your troubles. I would call up Assassin as he suggested. Also on my list would be Run-n-Iron: RUN-N-IRON Customizing 10116 - 744 Road Bertrand, Nebraska 68927 308-472-1445 Lonnie is great at working on rounds stuck in chambers and barrels. He has fixed a couple of my firearms while at special matches. Great Guy and will probaly cost about $50 to $75 for the fix. Russ the Red
  8. You must have shot at Wild Cat with the gentle wind blowing in your hair. I was in another posse.
  9. Jim, Like many people, I wish I had begun collecting years ago. As a kid in Oklahoma, I saw tons of old guns sold in Army Surplus stores. We lived next to Fort Sill in Lawton. Later in Dodge City I worked a a gun shop and again saw tons of pistols, single action colts. We had a basket at the end of the counter and you could pick any one of the guns for $25. I didn't want the old stuff, I was interested in getting a new Remington in .270. Great pistol. I saw one of these the other day and the Guy was shooting it as a backup at a SASS match. I remember him telling me about the changes made to save on material and cost. The rich history of firearms from 1830 to 1870 is so fascinating. From smooth bore cap and ball, to rifled center fired cartridges. Write to me any time. I too am a enthusiast. Russ
  10. I am always impressed with the knowledge certain people have about guns used in CAS. These files are so detailed and imformative. Thank you very much for posting these. I know not all of the suggestions are going to be perfect but they make understanding the gun that much better. I love the detailed inspectiona nd suggestions for improvement. A lot to read but interesting for the owner and shooter. Russ the Red
  11. Now who said the Dark Side has no sense of humor!
  12. You could have exchanged the cylinders by mistake. Not as interchangeable as Ruger would like to think. Check the 3 digits on the cylinders to see if they match the gun.
  13. I have 6 of these in 38 Cal. They are perfect and I have shot something like 30 matches with not a single problem. If you can't tell, I really like them.
  14. I should have thought that through before posting. I hate being the straight man in a comedy team.
  15. Money sent via PayPal. Couldn't be easier. Thanks very much for breaking these in. They look beautiful and I will treat them accordingly.
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