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  1. I have found a small roll-crimp best. It is barely noticeable, but it does the trick for me. Others I talk with have about the same roll-crimp. I make it fit in the bullet's crimp ring. Here is a picture of mine. I have an OAL of 1.46 which fits the range set by Pioneer Gun Works (1.44 to 1.56). I use Chey-Cast bullets and Dillon 550 with CCI, Federal, or Winchester small pistol primers. Chey-cast bullet on left, next is roll-crimp, and on the right is no crimp. Hope this helps. This works very well in my Uberti and my Miroku (Winchester) 1873s. I've only run a few thousand rounds through both guns, so others here may have other information to offer.
  2. If you start now you can make it in plenty of time. Just call in sick when you get here.
  3. I think he put the Magazine Plug in backwards. I would check that first before anything else. If it is in backwards the plug will not seat it on the carrier unless you lift the rifle vertical. If you find that to be the case - don't use the gunsmith again.
  4. When I was a young kid in Oklahoma (50's) the local Army Surplus store had these stacked in barrels selling for $10. The school I attended was built on an old rifle range and we would pick up spent and misfired bullets which fit these carbines.
  5. Should we continue this conversation to include crop circles?
  6. I needed to order stuff from them and they were fantastic. Not everyone loves their equipment but those of us who do find their service reps to be outstanding. As a business man I would have loved to have their reputation.
  7. I found the video by Maker Wright to be excellent. It is on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=maker-wright+1897+shotgun+disassembly There are three of them. I shoot with Maker Wright and find his use and knowledge to be outstanding. He is a big fan of the 97.
  8. That is some beautiful work. I don't know anyone in my group that size but when we start again I look more closely.
  9. The real need now is for primers. Seems there has been a run on them. I was lucky and got the last 2,000 from my local supplier.
  10. I am looking for Santa Fe Kid. We have found your metal SASS plate with your alias. Not sure where you shoot, but please post on here and I will find a way to get it back to you. Russ the Red
  11. I would love to buy these revolvers but it is going to take me two or three months to get the Gold, especially because part-time work here in Colorado is shut down because of the virus. Any chance you might hold onto those and re-post a bit later?
  12. Our Match Director cancelled the match for this week. We have two each month and can have 50 to 70 people at the match. I strongly support this move because there is just not enough information to truly assess the safety. Just think of all the surfaces we share at a match: 1 bullet casings and guns at the LT; 2 changing spotters flags back and forth; 3 handing the timer off to others; 4 passing the scoring clipboard around; 5 picking up other peoples bass and shell casings; 6 laying guns down on the ULT; 7 passing water bottles back and forth; 8 signing in on the posse sheet along with writing the check; and, 9 passing brassing tools back and forth. I know these may not seem like big deals, but when you consider all of the little potential opportunities the only safety call is to call off the match. The other factor is, as someone noted, taking the virus home. No matter how this plays out, I would hate to be the one who contributes to the spread. My wife lives in a Skilled Nursing Home and I am a 77 yo heart patient so perhaps I am a bit too cautious.
  13. This is great news for a wonderful man. He is everything about being an outstanding fellow shooter. He is respectful of the rules, helps out on all phases of the Posse, will take the time to give you a suggestion or piece of advice, makes a great TO, and supportive of others. I shoot with him at Briggsdale County and it is an honor to be shooting with a National Champion. His focus, smoothness, and speed are fun to watch. CONGRATULATIONS for being the best!
  14. They did have Harry as one of the character actors. Near the end.
  15. http://www.pioneergunworks.com/technical-info This is the site for Pioneer Gun Works and the technical specs on ammunition please read about the OAL, bullet weight, etc. I reload and have used this information. I now load Trail Boss at 3.75 grains and a 125 grain truncated shaped bullet with roll crimp in 38 special. I use small pistol primers from Federal, CCI, and Winchester. My bullets come from Chey-Cast of Cheyenne, WY. I use the OAL that Pioneer recommends and have had No Problems.
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