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  1. I sold 3 of these for cheap 2 years ago and didnt realize they had discontinued! Need one back for the collection.
  2. Those hammers pictured are not bisley style. They're low wide spur aka superblackhawk style. Running iron hammers are similar
  3. Hey Jason, it's Rick Fleming, I was wondering if there is any chance that my 66 will be fixed by winter range? I'm trying to figure out my load out for the match. I sent you an email and a text last week.


    Rick Fleming aka Rafe

  4. I know about the forum but I completely forgot about them! Thanks for the reminder.
  5. That's been of of stock for years. Thanks for checking though.
  6. Those rifles are sooooo nice and equally expensive. Even wholesale is ridiculous. I've been saying no no no no for hours
  7. No, guy wants a factory octagon. I have a dozen round barrels.
  8. Have a 24 inch octagon blue rossi in 45 for 450 shipped
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