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  1. How about 11 inch tapered octagons?
  2. Guys he's talking the old Japanese made miroku... not the new 512
  3. I would love to go over them with you! I think Jason may have a few of them already, so I'm not sure if I will take all but please give me a call at 9032270305
  4. We have a set of stainless, a set of blue and a set of engraved blue birdsheads. W can also fit them to the guns if you need. Just message me if you need them still
  5. Hey Jason, it's Rick Fleming, I was wondering if there is any chance that my 66 will be fixed by winter range? I'm trying to figure out my load out for the match. I sent you an email and a text last week.


    Rick Fleming aka Rafe

  6. BoomStick, my email address is- gmorsell@sharbell.com

    Happy to work the details out with you.


    1. Preacher Cas

      Preacher Cas

      Would $185 for the shotgun belt work for you?

  7. 11-19-2017


    Hello BoomStick Jay,


    Please send me a PM with your contact information concerning the Ruger Bisley .32 Cylinder that you spoke up for.  I have tried to send you a PN several times, but your box must be full because it will not send.  Sorry to break in on your public thread here, but I have no other way to contact you besides the public note I already left on my add for the cylinder.


    Thank you!!


    Professor Thoreau



  8. You're looking for ammo not a rifle?
  9. That is a damn good reprofile. I like that shape. Flows well.
  10. Barrel will run about $225, 55 for the tube, 45 for blueing and about 3 hours of labor. There are several companies that have pre-made octagon barrels. all that needs to be done is threading, setting the headspace and cutting the dovetails. An I love the henry big boys. My only gripe is the extractor is a 97 Shotgun style.
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