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  1. Jason, it is Jim Kingma, I was wondering about  the Browning BSS you were going to ship. Did it get shipped? Please let me know what is happening.


    Jim Kingma

    Jackass Jim

  2. Hey Jason, it's Rick Fleming, I was wondering if there is any chance that my 66 will be fixed by winter range? I'm trying to figure out my load out for the match. I sent you an email and a text last week.


    Rick Fleming aka Rafe

  3. BoomStick, my email address is- gmorsell@sharbell.com

    Happy to work the details out with you.


    1. Preacher Cas

      Preacher Cas

      Would $185 for the shotgun belt work for you?

  4. 11-19-2017


    Hello BoomStick Jay,


    Please send me a PM with your contact information concerning the Ruger Bisley .32 Cylinder that you spoke up for.  I have tried to send you a PN several times, but your box must be full because it will not send.  Sorry to break in on your public thread here, but I have no other way to contact you besides the public note I already left on my add for the cylinder.


    Thank you!!


    Professor Thoreau



  5. You're looking for ammo not a rifle?
  6. That is a damn good reprofile. I like that shape. Flows well.
  7. Barrel will run about $225, 55 for the tube, 45 for blueing and about 3 hours of labor. There are several companies that have pre-made octagon barrels. all that needs to be done is threading, setting the headspace and cutting the dovetails. An I love the henry big boys. My only gripe is the extractor is a 97 Shotgun style.
  8. 4 clicks are usually Wes flowers guns. He sadly passed away. Everything is modified inside. Longer pawl, modified bolt, modified trigger. and if the transfer bar is removed, a hardened pin is installed or welded up hammer face. With half cock of course.
  9. My phone wouldn't log in! I was panicking trying to type!
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