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  1. Prays up for family and friends.
  2. I don't think Dan will be the only one drooling over it, I know I will, good to see you last weekend. Uncle Bulldog
  3. Looking forward to getting it. You might have to fight your brother for it.
  4. Tried email would not deliver, Gold on way in Mondays mail.
  5. Let me know if you did't get my last message, sent my mailing info, and about the gold. Got your Pm. Thanks Bulldog Brown
  6. Peacemaker Reb: I'll take the Lighting for $1290 shipped. Bulldog Brown. Send info for sending the Gold. Thanks Bulldog Brown
  7. Might try Chey Cast in Wy. Great people to deal with.
  8. Turkey Flats Jack: I'm interested in the Taurus M85. Sent you a PM Thanks Bulldog
  9. Thanks to all the PCC who put on this match, was one of the most fun matches I've shoot. There were really great shooters there. Thanks again. Bulldog Brown
  10. Clay Watchman: I'll take it. Sent you a PM Thanks Bulldog Brown
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