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  1. Deacon: I don't have any, but glad to see you are still going. Bulldog Brown
  2. Might try CheyCast , Great people good prices. I use the 105 coated. Sometimes use 158 for knock-down, or Texas Star. Welcome to the worlds best game. Bulldog Brown If you ever get to Kansas stop and shoot with us at Topeka (Capital City Cowboys, also Butterfield Gulch,) Chapman
  3. Nice gun, would look good with my Model 12's Bulldog Brown
  4. I will take it. Just send me your  info and I will get a USPS money order in the mail.

    Vic Halls

    328 Nth 14th St.

    Sabetha, Kansas 66534

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    2. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      Got the Vaquero today, Thanks Vic

    3. Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Thanks for letting me know. Looks like it was a day late but at least you got it. Hope you are satisfied with the purchase.  Al

    4. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      Satisfied, yes, Was great doing business with you. Maybe we will meet on the trail someday. Thanks  Vic

  5. Lonesoms Al I'll take it. Will send you a PM Bulldog Brown
  6. Thanks all for your Service, Y'all keep our land Free. Bulldog Brown
  7. Prayers up for CW and family
  8. Dutch Anderson, If you will take $900.  shipped. I will take it. Bulldog Brown

    Vic Halls  vichalls@hotmail.com

    785-285-1778                                        Thanks Vic

  9. Has anyone seen them posted any place?
  10. Are the scores posted any place? Checked there wib page but nothing. Thanks bulldog
  11. What Red Rider Rudy said 10 times over. Thanks Smoky and all your gang. Bulldog Brown
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