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  1. Only 2 months till the shoot. Need to get those sign-me-up-sheets in . Going to be a good shoot. Bulldog
  2. OK all this shoot is starting to get me worried, Dawg is getting nice calling people Gentleman and the like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I think every one should sign up for the shoot, just to see Dawg being this way. So get those sign-me-up-sheets in. (I don't think he hit his head while casing Shady, but I don't know for sure) Bulldog
  3. Get those sign-me-sheets in, this is going to be a great shoot. Bulldog
  4. I know it is hard to find people that want to help set targets.
  5. Will be a great match. Got your sign-me-up-sheets in. Bulldog
  6. Come on folks get those sign-me-up-sheets in. JW is getting nervous. Will be a good match, for not much coins. Bulldog
  7. Our app well be headed your way this next week. Always a good shoot with some Great Cowboys & Cowgirls. Bulldog Brown
  8. Gregg: Sorry you can't make it, will be a great shoot, combining the two clubs, well you just go to LNK and have Joann come to Topeka, sounds good to me. Bulldog
  9. Grizz: Would not be a problem, JW is a very good backer.
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