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  1. My vote would be for the Browning BL-22, short lever throw, just a nice little lever gun. Bulldog Brown
  2. I load, 124 coated bullet, with 3.3 grs. of Bullseye, works good in Glocks, Sigs, and AR type guns
  3. I would go with Chey-Cast, good people to deal with, good bullets, great prices. Bulldog PS. I really like that Page Lewis rifle.
  4. Thank you Uncle Eldorado, I was hoping some long lost Uncle would step up to watch these too. I feel better knowing they will be watched out for. Thank you Uncle Bulldog.
  5. Jason does great work. Now Mustang you just need to take the time to go shoot them. Bulldog
  6. No name, welcome to the game, that will change your life. (for the funner) Bulldog Brown
  7. Shoot age based for 9 years, this is my first year of CC. Had all the guns, most of them with back-ups. Wife said why don't you use them other guns, along with some great CC pards that would not give up pestering till I tried it. Have shoot a few matches, now I think the hook is in pretty deep. Thanks Dan, Major, Hud, ST,and Travis. The fun has started
  8. I'm thinking hard about it, it really won't matter which one I shoot (66 or Henry) it will not be pretty.
  9. First time at this shoot. Was a GREAT, had a lot of fun, meet more great people as well as seeing other we have meet before. Thanks to all that put this on, very good job. Miss Connie and Bulldog Brown will be back.
  10. Dan: Your keeping Travis busy and out of trouble. Bump for a god pard
  11. Drifter: Its got the best chicken around. And if you talk nice to them they let you take you guns in too.
  12. Chili Pepper Kid : Well be good to see you, has been awhile. Don't forget the salsa. Bulldog Brown
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