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  1. BB, There is a H&R Topper out on Gunbroker in .30-30 and it ends in about 30 hours. Current bid is $203. Good luck. Buckeye Pete
  2. I've had both hands done within a few months of each other. Before the procedures, had trouble sleeping as my arms would go numb and wake me up. Also, while driving a car/truck my hands would go numb if I placed my hands on the top of the steering wheel in a short amount of time. I had fairly quick and complete recoveries. I'm very happy I had them done. Buckeye Pete
  3. Very nice Marlin you have there. I would suggest that you become a member of www.marlinowners.com They have lots of folks who know and collect Marlins. I'm sure that if you ask them about your Marlin, they will be able to give you all the info you are looking for. Buckeye Pete
  4. Caboose, I'll take it!!! PM to follow. Buckeye Pete
  5. Nimble Fingers, Bid Ed did some very nice leather work. I still have several of his holsters and a gunbelt, all of which were well made and durable. My initial comment to the original post was to provide insight and suggest caution when ordering from Big Ed due to my experience. I had heard rumor that he had passed, but now you have confirmed that fact. BTW, I have "let it go". Buckeye Pete
  6. Cholla, Yes I had the "sarcastic" button pressed when I submitted the above reply. As for ever receiving the holster that I paid for from Big Ed, even though I'm an optimist, I think it is a safe bet that I won't. Buckeye Pete
  7. I'm still waiting on a holster from "Big Ed", been about 15 years now since I placed the order and he charged my credit card. Maybe next year.... Buckeye Pete
  8. Bullett, Here is a pic of a 1907 Winchester 1897 Black Diamond Trap shotgun that I currently have. It has a pistol grip stock as well as a very nicely done vent rib.
  9. HK, I work at a county trap/skeet range as a range master. Our range rules dictate that any semi auto or pump shotgun be carried action open and empty and muzzle pointed up at all times except when shooting. I'm responsible for compliance. I can't tell you how many times I've been covered/swiped by a barrel. Buckeye Pete
  10. Jeb, would you have a Pic of #30, the S&W grips? Are they for a square or round butt? Buckeye Pete
  11. The Los Vaqueros monthly match scheduled for this Saturday at the Livery in Tombstone Az. , March 21st has been cancelled due to the virus. Buckeye Pete
  12. August West, no, it would not have made a difference, but you should wash them anyways, it's March. Buckeye Pete
  13. YeeeeeHaaaaw! Thank you to all for reading and responding to my question. I need to go back and re-read the book. Thanks again! Buckeye Pete Update: I found the reference provided under firearm covenants, subtitle barrel on page 35 of the on line shooters handbook. I was looking under "shotgun requirements" and missed the reference. Thanks! BP
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