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  1. The Ruger Old Armys have sold pending funds. Thanks for all the help in keeping these ROAs at the top. Buckeye Pete
  2. Howdy, For some reason the deal did not go through, so they are back up for sale and shipping to the lower 48 is included! Buckeye Pete
  3. Texas Lizard, It looks like they are going to a good home in Texas. Thank you and Yul Lose for keeping the pistolas up near the top, appreciate it. Buckeye Pete
  4. The Ruger Old Army(s) have sold pending funds. Thanks everyone for looking! Buckeye Pete
  5. For sale a pair of Ruger Old Army(s) with fixed sights, stainless steel, with 7.5" barrels. They have the Ruger ivory grips which are in good condition, however one set needs to be better fit to the grip frame. They come in Ruger boxes with original paperwork and "one" nipple wrench total. One box has the serial number label, one box does not. The are in excellent mechanical operating condition. The nipples are original Ruger, in good condition, clean and anti seize applied to the threads. The overall finish of each pistol looks good however they have the normal small scratches that come from being used. The bores are excellent. If you need any additional pictures, just ask and I'll do my best. I'm asking $1,400 plus shipping. First "I'll take 'em" gets them. Back up for sale, new price: $1,400 SHIPPED! Buckeye Pete
  6. WOW! Congratulations Sassy! Buckeye Pete
  7. Thank you Dutch and Tyrel! This gives us the info we needed. Buckeye Pete
  8. Howdy, A good friend and old cowboy action shooter who no longer shoots offered me his IAC Winchester 1887 replica shotgun. It is in like new condition, has had the 'drop two shells' action work done to it by a local smith and comes with the box. I hoping somebody can tell what a fair price would be for the both of us. What do you think? Buckeye Pete
  9. CN Double This is Buckeye Pete. I think I have an ejector model handi rifle right here in Tucson. PM me with your phone number and I'll tell you about it. Buckeye Pete
  10. Boomstick Bruce, I too prefer the arched mainspring housing, it fits my hand better. Buckeye Pete
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