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  1. Taos, I don't have any extra grips at this time, but I thought I would tell you how I modified some Ruger grips in the past. I took two sets of Old Vaquero grips to a buddy's house who was a expert wood worker. I asked him to cut off a portion of the outside of each grip on his fancy table saw. He did a good job and all four grips were pretty equal. I took them home and went to work with sand paper. When I got the shape I wanted, I stained the grips and applied rub on poly urethane by Minwax. They came out great and really gave me a better grip for shooting duelist. Unfortu
  2. Hoss, if Yellowhouse Sam doesn't have one, check out the Marlin Owners forum. Lots of good info and possibly parts. Good luck. Buckeye Pete
  3. Up for sale is a Dillon SL900 12ga Progressive Shotgun Reloader. It was owned by OLE DEADEYE SASS #422 who passed back in 2008,and I'm selling it for his wife. This Dillon reloader is set up on strong mounts and has the motorized hull feeder. To purchase a new one from Dillon would cost $1714.0 plus tax and shipping. I'm offering it to anyone in Arizona for $1,100 and that will include 2,000 Cheddite 209 shotgun primers. I'm in Tucson Az and really don't want to ship this loader as it is big and heavy. Buckeye Pete
  4. Dang it, For comparison, I was in a local gs here in Tucson a week ago. In the display case was a 3 screw flat top Ruger, .357 mag, 4 5/8 barrel. It was not converted, but had been re-blued. I was told it had an action job. The price tag was $595. Good luck. Buckeye Pete
  5. Don Norris lived here in Tucson Az and was a very talented knife maker. He has since passed, but his knives are quite collectible. Good luck on selling your knife! Buckeye Pete
  6. UP for sale is a Winchester 1897 Model "E" takedown shotgun, 12 gauge 30" Full choke barrel. The overall condition of this 70 year old shotgun is good + in my estimation and I believe that is conservative. The action is tight and it ejects empties with ease and none of the screw heads are buggered up. The forearm is the flat bottom corn cob type and has NO cracks. The LOP is 13.75" and somebody in the past has installed a Kick EEZ recoil pad. The bluing is thin but covers the majority of the gun with the exception of the magazine tube and there are plenty of light scratches from handling.
  7. Since you are in Arizona, I saw a Browning Citori on Armslist in Tucson. I can't remember if it was in a shop or an individual. You might check it out. Buckeye Pete
  8. I thought that I'd tap the knowledge of this group of shooters as to what their experience has been with a Ruger New Model Blackhawk Convertible in .45 Colt + 45 acp. I'm thinking that this should be my next gun purchase, but I'd like to hear from folks who have them and what their experience has been. Like many of you I have both .45 Colt guns as well as .45 acp guns and I always like the capability of using one gun for multiple calibers. So are there anythings that I should be aware of? My first choice would be a stainless model with the 4.62" barrel and second choice would be the same g
  9. Cherokee Slim,


    That is a fine looking holster.  I'm looking for one to carry a Ruger Old Army with a 7.5" barrel with adjustable sights.  It looks like your holster might fit my ROA.  How much are you looking to get out of it?


    Buckeye Pete

  10. I have a flash suppressor for a M3 grease gun that goes to anyone who has an M3. I know it isn't cowboy, and don't ask why or how I got it! The flash suppressor for the M3 grease gun is on it's way to a new home, and yes it was sent as a freebie! Buckeye Pete
  11. J Bar,


    Due to medical issues, I might be thinning the herd and/or retiring from CAS.  My primary match guns used to be a matched set of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros in stainless, 4 5/8 barrels and .44-40 caliber.  They have the original boxes and stuff you find in the boxes.  The only things done were a set of wolf springs and gunfighter grips.  I've only shot black powder in them.  They are in good condition..


    I know that you stay up on prices, what would you think they could/would sell for?


    Buckeye Pete

    1. Three Foot Johnson

      Three Foot Johnson

      In '06 & '07, I bought three blue 4 5/8" .44-40 Vaqueros for $300, $300, and $350. I sold them in '08 & '09 for $450 and $925 for a pair. I sold a 5 1/2" stainless version to a cousin last year for $550, but he's family and already had a matching one. I've still got three blue 5 1/2"ers, and they would bring $600 ea easily enough. There's a stainless 4 5/8"er on Gunbroker right now with no reserve and five days to go currently at $456, and it'll go up, of course. A blued 7 1/2"er is priced at $950, Buy It Now, and a 4 5/8" blued is priced at $950, Buy It Now - both from the same seller. Another 7 1/2" blued one is priced at $1050, Buy It Now. Someone's going to have to really, really, really want one of these to pay $950 and $1050, used. Start high - you can always come down!

    2. Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      Buckeye Pete, SASS # 29941

      J Bar,


      I was thinking somewhere in the $1300 to $1400 range would be a fair deal.  Thanks for the assessment!


      Buckeye Pete

    3. Slippery Pete, SASS #40726

      Slippery Pete, SASS #40726

      I'm looking for a pair. I was thinking around 1200 for a pair. If you do decide let me know. If you can get more and you might good for you. I'm not on here very often so you'd have to email me. Slipperypete9@yahoo.com

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