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  1. There are a couple out there. I looked into it as well. Can't remember who actually had them I ended up finding them through the sass wire and sent them a Facebook message as it seems they didn't have a website. But I was able to tune my factory spring to what I'd consider perfection with the adjustment screws and a dummy snap cap round. I did lighten the factory safety lever spring as well which seemed to be the spring that needed the most work. Love my Miroku Winchester.
  2. Supporting your local gun shops is always a great thing to do and I do it as much as I can which is more often than not. However, yes if a online deal is too good to pass on guess what? I get it. Simple as that. My (or whoever is purchasing a firearm for themselves) earned money, my/their choice. If that makes me or someone a villain..... So be it.
  3. When I started back to Gunfighter after switching from Duelist I forgot what a "Clean Match" was. I believe it's only a myth now..... Like a Chupacabra.....
  4. Sending my prayers and condolences to all family and friends.
  5. Kinda funny story really. Its how I ended up in cowboy shooting. Was at a Gun show with my father (also a fellow SASS Cowboy) buying my first Ruger Vaquero because I wanted a center fire cowboy gun other than a rimfire. As I was walking around I ran into a SASS Cowboy Club that had a booth setup there. Had no idea at the time CAS was a thing. That's where it all started. Not long after that my dad and I were SASS members and shooting with the club we met at the gun show.
  6. I have this issue of when practicing shotgun I try to stay smooth and make sure I'm getting a good grip on my shells and rolling them in..... Then during a match I tell myself "smooth is fast" then proceed to trying to stab the shells in my shotgun resulting in me having to correct my botched shotgun loading telling myself out loud "really, you just said smooth is fast dummy" true story.... I'm still working on that.
  7. Did the coat in question break the 170 when retrieving the ammo? Did the unworn coat have the staged ammo in the lower pocket at or below the belly button? When retrieving the shells did someone make sure that the ammo was not canted outward in the pocket for an added advantage? In all seriousness, I just wanted to say I love these threads. Both for the clarification for given scenarios and the banter. CD
  8. Funny to see this post Jed I. My son and I have a blast with a pair of these Nerf Hammer shot blasters and auto resetting targets. He wants to Cowboy shoot like his Papa and dad so he's in training with these. CD
  9. Prayers sent to the family and many friends.
  10. It worked very well and turned out great! I don't mind at all. I'm always happy if I'm able to help or inspire.
  11. There's alot of work that goes into them no doubt about that. Theres many steps and many hours involved with the process not to mention material costs (leather, dye, finishers/sealers tools etc. But If you get serious about wanting one feel free to pm me.
  12. It's a ABS plastic printer. The secret is to print a thick solid backer (I generally do 1/4" thick) to take the abuse of your mallet/hammer.
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