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  1. I'll take them both. I'll send you a pm regarding payment. Thanks.
  2. the nice thing about 6 shot guns is you can take one nipple out and set hammer down on that one, also helps in knowing what hole not to load because you can look through and see the large hole where you removed nipple. I shoot pietta 1851s but you will have to decide for your self. welcome to the DARK SIDE
  3. wow !!!!!! I like it a lot !!!! give a range report when you can .. sunday would be quick enough ha ha!!!
  4. outlaw bullets has good prices on bullets , 200 gr. for 44-40 are 35.00 for 500, also when you buy brass that cost doesn't happen but 1 time ……..but he also sells 38 cal bullets for 25.00 for 500... so you would save 10 bucks on 500 reloading 38s over 44-40.....
  5. you will want to shoot both before you buy … 7,5 is not the most common at a match but it might be what you like ? 5.5 and 4.75 are the norm but that might be to short for your liking
  6. ok sorry about your luck … I have had good luck there
  7. I hope I can say this here …… gun broker.com. has them
  8. hey , you can find a uberti pistol in 44-40 easy …..also for loading look for one shot lube spray. spray some on some in a case flat roll around spray a little more then good to go , no need to roll lube
  9. wish I could be there with my brother to brake in our 87s that came today . thank you lassiter I will get check in mail tomorrow
  10. I will take them tell me where to send gold thank you
  11. I just got off the phone with him , he answered a lot of questions of mine , you aint going to believe it but he is easy to talk with
  12. ha ha that's what I figured !!! darn my bad luck
  13. hey I tried to send you a pm … it says your are full up ha ha
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