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  1. oh i should have also said a ''73''
  2. welcome !!! and there will be a lot of different thoughts ...... but i would try to find a used uberti ..... there is a lot of aftermarket parts for them where there is not for others... may not seem like it matters now but might down the road because, Most everyone wants to go as fast as they can when they get used to playing the game.
  3. welcome , do what you want but i will take a well used gun any day as a pass me down , as to a safe queen... thats just me ... if you take care of it and clean it right even shooting black powder it will out last us all . yes i shoot black powder and clean well and hope my kids will know i used the guns i am passing down ... Burn Through
  4. welcome !!! and i am guessing but looks like a skb and a 73 and maybe a pocket full of rugers ?? i would say they loaned you the real sharp hook stuff ,,, aint no need in messing around set the hook HARD HA HA good luck it is a lot of fun and friendly also ....... But dont get into a nanner split eating contest with that guy thats friends with widder Burn Through
  5. Hey maybe i missed it , i do that a lot .... what time does it start ?? aaaaand do you think it will be over by 3 ???? Thank You !! Burn Through
  6. if these are not taken i will take them , is paypal a option? also ship to 62839 IL THANKS Burn Through
  7. looks to me like she shoots real good with that new powder stuff ........ i wonder how she will shoot with the powder she was made to shoot ????? ha ha just kidding you
  8. ok warden hows she shoot ?? I need to see a video please
  9. I might have you do that to my hammer since ain't no one able to shoot if you have time i could send it to you when i get it out
  10. that wood looks awesome !!!!!!!
  11. hey tim I sent you a pm not sure if it went through ?
  12. they have very slick actions , come on someone needs these
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