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  1. they probably are not cheap but when you can not hear price dont matter much .
  2. Glad you can hear with this and also glad you did it ....Hearing is a great thing till you lose it even part of it ..
  3. well I will jump in and add my 2 cents ..... as a new shooter I think when this all started it was seen as a benefit to have adjustable sights ..... because no one at that time was burning a stage down in 10 to 12 seconds ???? I might be wrong but thats the way I see it from my front porch .... and I have only saw and not even came close to the times on a stage that I said .... but it sure was fun to watch and also see the look on the dads face of the young man that was doing it ,, Flame away ha ha
  4. I have a friend thats wanting to buy a full set of 45 colt dies , He doesn't want lee also would like the shell holder . Thanks..... Burn Through
  5. I shot a wagon one time darn thing got in the way ha ha has a nice hole in it I need to sign it ha ha
  6. boy he saved me I was at a shoot and had trouble he had one put it in and ran like a clock rest of day ha ha thanks Sgt Eli
  7. might ask Sgt Eli , he made mine it ejects GREAT
  8. I think you need 15 grains of that stuff to be a f c shooter I might be wrong ???? but me thinks thats what rules say about that nasty stuff ??? But I have been wrong before ....... Flame away
  9. I find most of the 45s in my jug because they are a diff color than my 44-40s
  10. i say send them to me ha ha and a couple hundred of the others I will shoot them and let you know in about 3 years how they did ha ha
  11. any chance you had ni shells in there ?
  12. ok sorry i recon i stand corrected, have a good day
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