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  1. I will take the 380 and I can get it the next I see you THANKS BURN THROUGH
  2. kind of a expensive target ??? But it is cool
  3. well i have shot two matches with the new cci 11s and have had good results with slix nipples , i did have to fire up my lathe you know a drill and a file ha ha because my nipples was a little mushroomed , So i guess make sure they seat good with a very slight push with the capper , no i dont push on with a stick ..... good luck !!! BURN THROUGH ps i do love the remington tens but i found a few cci 11 s that a cowboy was nice enough to pick up for me and yes the are hotter i shoot a dipped 21 grains of FFF goex and the recoil is noticeably more ????
  4. 15 grains will always make smoke and power factor not a big deal but I load at least 15 of goex and more to keep up with rules . I like f c with a lot of smoke
  5. Goex real black will take the smokeless crude off also seems to soften that stuff and make it clean really easy
  6. Thank You all for your help , Was just hoping to buy a set but may have to send them off
  7. Title says it all. I need a set of USFA lowered hammers or ideas on what else would work. Thanks.
  8. If that falls through, I want them. I didn’t see any other replies from my end. Thanks.
  9. I will take them as long as they are lowered hammers. One set.
  10. cleaning a 87 i use a funnel and hot tap water in a jug and a tornado brush works great !! then I run a oil patch down it and it is good .
  11. I use 16.5 grains of 3 f goex in 32-20 with a 100 grain bullet works good , but have to do some clean up after I shoot them but that is not bad . GOOD LUCK
  12. Hornaday 454 balls is what I run, My gun guy sells them to us for 11 a hundred . He got my brother and I 5000 about a month ago .
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