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  1. Hornaday 454 balls is what I run, My gun guy sells them to us for 11 a hundred . He got my brother and I 5000 about a month ago .
  2. I don't know where around you that you can get it but goex 3 f is good stuff in those pistols I run about 21 grains in my brass 51s . It cleans up well with hot water .
  3. hey widder clean out your message box so i can send you one
  4. looking good cannon !!!! Now I see how you are so FAST If it was a bigger picture I bet there is more brass in the air. see you when it warms up in the spring
  5. I do have the factory grips, however my alias is lasered into the butts of the grips. You can pick which grips you want. I’m not sure if my alias could be sanded out or not.
  6. pm's replied to , They also have lightened hammer springs and also wire trigger springs , but they shoot cci and Winchester and Remington primers reliably
  7. A pair of Uberti 32/20, 4.75 barrels, the safety has been deleted on the floating firing pins (everything is still there to be changed back if you prefer.) They have running iron lowered hammers. One grip is missing a medallion. Very slight holster wear. $925.00 shipped to your ffl.
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