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  1. I use a 43 mec bushing and a red clay buster wad 1138 1 3/8 and about a ounce or so of shot and use 3 f black for powder gives me around 60 grains on powder drop. and hot water dumped down barrels will take care of the plastic after shooting
  2. no less than 4 minutes when i am done go back and time or spot
  3. well shoot I guess I ain't ben pullen my weight ..... It is true that two shooters go through while I.'m loading
  4. This is why I load between every stage only have two to clean . But everyone is different
  5. would like to buy 2 matching pair of checkered grips . What do you have ? Thanks Burn Through ps not white in color
  6. Title says it all , I have looked seems they are out of stock .. Thanks Burn Through
  7. Just in case you don't do pm's, in my message I asked for a photo of the date and your alias. Not slinging, salt just being careful. Thank You, Burn Through
  8. roll it to the left to load if you are right handed ,
  9. I have 51s they had the v notch in hammer face .. Fire and Fallback saw them one day told me to weld it up file flat … that took care of my problem
  10. just start loading black powder all is well no more kaboom
  11. new shot was 49.99 a bag at mo a couple weeks ago
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