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  1. Ok. Thanks mine is 5.5. so I need one more.
  2. WTB. Uberti El patron competition model. 5.5 inch barrel, 357/38.
  3. Baikal sold. 87 chiappa Sold. 1875 outlaws left.

  4. Wts or wtt. I have a Baikal single trigger not the bounty hunter model. 550 shipped. Pair of 1875 outlaws 7.5 inch 357/38 tuned and hammers have been turned down. Blue. 1150 shipped. 87 chiappa stock no work done on it. 850 shipped. doylesparks333@gmail.com is my email. I can send pictures if interested.
  5. I have a set of stainless ruger new model vaqueros with 4 3/4 barrels In 45 Colt and I want to trade for a set of vaqueros with 5.5 or 7.5 inch barrels in 357/38. Mine have been Short stroked and springs lightened.
  6. I have a single trigger Baikal that I bought from johnny meadows. If you are interested. doylesparks333@gmail.com
  7. Wtb old navy 1851 conversions. Man with no name edition. Or pair of 1875 outlaws. 7.5 inch barrels. 38 special. Tuned for sass. Thanks.
  8. If he doesn't want your 1875 outlaws what are you asking. doylesparks333@gmail.com
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