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  1. Reenacting cost money, it’s hard for for people who are the ages of most combat soldiers to afford. Soldiers get issued equipment, reenactors have to buy it…….
  2. I have heard of 95s being converted to 9.3x62 Mauser, but of course that would be unlikely in 1920. While TR really liked the 95 in .405 he acknowledged that it was mainly for light skinned game like lions. For thick skinned game like Cape buffalo, rhino and elephant, he used a double rifle in either .470 or .500 NE. The bullet design of what was available for the .405 did not allow for deep penetration.
  3. The Castro regime did receive a small shipment of early AR10s that Cuba ordered before Castro came to power. That is a Galil in the photo so it must have been taken later then 1959.
  4. Don't underestimate how fast a bear run, you'll most likely only get a couple of shots off.
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