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  1. a SAR B6c (Turkish CZ75 clone) and a IWI Tavor, both virtual of course.
  2. Its basically an Irish whiskey with honey added,
  3. I don't know how much it adds to the cost but there are environmental regulations that need to be met, mainly to prevent fuel leakage.
  4. No, that’s a clip for a Mannlicher style magazine the Mannlicher Schoenauer has a Schoenauer style rotary magazine.
  5. Glass lenses can shatter into sharp fragments. I have a nice “dueling” scar as a result of one of my glass lenses shattering from a freak impact, I was lucky not to have lost my eye. Now I only wear polycarbonate lenses.
  6. It does look something like a Gren, though I don't think he did rear sights like that, mine has a notched hammer for a sight. Also, he marked his guns.
  7. https://www.newenglandcustomgun.com/products.php?cat=279
  8. Forty, before Steyr added more American chambering in the 1924 model, the magazines were designed to the profile of the round the gun was chambered in, so if you rechambered the rifle, you would also most likely need to modify the magazine.
  9. While called a .44, the "58" Remington's bore is .454 so .44-40 would not work.
  10. Actually, it was an executive order.
  11. Not a bill, but George Bush Sr. was responsible for the 1989 Assault Weapons Import Ban.
  12. Mannlichers/Steyr rifles are often available through the Cabelas Gun Library. Though a later model, this one might interest you: https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/100931065 There is an older model M-S in .270 also available: https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/100867678 Around 10 years ago Cabelas must have bought up number of collections/estates with M-S rifles as they had a fair number available through their "Gun Library". I found a very nice mid-1960s MCA model in 270 and its been my main hunting rifle ever since. It originally had a very worn Leopold VXII 2-7 power scope on a G
  13. Of the 2000 Trump supporters, 1995 are most likely FBI informants........
  14. You may find this video entertaining: https://www.full30.com/video/6afd3affeea07031b08c3dcb5cfc3604
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