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  1. Mike if you still have the Dillon 45 Colt dies how much would you want for just the dies? my thanks either way

    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Still got 'em  They are like new, with an incorrect Dillon box.  $100+ shipping or I can deliver them to EOT


  2. OK sorry senior moment!!!! Tied up tomorrow maybe Thursday morning, OR ??

    Rifle gear again ??

  3. Interested in those 45 cal Rodeos but I'm thinking price

    is a bit high. I won't loball anyone but if there's any wiggle room

    what could you do shipped/insured to Dallas TX?

    my thanks either way


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    2. Dollar Bill Charlie

      Dollar Bill Charlie


      I often see you commenting on Colt, USFA.  I have a question?

      What in your opinion are best single action revolvers

      Colt gen 3 older


      Standard MFG.


      Also on USFA how can you tell if manufactured in US or Uberti in Italy.

      Serial #'s etc.

    3. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      First I'm an old fart and God and my wife have been very good to me!!

      I have owned over 50 Colt SAA's and the same in USFA's.

      Early Gen3 guns are total junk in over 50% of the samples I've seen.

      Mid range Gen 3 starting after S30XXXA were the best until about 5 years ago when Colt

      started outsourcing most of their parts. You may have heard about 2 years back Colt

      was recalling them all due to frames cracking. You just  never know what you're getting with Colt!!

      Now I've been around USFA since the beginning knew and liked the owner and the GM was a terrific guy!!

      USFA started out as US PtFA US Patent firearms, then after Colt lawsuit changed to USFA. All USPFA and early

      USFA guns were all Uberti parts!!! Fitted and finished very highly but still soft  Italian steels.

      USFA wanted to make the BEST SAA in existence and they did.

      Rodeos with A and B prefix are all Italian parts. there were no C series and starting with D they were

      all 100% US made!! Their higher end guns starting AFTER 225XX and up are all 100% US made.

      There are NO finer SAA's than the latter USFA's.....PERIOD!!

       I am sorry to say I am bewildered how Standard is doing business. they gave a cpl gun writers guns to review then pulled the guns and threatened legal action against them?! They are  being made by several USFA employees?!

      I was on gunbroker and they showed 8 in stock so I always wanted a pair and jumped!  Then I found out there were NONE

      in stock and wait time was over 8 weeks. they were using my money to build the guns! In looking at past reviews there were

      several folks who bought then were ticked when they were told you have to wait. Why list guns in stock when you don't have them?? They received several F ratings. The few I have seen seemed nice but how many are they making, will there be parts ( SAA's tend to break things if you shoot them a bunch). Also  they state these are NOT to Colt specs they are to their specs! I called and asked will Uberti or Colt parts fit I was told no why would I need to know that!! That is the end of my story with them. Go on Gunbroker and see!! Also they get the same complaints about listing shotguns they don't have.

      Just an FYI Colt and Pietta parts will for the most part inter change as will Uberti and USFA.


      Sorry for rambling!!

    4. Dollar Bill Charlie

      Dollar Bill Charlie

      Thank you for your help and information.  I have 4 Rodeos 2 45 cal and 2 - 38's also purchased a cowboy.  I don't shoot them in SASS, but plink with the 38's and the Cowboy.   I wondered about the CH premium USFA's, but did not know anything about them ie, US made or Italian,  plus the cost was higher.  You had 3 for sale last year.  If you come across any in the future let me know.

      Thanks again.

      Dollar Bill - Charlie


  4. still have it...........



    1. Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      Marshal Fire, SASS 10064

      would you accept 800.00 for the gun shipped to Wisconsin FFL?

      Thank you for the consideration.

      Don't really need a hammer gun just want one, I am sure you know how it is :)

    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Hows about splitting the difference $825 shipped?

      for quicker comms my direct email


  5. check out happy's thread on his buying a 97 shotgun from this guy!!

    1. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L
    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      I shouldn't have said anything

      just don't want to see anyone else hurt by this gent.

    3. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Thanks for the heads up. If he does contact me about the rifle I will tell him he needs to make it right with Happy Appy before we do any business, not that I would after reading the other posts. 

      I was having second thoughts about buying due to him not answering messages. Even though he had been on the wire. Just confirms my gut feeling.

      I believe that we do need a place to post about these kind of deals. 

      Thanks again. 

  6. I saw you were looking to sell a set of 38's

    You looking to sell that pair of 38"s I sold you?


    If so what are you looking to get for them??

    thanks either way

    Nick aka Dutch

  7. Rye:

     hope you don't mind me pestering you and you don't have to respond if it's too big a pain but I know you are/were a long time 44-40 guy and I had some questions.


    First I see you've gone 38/357 any particular reason or just cost and such.

    I just picked up a pair of 44-40's and while I haven't shot them I think they balance better than any 45 or 38 for sure.

    I also see i will HAVE to load for them.

    Are 44-40's as big a pain to load for as I've been led to believe?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



    Dutch aka Nick

    1. Rye Miles #13621

      Rye Miles #13621

      Howdy Dutch, I shot .44-40 with nothing but black for 7-8years. 2 years ago I decided to go with smokeless because of the cost, cleaning and time spent loading BP. I experienced all kinds of problems with .44-40/smokeless. It is mainly the crimp. I would shoot rounds from my rifle no problem but then one of them the bullet would go back in the case!!! Why did all the rest work okay? I think it's the thin mouth on the .44-40 that doesn't always hold a crimp. I had many cracked cases also. I also had problems with rounds fitting in my Colts and Uberti revolvers. I had to resize many that didn't fit. Some did some didn't so I just resized all of them. What a pain in the neck!!! I went to .38's for cost, ease of loading and I aquired a really nice .357 Colt SAA so that got me off to the .38 world! I have a 73 Commanchero, a 66 Uberti, a couple Smoke Wagons, a Cattleman and the Colt all in .38 now. I can't believe how easy reloading is now! .38's are also really easy to shoot. My times are better. Good luck with your .44-40's, it's great round for black powder!!You just have to be very careful loading them.



    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Thank you for your time and courtesy, much appreciated.

    3. Rye Miles #13621

      Rye Miles #13621

      Some guys will say to use a profile crimp die with the .44-40, I used a Lee factory crimp die. When I shot black I never had a problem with the crimp since I filled the case with powder almost to the top. The problem I had was when I went to smokeless. For the most part everything was fine but just that occasional round would slip in and ruin the day!! Driftwood Johnson and Larsen Pettifogger are both really knowledgable about loading for this round.



  8. Rye


    didn't see you post re your "pistolero" pins shoot me a pic and how much, etc


    my thanks

    Dutch aka Nick



    1. Rye Miles #13621

      Rye Miles #13621

      They pulled the post with the pics on it. I don't have any pics right now. I will take a few soon. Pins are $5.00 which includes a printed membership card with a "creed" on it and this includes shipping.


      You can send $$$ to:

      Tony Romano

      26173 Leslie Ave.

      Euclid,Ohio 44132

      (aka Rye Miles)

  9. I've withdrawn my offer to purchase  those Colt's, so if you're interested??????

    1. Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      I totally understand Dutch  no worries.

  10. Im up so call when u can


    Nick ala Dutch

  11. sent an Im re the Colts..... will you be selling any long guns??

    long story short I lost the vision in one of my eyes last april, sold most of my collection in a panic. Surgery got me most of my vision back so I'm looking to pick up a few things. We'll chat tomorrow as I may look at that schofield, those Rugers sure are nice.

    Like you I tend to have fewer nicer things than a whole bunch of others.

    sleep well


    1. Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Colt Faro, SASS #54579

      Sounds good Dutch. I will give you a shout tomorrow my friend. Sorry I didn't see this until late this evening. 

    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      give me a call when you can

      much appreciated


      I see we're a couple old timers we're about 1K apart in our SASS #'s



      Dutch aka Nick

  12. You dear lady truly are a Georgia peach!!!

  13. is the 18" saddle rifle in 357 the one shown or is pic just a representation?


    I know it's short stroked but what all else is done to it?


    my thanks in advance

    1. Evil Roy Shooting School

      Evil Roy Shooting School

      It is tuned and short stroked, we can add a smooth cycle kit for a nominal fee. 

      Thank you for your question.


  14. Triggers have not been swapped, believe safety no longer auto engages, not sure what you mean by what fore-end as Stoeger only has 1 fore end type that i know of


    what exactly do you want pics of , but I won't be able to get you pics till Tues as we're gone for the weekend, sorry no trades looking to sell outright



    1. Hoss


      sell it to Spoon River Sam

  15. he's looking for more pics and trades, if you want it you are the first to say I'l take it

    Yes I'll cover shipping just LMk and I'll mark it sold


    won't ck messages again until the AM


    thanks either way


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    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Postal Money Order ships asap , cashiers check will have to clear before i ship


      my thanks

    3. Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Howdy Dutch ...

      A Postal Money Order it is. I will try to get it out to you tomorrow. I have a call into my FFL and will let you know when I hear from them.

      Thanks again - Spoon

    4. Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Howdy Dutch ...

      I was able to get the Postal Money Order in the mail today. I guess that's better than saying - "the check's in the mail" :D

      Thanks - Spoon

  16. Thanks pard, I'm waiting for Allie Mo to ban me for not going with the public sentiment.

    Somebody does what's been suggested and thing could go very wrong, very quickly.

    Some of the yahoo's think they're Wyatt Earp and are going to clean up the town....HA!!


    Happy Trails

    Dutch aka Nick


    been a while since I said that!!

    1. Johnny Dollar

      Johnny Dollar

      You and me both my friend!  I'm actually very surprised she is keeping it alive and agreeing with it.  Look, I'm not a lawyer, but I have been working in the legal field going on over 30 years.

      SASS is putting them selves in a very slippery slope with this.  By her (a SASS MOD) giving her approval to this and someone gets hurt.. OR if someone posts someones name just because they googled it and that not be anyone that has anything to do with this, can sue SASS.  I guarantee that could happen.

      I'ts amazing that people are saying they went to someones house and got the money back.  I cant say one way or the other... but it seems unlikely to me.  But its giving some other guy the stones to go bang on someones door and demand the money.  It probably wouldn't turn out well.


      I had thought about posting a link to the theme music of the movie Hang Em High... but that would be looked at as sarcasm....  but I think it would be funny.  Anyway, hope your having a good evening!


      Take care,

      Johnny Dollar  (Keith)

    2. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Hello Gentlemen,


      I doubt you knew this was a public post not a private message.


      What is it about? If you see anything amiss on the Wire, I wish you would report it. Can you give me a link to the thread.



  17. can I get pics of the stoeger sxS to




    my thanks


    oh whats the approx rd count thru it??


  18. can I get pics of the 94 please




    my thanks

  19. I have a NIB Daniel defense M4V7LW if interested LMK.

  20. JHP please send pics of the 357 marlin to


    think i might be your huckelberry!

  21. JHP please send pics of the 357 marlin to


    think i might be your huckelberry!

  22. brass went out this AM USPS priority mail, LMk when you get it....thanks again.

  23. brass went out this AM USPS priority mail, LMk when you get it....thanks again.

  24. 700 brass and 300 nickel all new starline for $160

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