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  1. In search of a pair of Old Model Vaquero Bisley 357 blued or case color guns with 4-5/8” barrel thanks 3GC 517-617-6867
  2. I’ve knocked the stop loose a couple times the gunsmith silver soldered it back in place Next time he said he will laser weld it
  3. ALL FIREARMS - All firearms must be designed to fire by use of an impact mechanism such as required by center-fire primers, rim-fire primers, or percussion caps. All other firing mechanisms are illegal. - Internal modifications not referenced here that cannot be seen while the firearm is at rest (action closed) are allowed provided they do not affect the external operation or directly conflict with one of the modifications listed here. - Modifying the firing, cocking, chambering, or levering mechanism in any way that changes the process from an entirely manual operation to any other style operation (e.g., blowback operation, gas operation, or recoil operation) is expressly prohibited. - All firearms may be repaired and/or restored to their original condition. - Replacement parts may be made from materials other than the original unless such material is specifically prohibited. 33 Copyright© Single Action Shooting Society, Inc. 2019 Version 23.2 SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING SOCIETY Shooter’s Handbook - All parts may be smoothed, re-profiled, polished, de-burred, or replaced provided they are not prohibited in these Covenants. - Slings are allowed on long guns. Lanyards are allowed on handguns.
  4. Shooters handbook Jan 2019 All parts may be smoothed, re-profiled, polished, de-burred, or replaced provided they are not prohibited in these Covenants.
  5. I did modify the loading gate on my uberti. I used the sanding drum and removed the lip in the front edge of the loading gate switched to a Cowboy Carty rifle and haven’t played with it enough on reloading to start modifying the loading gate
  6. Being a Left handed shooter, I load thru the gate with my right hand. Good reloads average 1.5 to 1.7 seconds. Non-perfect reload usually run in the 2.5 second ballpark. I carry 5 rifle reloads on the center of my shotgun belt. I Had a custom Evil Roy belt made by Kirkpatrick leather in 2003 setup with double pouches on both sides of the rifle reloads.
  7. I run 38 short colt ammo loaded with Vihtivouri N-310 and 38 special ammo in my USFA revolvers with no problem switching to the longer ammo. The short colt ammo chronos around 700 FPS with single digit standard deviation the 38 special is about 900 in rifle and 575 in pistol with SD in the 50-60 38 Long Colt won’t feed in my rifle without a new Carrier
  8. I ordered a pair June 2018. Still waiting
  9. I agree with Doc Pain, Stages were great, targets were easy enough to hit if you watched your sights a little. I think these were some of the best stages that we have seen at EOT. (I've been to 6 EOT's @ Founders ranch 2005, 08,14,16,18,19) The stage instructions allowed the shooter options on most of the stages. Left handers could go the opposite direction if desired. While i didn't shoot my best match this week, I don't think it was the stage design, description or target placement that kept me from shooting well. Yep, it was the monkey behind the gun that didn't do his job to shoot a clean match. I guess the pressure was more than I could bare... Big Thank you to Lassiter, Deuce and all of the workers that made this a great shoot ! 3GC
  10. The Winchester doesn’t feel much different, hammer up or hammer back, when levering. I don’t know how Carty does it. The feel of running the lever is amazing
  11. Been shooting Colt McAllister tuned Uberti’s since 2003, just started shooting the Carty tuned Winchester. Absolutely love the Winchester. Was about .4-.5 seconds faster with the Winchester in the first week. loved it enough to go thru the hassle of have a second rifle made. (2018 shotshow rifle not available in 357)
  12. The factory stroke measures 6-3/8” from stock screw to point of lever. Carty rifle measures 4-7/8”
  13. Finally have a second rifle to send off to Carty here is a photo to compare the length of stoke from new unfired rifle and the Carty short stroked Winchester
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