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  1. Hello Charlie.... I'll take it.. Please let me know where and how to send the Gold.. Thanks.. Spoon River Sam
  2. he's looking for more pics and trades, if you want it you are the first to say I'l take it

    Yes I'll cover shipping just LMk and I'll mark it sold


    won't ck messages again until the AM


    thanks either way


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    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Postal Money Order ships asap , cashiers check will have to clear before i ship


      my thanks

    3. Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Howdy Dutch ...

      A Postal Money Order it is. I will try to get it out to you tomorrow. I have a call into my FFL and will let you know when I hear from them.

      Thanks again - Spoon

    4. Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Spoon River Sam, SASS #33194L

      Howdy Dutch ...

      I was able to get the Postal Money Order in the mail today. I guess that's better than saying - "the check's in the mail" :D

      Thanks - Spoon

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