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  1. Stripped Hornady Cool shirt size Lg excellent condition (top #1) $20 (SOLD) Heavy cotton vest like new size Lg (#2) $25 (SOLD) Black engineers shirt with bib Very good condition size Lg (t #3) ($20) Red/Black engineers shirt good condition size Lg ( #4) $15 Blue Hornady Cool shirt excellent condition size Lg ( #5) $20 (SOLD) Frontier classic Gray with blue strips 34 X 32 very good condition ( #6) $20 (SOLD) Levi 501 stone washed button fly 34X32 suspender buttons not yet added very good condition ( #7) $20 Tombstone Brown 34X32 good condition ( #8) $20 Scully light brown 34x32 very good condition ( #9) $20 (SOLD) All prices plus shipping. Select item by the number. Will ship most economical way. Buy several items and the shipping won't amount to much for each item. First i'll take it post wins the items. Thanks for looking.
  2. Dee- My problem but I do not see a message with your name and address. I am not on my computer evenings or weekends. GR

  3. Slim, I replied via email.  Here is same info.  Brqss is $85 plus shipping.  Send me you address and I'll ship via UPS

    and inform you of the total and you can send a check to

    Larry Lelm

    29290 Queenwood

    Morton,  Illinois  61550


  4. My offer is still available if you want it.   Shaddai

  5. Are you still interested in the Bisley hammer and trigger

  6. Have not received your check for the hammer and trigger.  Have you decided not to take them?  Please let me know your status on these

  7. Thanks Dee Mak.......... How much???

    1. Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Don't know what they are worth, so whatever you think is fair will be okay.


      Dee Mak

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      actually Dee Mak, I found what I needed yesterday in SS........ Thanks   RT

  8. If you will take $1000.00 shipped I'll take them.   Shaddai  

    Call me 406-231-2329     Thanks

  9. Dee Mak...... I still have the grip frames and triggers and hammer sets for those guns. iF YOU WANT TO RESTORE THEM TO ORIGINAL i WOULD TRADE THEM BACK TO YOU FOR THE BISLEY PARTS.


    Just a thought. Maybe originals would sell better for you...Regards..RT

    1. Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Good to hear from you.  I'll definitely give that some thought.  Been struggling with my new knee.  I think the difference in the walk with the knee has given me a lot of lower back pain.  It's finally starting to get better.  I have good range of motion so I just need to get over the sore back.  Looking forward to seeing you in the spring.  Winter well.  God bless. 

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Yup. My knee replacement caused some walking issue's. Had Planters Facitius show up on my god foot for awhile..  Better now.........Had some good results this year. My rehab took about 3 months with full range of motion after about 8 months, but not enough to affect the game.....Going to Winter RANGE THIS YEAR!!!


      Winter well my friend. Have wonder holidays......

  10. I have a 44 that will not feed consistently. Occasionally when the lifter brings up the cartridge it jams the bullet against the top of the back of the barrel above the chamber. I've had a good cowboy gunsmith work on it but it still does not function properly. Anyone else have this problem ? Tried different bullets lengths and longer seems to work better but not consistently. Thinking of trying some truncated cone bullets if I can find some in 44 cal. Am now using 200gr RNFP. Also tried 44 specials and they don't work either. I am really frustrated with this rifle. Anyone have a few truncated cone bullets I could load up dummies to see if they will work ?
  11. Both pairs $60 plus shipping These boots are like new and have been worn very little. Thanks for looking 1. Laredo Black ropers 2. Laredo lacers
  12. Tired of trying to make photo bucket work. Some times is does and often it does not. So, what other options are out there that you have had good luck with. Thanks
  13. I built a stand that has a 12 x 12 inch top. Have 2 dillion 550's, a Lee turret press, and a Lyman bullet sizer mounted on that top. It is mounted to my bench with a single bolt. I can rotate it to bring the desired press to the front. Have been using it for years and it works great. I have no money in it at all as I built it from scrap material I had on hand. I planned to attach photos but Photo Bucket wouldn't cooperate. If interested shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send pics and dimensions
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