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  1. I am in need of an owners manual for the smith 3913. If you have a manual could you please copy and send it to me. Its not available from S&W
  2. These are NOS bullets Target bullets 414 count $100 shipped & insured.
  3. Tips he shared. Use a round pin of your choosing to replace the cotter key in the spent primer deflector as the cotter key has a flat side and some times will hinder the rotation of the deflector. The other is to buy a small round magnet and attache it to the upper part of the deflector where the magnets weight will aid its return to the pickup position
  4. Was ordering some small parts for my 550 via phone and told them what I needed and Ron said I'll send them right out. No charge plus he give me a couple of tips on how to improve my 550 I really didn't expect that there would be no charge. If you don't already own a Dillon maybe its about time you did.
  5. I do my polishing in the garage and transfer media outside. So whatever dust there is the wind takes away. Been doing it for years and my lead blood test is just fine, Hope you boys aren't snacking when depriming as I believe the primers are also a source of lead. I also use run a dryer sheet in the pot while running the brass to help minimize the dust.
  6. Thanks guys. Your post have convinced me that I do not need a wet tumbler. I just throw mine in some walnut shell media and when done dump into container. No rinsing etc etc etc
  7. Dee- My problem but I do not see a message with your name and address. I am not on my computer evenings or weekends. GR

  8. Slim, I replied via email.  Here is same info.  Brqss is $85 plus shipping.  Send me you address and I'll ship via UPS

    and inform you of the total and you can send a check to

    Larry Lelm

    29290 Queenwood

    Morton,  Illinois  61550


  9. My offer is still available if you want it.   Shaddai

  10. Are you still interested in the Bisley hammer and trigger

  11. Have not received your check for the hammer and trigger.  Have you decided not to take them?  Please let me know your status on these

  12. Thanks Dee Mak.......... How much???

    1. Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Don't know what they are worth, so whatever you think is fair will be okay.


      Dee Mak

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      actually Dee Mak, I found what I needed yesterday in SS........ Thanks   RT

  13. If you will take $1000.00 shipped I'll take them.   Shaddai  

    Call me 406-231-2329     Thanks

  14. Dee Mak...... I still have the grip frames and triggers and hammer sets for those guns. iF YOU WANT TO RESTORE THEM TO ORIGINAL i WOULD TRADE THEM BACK TO YOU FOR THE BISLEY PARTS.


    Just a thought. Maybe originals would sell better for you...Regards..RT

    1. Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

      Good to hear from you.  I'll definitely give that some thought.  Been struggling with my new knee.  I think the difference in the walk with the knee has given me a lot of lower back pain.  It's finally starting to get better.  I have good range of motion so I just need to get over the sore back.  Looking forward to seeing you in the spring.  Winter well.  God bless. 

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Yup. My knee replacement caused some walking issue's. Had Planters Facitius show up on my god foot for awhile..  Better now.........Had some good results this year. My rehab took about 3 months with full range of motion after about 8 months, but not enough to affect the game.....Going to Winter RANGE THIS YEAR!!!


      Winter well my friend. Have wonder holidays......

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