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  1. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889571346 barrels are hard to find
  2. Plus one to the comment, don’t overlook the Winchester solidframe 97... 3GC
  3. Hands down, I prefer the Pact 3 timers. Louder than anything else. Durable. Mine has been dropped many times. 5+ years old and still going. I like that it shows first shot, total time & last shot split without pressing any buttons. also has forward and backward buttons to search thru the times 3GC
  4. The rain wasn’t an issue for the afternoon shift. The covered stages and loading areas kept our guns mostly dry. Mans we were able to find spots for most of the gun carts to stay under cover too
  5. The Sass southeast regional was a great match, their setup allowed shooters to do what works best for your game. Targets weren't as close as Gunsmoke, but they were big & close enough to let a shooter really whale away. Watching the front sight is always a good idea... A big Thank you to Buck D Law for inviting us down every time we saw him. Only took ten years for me to squeeze it into the schedule. Stages were setup well, the covered stages and covered load-unload areas kept our guns mostly dry thru a pretty good rain storm ( Rained all day ) The range is an e
  6. 1.46 worked in my first 73 1.44-1.45 didn’t Feed well I don’t crimp in the groove, I load with groove showing 3GC
  7. Hey Buck, Thank you for doing posses. I Mailed in the two apps today. ( JR Hammer & mine) Three Gun Cole
  8. The rifle from Wild Walt looked like fair deal to me. Good luck 3GC
  9. I sent Carty a Deluxe sporting rifle in June and had it back in August. Roughly 6-7 week turn around time. Was very happy with that. 3GC
  10. EOT 2021 will probably be my 7th & last EOT. Shot Winter Range in 2009, wasn't impressed, very left hand unfriendly. Never had the urge to go back. Seems to me that if SASS was going to make a change, Wouldn't it be wise to talk to the shooters that travel & get their opinions? I've always thought that the national & world championship should be held in different locations each year, and rotate around to various parts of the country. ie One shoot east of the Mississippi, one west. and then swap locations and or rotate with other locations an
  11. I have a 5th gen short stroked Uberti deluxe border rifle for sale, 357. 20” octagon barrel that has been lightened. currently has a straight trigger installed. This is the checkered pistol grip stock. rifle was built in 2012 by Colt McAllister. He build the best rifles from 2006-2015. He retired from cowboy in 2012 and quit working on my guns in 2017. Rifle is match ready and very reliable. I used this one for a couple seasons, before I switched back to a third gen rifle. I would sell it for $1,500 Shipped text 517-617-6867 for pictures Three Gun Cole
  12. A left handed guy might want to look at an 1897 pump shotgun. It could be a real game changer with some practice Message me if you want to see some video of a left hand 97 shooter 3GC
  13. I saw you were looking to sell a set of 38's

    You looking to sell that pair of 38"s I sold you?


    If so what are you looking to get for them??

    thanks either way

    Nick aka Dutch

  14. Try feather lite hulls, they are shorter than STS hulls. My 87 works better with them
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