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  1. I’m looking for 3-5k of 45 acp large primer brass and 5k of 38 special call or text 517-617-6867 where to mail a postal money order, and total with shipping Thank You 3GC
  2. I shot CIMARRON Evil Roy guns for about 1-1/2 years. Switched to USFA’s rodeo’s in 2005 switched to USFA premiums in 2009 Just started shooting a new set of premiums this year. They appear to be very similar to a 2nd gen Colt. 4 clicks, firing pin on hammer, These have coil hand springs Great guns if you can find-afford them. good luck 3GC
  3. I have a couple uberti 357 deluxe border rifles that I’ve been thinking about selling. a 2003 built 3rd gen, has lots of wear on the bluing and handling marks on the wood Lassiter did the original short stoke. Had the barrel lightened, one piece welded trigger $ 1000 shipped 2012 uberti built by Colt Mcallister has lever safety and after market straight trigger. $1500 shipped to FFL or delivered to Michigan cowboy shoot text 517-617-6867 for pictures 3GC
  4. l’ll take 5,000 45 acp brass and 2k 38 special where do I send the money What is the Total with shipping ( ) shipping to Coldwater MI 49036 Thanks, 3GC Text for fastest response 517-617-6867
  5. Looking forward to my 18th consecutive Range War!!! It keeps getting better each year. 3GC
  6. Gunsmith work on cowboy guns isn’t brain surgery, however, It’s beyond what most of us shooters can handle well. If you want guns to work correctly and be as close to 100% reliable, best bet is to find a good Smith for each type of gun and send your guns to “The Guy” Cowboy Carty does amazing work to the new Winchester’s. Lassiter is great with an 87 or 97, or colt clones. Marshall Harland Wolfe is the guy for Colt’s I really miss Colt McAllister, he was the master of the uberti 73 rifles and the Winchester 1897’s Colt hasn’t been doing much on guns since 2017 If you’re handy give it a go. I wish you luck. I’m just smart enough to know that my guns need to be perfect to help me compete at the level I’m at. When their less than 100% I’m buggered for the match. Good luck, 3GC
  7. I just bought a 40” x 72” x 27” safe from Grizzly tool. Price was pretty fair Appears to be a great safe. Was quite heavy 970 pounds. UPS delivered it but didn’t want to drive in the snow-dirt driveway. I used a large fork truck to get it is side the overhead door and an appliance dolly-cart to move it around inside the door comes off to reduce weight. Good Luck 3GC
  8. Rifle is still for sale , new unfired in box with all paperwork
  9. I had a set of guns that had to big of hole around the firing pin, and would lock up if using Federal primers at less than a factory load pressure. The Factory said the guns were fine and expected you to use factory loads with CCI primers Had to have them laser welded. Never had a problem after having them welded. My match ammo is a 38 colt 105 grain @ 700fps
  10. Good luck finding a 2018 shot show rifle. they made less than 200 In 357. I had to have my second one custom made to match my first Winchester. 3GC
  11. For sale: Winchester 1873 New unfired with box & paper work 24” Half round half octagon barrel grade 2-3 Walnut stock with crescent butt $1,350 Shipped from FFL dealer to your FFL in the lower 48 states.
  12. Thanks for the info, I was hoping a Las Vegas local shooter would stop in and check out what Winchester is doing for the 1873 2020 shotshow rifle. Here is a picture of the 2018 Shotshow rifle
  13. Has anybody been to see the new Winchester’s 2020 shotshow rifles ? Looking for pictures of the new 2020 1873
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