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  1. I have a 5th gen short stroked Uberti deluxe border rifle for sale, 357. 20” octagon barrel that has been lightened. currently has a straight trigger installed. This is the checkered pistol grip stock. rifle was built in 2012 by Colt McAllister. He build the best rifles from 2006-2015. He retired from cowboy in 2012 and quit working on my guns in 2017. Rifle is match ready and very reliable. I used this one for a couple seasons, before I switched back to a third gen rifle. I would sell it for $1,500 Shipped text 517-617-6867 for pictures Three Gun Cole
  2. A left handed guy might want to look at an 1897 pump shotgun. It could be a real game changer with some practice Message me if you want to see some video of a left hand 97 shooter 3GC
  3. I could trade primers for a right hammer...
  4. Looks to purchase a right hammer for an SKB 100 Does anybody have a good source for these? Thank you 3GC
  5. Congratulations to the new champions!!! Doc Roy L Pain, men’s state champ Pink Buscadero, over all lady & state champ Copperhead Joe and crew did an excellent job Stages were fast and fun, Go as fast as you dare, Fine line between a great stage or a train wreck. Definitely Coming back for this match. 3GC scores MatchResultsByTime.pdf
  6. After 17 years in the game, I’m Still a firm believer in the Winchester 1873 Deluxe Sporting rifle. I started with a Marlin 1894 in 2003, Within a year I switched to an Uberti 20“ deluxe sporting 1873 from EMF. In 2018 I Switched to a Carty tuned Winchester. I love the Carty rifle. Worth every penny ! Good Luck 3GC
  7. Wild bunch stages will be done by Ethan Callahan this year. 1911 will be included in speed pistol wild bunch will be included in speed shotgun too. Model 12 or 1897
  8. Welcome back, Look up “we the people ammo” Deuce Stevens and crew load and sell ammo. I’ve heard Nothing but great things about them. Good luck, 3GC
  9. I sure miss seeing all my friends at EOT Doc Pain & I were also on the bi-year plan, 14,16,18 We had so much fun in 2018 we snuck in an extra EOT in 2019 3GC
  10. For me shorter is faster, I shoot both norinco 97’s and original 97’s with barrels cut down to just over 18” a standard 20” norinco is about .4 second slower than the shorter 97’s On a 4 target speed shotgun side match. more on a 6 target setup. Last sidematch I shot was at the Midwest regional 6 shots in 5.14 seconds. With a standard 97, I would be around 5.75 seconds I’m a small framed left handed shooter. Short stock, short barrel equals faster for me. I doubt I could break 7 seconds with a 30’” barrel Good luck, 3GC
  11. I bought a set of factory USFA hammers that have a lower profile, their not bisleys, but they are similar
  12. Give me a total and address, i’ll Send you a check or postal money order, which ever you prefer.
  13. I’m looking for 3-5k of 45 acp large primer brass and 5k of 38 special call or text 517-617-6867 where to mail a postal money order, and total with shipping Thank You 3GC
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