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  1. Rifle is still for sale , new unfired in box with all paperwork
  2. I had a set of guns that had to big of hole around the firing pin, and would lock up if using Federal primers at less than a factory load pressure. The Factory said the guns were fine and expected you to use factory loads with CCI primers Had to have them laser welded. Never had a problem after having them welded. My match ammo is a 38 colt 105 grain @ 700fps
  3. Good luck finding a 2018 shot show rifle. they made less than 200 In 357. I had to have my second one custom made to match my first Winchester. 3GC
  4. For sale: Winchester 1873 New unfired with box & paper work 24” Half round half octagon barrel grade 2-3 Walnut stock with crescent butt $1,350 Shipped from FFL dealer to your FFL in the lower 48 states.
  5. Thanks for the info, I was hoping a Las Vegas local shooter would stop in and check out what Winchester is doing for the 1873 2020 shotshow rifle. Here is a picture of the 2018 Shotshow rifle
  6. Has anybody been to see the new Winchester’s 2020 shotshow rifles ? Looking for pictures of the new 2020 1873
  7. I have four LED shop lights over 18’ of hard maple counter top plus 3 porcelain fixtures with 100 watt LED bulbs that are behind me when loading. also installed an UFO light on the Dillon 650xl its just about prefect lighting
  8. Colonel Blaze (Brad Wallace) sure helped promote Sass and cowboy shooting in southern michigan in the early 2000’s He was the one to introduce our family to Sass. Praying for his family and friends. 3GC
  9. Up for sale new in box Winchester 45 sporting rifle. 24” half round barrel, case color, grade 3 walnut. $1,300 shipped in lower 47 add $30 for California. 2003 Uberti deluxe border rifle 357 3rd gen Lassiter 3rd gen rifle. Barrel lightened. Aluminum carrier, flat top marbles sight, brass bead front sight Been run hard, new bolt in 2019, still reliable and has a fair amount of life left. Lots of dents & scratches. Blued still pretty good. $900 shipped or best offer. 2012 Uberti 357 deluxe border rifle 20” Colt MCAllister 5th gen build from 2012 not shot a lot. barrel lightened, flattop rear sight. Straight trigger and original curved trigger included $1,300 shipped shipped from my FFL to yours, or meet in Michigan or Indiana, Paradise Pass monthly match. text 517-617-6867 for pictures
  10. I like 38 special brass for my rifle 105 bullet @ 1000 fps 38 short colt in pistol @ 700 fps
  11. I prefer the checkered pistol grip Winchester’s deluxe sporting rifle with a 20” barrel. The checkered straight stock would be my second choice. my hand position is further forward with the pistol grip, and that feels more natural for me. comfortable movement is usually faster. Hard to beat the new Carty Winchester’s...
  12. I saw you were looking to sell a set of 38's

    You looking to sell that pair of 38"s I sold you?


    If so what are you looking to get for them??

    thanks either way

    Nick aka Dutch

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