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  1. Marshall Kane, Sassy, Turquoise Bill, and Sarival Slim, from the Arizona Territorial Rough Riders sure enjoyed y’all’s hospitality!!! Thanks Dixie Desperadoes.
  2. Sassy Dancer and Pretty Palomino
  3. I’ll work on a page that shows the past WR scores; it’ll be on the EOT.org site. But…it’ll be a few weeks; I’m nowhere near home…:) Thanks, Sarival Slim
  4. I don’t have those. I’ll send an email in the morning to see if I can get them so that they can be posted.
  5. Well...EOT 2022 has come to the End of its Trail. Weather was accommodating :), hope Ya'll had a good time. Here are the Category scores. We (I) will have all of the scores posted on the endoftrail.org website by end of business on Wednesday. Scores by Category Main Match 03032022[7755].pdf Match Final Total Time Main Match 03032022[7754].pdf
  6. So…at the Roughrider Saloon, which will be open for business Wednesday thru Saturday, no cash is allowed. Chips will be the only currency allowed. Now…how does a Cowboy/Cowgirl obtain chips you ask? A person can turn their US currency into EOT currency at registration before Wednesday. Or at the bar from Wednesday on…Buy often and early to prevent your whistle from dryin’ up… Chips are 2 for $5 or one chip is $3. Wine and Beer are one chip… Whiskey and Rum are 2 chips… So if y’all had you currency in $5 increments it be great :). Soda and water will be available for $1. Those you can use US currency or chips. (No change, so get two or five, just sayin’) If you purchase enough chips to warrant it…or convince your sales person, we will include a handy carry bag for you :). Thanks, Sarival Slim
  7. Pic 1 & 2 is stage 12, pic 3 is 1-4, pic 4 is lunch line for the Rangers on Saturday, 5 is competitor entrance, Az Game and Fish main entrance. Coming together nicely :).
  8. This morning @ EOT, not a cloud in the sky (thanks to Hell’s Comin’). Lunch in the Ranger Tent, and what was for lunch. Back to work tomorrow gettin ready for the show :).
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