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  1. Sent you a pm. I have a set of Pietta, but are 7 1/2” barrels. Nickel finish, two extra cylinders, clean one owner.
  2. Thanks for puttin’ on the shoot. I enjoyed it; Boulder City is also a fun place to hang out. See ya at El Dorado. Sarival Slim
  3. I believe this is an Ithaca Lewis shotgun (I’m no expert) 12 ga, 30” barrels, matching serial numbers, shot it today with black powder Cowboy loads, shot fine, triggers worked, safety works. Stock has some missing pieces by trigger housing (see pics). I acquired it in a package deal; had it for five or so years. Cool old shotgun. $320 shipped to your ffl from an individual. Thanks, Sarival Slim.
  4. BB...That may be my alltime record. :). Pm or email and we can work out the details. Thanks.
  5. Winchester 1897, 20.5” barrel, 11” lop, assumed to be reblued, 182xxx serial number, matching numbers, shoots fine but I’m a sxs guy. I’ve not used it, have function fired it. I bought it 5-6 years ago from a Cowboy in the Prescott Az area, Pretty gun. $550 shipped to your ffl from an individual. Thanks, Sarival Slim
  6. Are there details for “Side matches” somewhere? Not so much speed events, but long range events. In order to win the “new car” It would be helpful to know what the events are and approximate distances. And what guns to bring the 1700 miles. Paper for accuracy (EOT NMexico), or steel, hit plus time? Asking for a friend...
  7. Ruger Old Army, fixed sights, Slix nipples, very nice condition, no boxes, $1575 shipped to your door. Thanks, Sarival Slim.
  8. Sent you a message. Thanks, SSlim.
  9. I am now using the Dillon 900, like it best, had a RCBS Grand, liked it too and before that MEC 650, it worked also. Here is the cheat code that works for me in all three. 5/8” hole punch from Hobby Lobby or any craft store. Postcard thickness paper. Rule around here is anything that comes in the mail on postcard thickness paper is turned into overshot card. It is an extra step; place card over shot. I can place almost any hull without changing a thing and the crimp comes out fine. Some are prettier than others. (Disclaimer: I’m no expert in this field, I am a “good enough” guy. :))
  10. I sent one (email) a couple of days ago...no reply...
  11. CN, Ol dumb Sarival is making the drive:). Would you be interested in a RCBS Grand 12 gauge shot shell loader?
  12. I’ll take it. I’m in Waddell. Pm me and we can work out the details.
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