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  1. I’ll take them. Pm me the payment information. Thanks, Sarival Slim
  2. Preacherman, I'll take them. Pm me where to send the money. Thanks, Sarival Slim.
  3. Do the holsters on your mernickle gun belt have the metal liners in them to keep their shape?

    1. Sarival Slim

      Sarival Slim

      Yes. But there sold already.

    2. Too Tall Bob
  4. Very nice WB Rig, belt is 50, tongue has been moved but belt has never been cut. 2 double mag pouches. $200 shipped to your door. Thanks, Sarival Slim.
  5. Very nice, hardly used Mernickle Rig. Gun belt is a 38 and shell belt is 32. Guns in holster are Ruger Vaqueros. 6” barrels will fit. .38 loops on shell belt. $225 shipped to your door. Thanks, Sarival Slim (and as you may tell by the size I never wore it ;)).
  6. Holster, belt, mag pouches, shot shell holder. Never used, leather is kinda stiff, stored indoors, climate controlled, that’s how it was when I bought the package. $50 shipped to your door. Thanks, Sarival Slim.
  7. Wah Maker Army Vest, 2Xl, almost never worn, Blue, like new. If you’d like it, PMme and I’ll ship it to you.
  8. .45 Schofield brass. 135 count. Mixed head stamp. PM or email your address and I’ll ship them to you. Sarival Slim :).
  9. I have one. I’m in Phoenix. Have .38 Dies for it too. Pm me.
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