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  1. DDan, What happened to burn your hands? SS
  2. Alcohol… nope…green light was from the speaker…
  3. Had to stop loadin’… over the legal limit in my garage…lookin forward to the adventure…
  4. Greysmoke, email me, or pm. I may have what yet lookin for. If I do you can have them.
  5. “Cowboys and Indians for example” is what the original post reads… and I know better than to offer an opinion on the wire…
  6. Sorry to hear this, RIP.
  7. Don’t y’all worry. It’ll be fine. We will work out any glitches to the system.
  8. I’m not sure what happened...but it happened. Website is live now. I think it was a dead primer...I’m positive there was powder, bullet and firing pin strike...
  9. It’s not a hard number but...and the answer is above my pay grade...but it would be somewhere north of 720 shooters.
  10. I do... The website for EOT 2022 will be found at: endoftrail.org The website is not live at this time. Endoftrail.org is scheduled to go live on July 16th @ 1600 MST. Applications will be on the site . Sarival Slim
  11. “Estimated” Not yet...wait for it...wait for it...
  12. Yes...Friday July 16th @ 1600 MST. (And remember the “e”:))
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