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  1. Weasel Piss In a spay bottle is what I use. Powder blaster to dry them if needed. Balistol to oil em up. I shoot subs; Black MZ and APP.
  2. Rip, Shell holders are in the mail, USPS Priority, expected delivery is Friday. :).
  3. Ripley, Glad I can help :). I will get them in the mail today. Sarival Slim
  4. Ripley, I may have what your looking for, there is a #4 and #7 in the box. If this is what you need you can have them on a couple of conditions. You take all of them, including the box, and provide me your address so that I can ship them to you. Shipping is included in the deal. Thanks, Sarival Slim :).
  5. Five pair of pants, size 38, would fit a 36” waist better. Must take all five. I’ll ship them to your door. Add is under classifieds too. First I’ll take em, gets em. Thanks, Sarival Slim
  6. Perfect. Pm your mailing address and I’ll ship them to you. Thanks, Sarival Slim
  7. .38 short colt brass. Qty 110. I’ll sentd them to you. Thanks Sarival Slim
  8. Lee Auto-Prime Hans priming tool. I don’t see the small primer rod. Free to your door. Thanks Sarival Slim
  9. What are you looking to get for it sir ?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sarival Slim
    3. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Yes sir - not sure if I can get to the post office tomorrow or if I can get my wife to. If not I can do it after my local shoot Saturday if that is OK.

    4. Sarival Slim

      Sarival Slim

      No worries, no rush. Let me know when it's on it's way. Sarival :).

  10. SASS Alias: Sarival Slim SASS # 98502 Where am I From: Waddell, AZ How long: 4 years
  11. Any chance your going to contact me?:huh:

  12. When I dug my knight out of the safe....54 cal.
  13. We stayed at Ligurta Station last year, and going to this year. Easy to get to the range and into Yuma.
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