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  1. If you are interested I have 8 boxes of WW 25-06 120 grn pp ammo I would sell you
  2. Good year Wranglers work well.for me on my 2500 hd. In Snow mud sand and ice
  3. If Sgt Eli isn't interested I might be . I sent a PM to Stepnmud
  4. I'm not sure which mold I want ,so go ahead and the Saeco if you want to
  5. Do a search on the SASS classified ,there was one for sale a few days ago
  6. This came from my Lyman 4th loading book . I'm interested in hearing what you have for brass
  7. Thanks for the list . Did you have 1 or 2 that worked better in your BPCR than the others?
  8. I finally got my Browning BPCR in 40-65 Winchester. I need brass, dies ,bullets or molds and ammo. What you got hanging out in the gun room.? Thanks
  9. In 2002 I was at Winter Range, and took Evil Roys classes . Handle Bar Doc and Long Hunter were there there to help teach us. 3 world class instructors to learn from in one class. Almost too much information to soak up Kirkpatric Leather offered a Handlebar Doc holster set for sale after he won Winter Range . I still use mine to shoot SASS with. Super guy and a hell of a shooter
  10. My last order from S&S was here in a week. They shoot great and we're priced right
  11. I have a Marlin Cowboy Limited that I shoot for Wild binch. It has had minor Gunsmithing ,just smoothing and 1.piece firing pin. It works great . I shoot 44 spl loads with 180fp or 200 rnfp seated in the crimp groove and it feeds and functions everytime
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