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  1. I shoot with Artemis and crew at the Bear Creek Range since I moved to Missouri. They are a great bunch of people and are trying to put on the best shoot they possibly can . This isn't a stand and deliver range. They have more target shapes and sizes at more different distances , than ive seen in a very long time. Clean matches are a rarity here for any shoot held here. The 97 give away is a neat idea to try and attract shooters and I support the idea whole heartedly
  2. I have screw in chokes in my 97's They were,done by Black Canyon Gunsmithing In Montrose Colorado Keith did,an exellent job
  3. On #5 , the 40sw stuff how about some details or picts. What bullet style ,weight and dia? Commercial or home cast? What is the brass like? Clean ,dirty, once fired, range pick up? Thanks
  4. Just try to have fun . If theres something you don't understand , ask questions . Welcome
  5. Great buy on an awsome tumbler . Mine is over 40 tears on and still works great
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