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  1. I was at my LGS a couple of weeks,ago and they had 7.62 5.56 9mm 45 380 38 spl 9mm 12 guage 50 bmg All with quantity limits Was there 2 days age and only 7.62 It comes then it goes
  2. I selebrated by buying a new "assault rifle " and all the "high cap" mags and ammo I could find Thanks Joe
  3. I have one of these . It was,my 1st Sass shotgun . Always worked well and was fun to shoot . I still have it ,but found my 1st 97 a few months,later and never looked back
  4. Sold I'll take them . I'll pm you so we can work out the details
  5. LI have a Lee single cavity mold with handles. PM me your email and I'll send you pictures
  6. Split decision in my mind I have 2 and,a very pleased with both. 1. 70 series Colt LW Commander I've had this one over 40 years,as it always functions perfectly. 2. Kimber stainless match ,functions perfectly out of the box and is one of the most accurate guns I own.
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