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  1. Thanks for the update, Billy, and for trying to get the thing going. Fighting the State of Illinois and the powers that be is a mostly thankless and frustrating task! CS
  2. +1 Lube action parts with Ballistol after cleaning. Also, after every two stages I use a small needle oiler to place a drop of Ballistol on each of the following: Firing pin nose, extractor well, end of the lever where it enters the bolt. A 6 stage match is usually no problem, even with the blowback from full loads of Goex/Graf's in .45 Colt. On exceptionally dry days, I may have to swab the chamber with a wet-wipe after two or three stages to remove any buildup if levering starts to feels "sticky," but those days are few and far between in my neck of the woods. CS
  3. The two clubs for which I serve as TG have gone in slightly different directions on this. The Illowa Irregulars (Milan Rifle Club) have generally moved away from long backstories, tending to do very short ones, or none at all. However, most of our stage writers still use starting lines, which we print and post in an area the shooter can see from the start position. The Illinois River City Regulators (Chillicothe, IL.) do use full backstories and start lines, which are also printed and posted. In either case, shooters are free to use "shooter ready" or some such, but most do say the appropriate line. As Seamus said, half the fun is when some of the folks come up with clever (or not!) ad-libs on the original line - we have some shooters who are quite good at it...
  4. Hey Shark - If you happen to be up this way for a visit, the Illowa Irregulars have scheduled open CAS practices at the Milan Rifle Club on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM and Fridays at 10:00 AM. Not officially an Ol' Coots Shoot, but most of us are, in fact, just that - however, we do have a few of you younger folk show up from time to time, and all are welcome! Same general numbers and procedures as J-Bar described. We do 5 full stages on Wednesday, but then 4 on Friday so we can adjourn in time to get together for lunch...now that Illinois has partially reopened anyway. We'd be glad to have you join us - goes for anyone else from the Wire who happens to be in the area too! CS
  5. Since the NFL already has "safe" names like Bears, Lions, Jaguars, Broncos, Seahawks, etc. - perhaps the "DC SWAMP RATS" might be appropriate...Surely someone in the Saloon could come up with an appropriate helmet logo! CS
  6. Missouri Bullet has done well for me for several years, About any bullet you might need, including coated and a relatively new variety that are BP lubed. Discount code is "SASS." CS
  7. I seriously doubt that more than a handful of those have occurred since December 3, 1818...this is Illinois about which we are talking! CS
  8. My son, Colonel Kit Coyote...anyone remember the source of the alias?
  9. Finally! The photo really I wanted to include back in Post #5 - found the thumb drive lurking in the bottom of my travel bag! Also, adding a photo of Bookworm Sandy, who passed away a few years ago.
  10. Alias: Count Sandor SASS # 74075 From: Rock Island, IL Shooting: 10 years
  11. My diploma reads "Bachelor of Science in Education in Geography." That meant that I would spend the first eight years of my career teaching only literature, grammar, spelling, and anything else that was covered by my minor in English. The rules were such that both the major and minor fields were covered by the "in Education" part. Of course, I taught a number of other subjects, but had to have more than 1/2 my class load in the major/minor fields. CS
  12. Creeker: This past September, the theme for our annual, Fall Round-Up, was "New School vs. Old School." Half the stages incorporated some things we don't usually do much any more. According to the surveys I received, the "Old School" stages were well received. One example: a full sized cutout of "Little Johnny," the brat who tormented you all through grade school. Shooter started standing in school house doorway with an old fashioned felt chalkboard eraser in one hand, ready for revenge. Starting line..."Hey, Johnny!" At the beep, toss the eraser at Little Johnny, step forward and retrieve rifle. etc. I awarded a 3 second time reduction for the stage for a "hit" on the brat - about the same amount of time it took to react, throw, and actually start shooting. Most everyone hit Johnny, but some of the misses were monumental, and provided some interesting "talking points" at the socials. CS
  13. Will be done as soon as we get everything taken care of. I really appreciate the site, but it seems to me I have had to make too many submissions in the last couple of years. CS
  14. I have seen them successfully used with APP. Nothing there to keep the fouling soft with Holy Black, so not a good idea, IMHO. CS
  15. We have just learned that the Illowa Irregulars' former TG Trader Dave passed away this morning after a long illness. Dave was my mentor when I first came into Cowboy Action. He took me under his wing, introduced me to "the power of the darkside," and eventually passed the TG baton to me. Although he hasn't been able to shoot in a while, his presence has been felt at every match, as he was the driving force behind the construction of Camden Mills, our cowboy town. Arrangements are pending. I will post them as they become available. ******************************************************************************* I have added a link to Dave's obituary and visitation information. http://www.wheelanpressly.com/notices/David-CatherSr I think perhaps it would be appropriate to consider a "yellow shirt day" in honor of Trader Dave at the Illowa Irregulars' first monthly shoot in April '17. We can discuss this at our annual cowboy meeting Jan. 15. CS
  16. The Illowa Irregulars have coffee, donuts, and occasionally breakfast pizza available during sign-up. During and after the match brats and hamburgers are grilled on-site, and chips/drinks are also available. These services are provided by the ladies of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, international collegiate and service sorority. ESA's primary philanthropic efforts are directed to St. Jude Children's Hospital, and all proceeds from our food sales go directly to St. Jude. Since our "cook shack" is centrally located on the cowboy range, some of our shooters choose to "eat on the run" during the match, others while scores are being tallied and awards presented. We do not have a formal break during the match. CS
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