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  1. Thanks, I use 10 to 20,000 per week so it gets difficult to always find enough. Again I appreciate the help.
  2. If you have a source for 38 spl brass at $30 per 1,000, I'll buy everything they can sell me. Please let me know. Thanks.
  3. I was going by his wording of “already played it”! But that could mean that they already played the game!
  4. Actually there has been three others, Holy Terror, Sage Chick and Echo Meadows that has won overall regional championships!
  5. I wouldn't drive next door for a 5 stage match. When I first started we ALWAYS shot 8 stages then clubs started dropping down to 6 stages and now FIVE!!! What's next four or three...and then maybe two!!! No thanks!!!
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