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  1. Joined SASS in 88 and the wire in Oct 99. Its hard to believe that its been that long!
  2. It was great having you guys come down and shoot with us. I'm glad you guys continued having fun (and spending money) for the rest of the weekend! Lets do it again when you can!!
  3. It’s pretty simple, just become a US Citizen!
  4. I totally agree with the Winter Range position, it makes total sense.........unless you’re not a Citizen then probably not. If we travel to or live in a foreign country we shouldn’t be eligible for their national titles either!
  5. I’ve been sending you messages with my phone number. Your email address is not going through for me.
  6. At this price I am amazed that people didn’t fight over this! Maybe everyone is sleeping through the winter!!
  7. No, I’m out of town for a week or so right now.
  8. Not quite! The Saturday forecast is clear sky's all day! It does say 10% chance of rain which means 90% chance of no rain!!
  9. It is a Incredibly low price for an unmodified 3 screw in this condition.
  10. Sure. I’ll see you between 10 and 10:30. Thanks
  11. I will. These are full one pound containers not 14 ounces.
  12. SOLD Seven 1 lb containers of Clays Powder, not 14 ounces! Can only be delivered to Winter Range on Wednesday, I'm not shooting the match so Wednesday is the only day that I will be there! $ 14 each Please email me at rattlerjohn@yahoo.com Thanks
  13. BTT for one last price reduction.
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