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  1. Murphy custom gunleather has one similar
  2. Some how we have gotten Way Off Topic on this Thread. Thank you All for the Input!!! (Some of it was Helpful and Some of it was Not) I will Reach Out too Widder, and who knows maybe next year, we will have a few more Saturday Morning Hero's
  3. Widder Thank you. I will call you as soon as I recover from being gone for a week to landrun. Seems like work never stops Drifter
  4. I like the King & Queen of Silver Screen !!!
  5. Gunfighters can become Jedi ! And Classic Cowboy / Cowgirl can become Shootist of the year. Isn't it about time B Western shooter have some type of award honors as well?
  6. It Was a Great Shoot. Everyone seemed to Enjoy it, And Posse 7 was By Far the Coolest Posse.
  7. I agree with you 100%. In fact the comment was made during the awards to match officials
  8. I understand the shooters feelings about not coming back. But he did not planning on going on the stage in the first place or i am sure he would have stayed in costume..
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