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  1. Websites show Graf,s at $4 cheaper the Goex. Since they are made ny Goex is thier a difference
  2. TN. I saw the exact same thing happen to a shooter brass picker picked up a live round and declared a miss for unfired live round. After spottets had all said clean. Shooter was awarded a miss.
  3. If weather permits piqua will shoot on the 2nd sunday starting at 10am. Safety meeting at 9:30am
  4. All 3 clubs are great people and welcome new comers
  5. Scarlet has 32s in 85gr and 100gr coated. They also carry clean shot power. Great people
  6. Murphy custom gunleather. Persimmon Dan
  7. Are you Sure its beer? not copperhead juice? My Hawii Shirts arrived today. Vix-n is Up for Hawii Steam Punk!!!!
  8. No truer words have ever been said. A Posse Marshal that knows what his Role is. , T/O's that know the Rules, Spotters that Can Spot and Not Listen/count. all these can make a Match Great or Destroy it so Bad you don't want to return.
  9. Be careful with this after a few months of shooting the spring will compress.
  10. Billy did wife's and it is as smooth/ maybe smoother than the one widder did for me.
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