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  1. Turkey Legs. it may be my computer. but your PDF did not download for me. Thanks Skid 89233.
  2. Thanks all. I took rifle apart. cleaned out the hole where the firing pin and spring goes and put in a less robust firing pin spring. The face of the bolt was indeed peened on one side. I Flitzed this out and it is smooth. I adjusted the tension spring and main spring as per your instructions. Cleaned and lubed the rest of the rifle. In the event the main spring is just plain tired. what are my alternatives if any? Tomorrow I will see if this rifle flies at the range, take it apart again and make observations and likely will report back. Skid.
  3. Kid Rich. is the larger screw on the tang the main spring screw?
  4. Good morning Pards! I have an older Navy Arms Uberti 1873 in .357 mag short stroked. I have begun to have light primer strikes (Federal primers) and wanted to tighten the small screw on the bottom tang. I originally wanted to tighten it about 3/4 turn but was unable to tighten it only a short way before it was already tight. At this point I do not think that the firing pin has any dried grease on it but will check it anyway. In the event that is fine. what is my alternative with the mainspring adjustment screw? Thanks Skid.
  5. Skiddsteer1


    I SECOND that!
  6. Skiddsteer1


    I have a SKB 20ga 24 inch barrels and English stock I MIGHT be willing to part with if'in you wanna pack 20ga.
  7. I will concur that 15.1 of Unique under 7/8, and Remington RXP 20 wads worked for me in my SKB 20. But now I have an SKB 12 done by Doc Noper and I LOVE it.
  8. Well, those are Bisley hammers. I ordered a pair from Midway a few days ago. Midway will notify me when and if the Super Blackhawk hammers are available. Wish me luck. Thanks Skid.
  9. Of course the problem now is where to find two Super Blackhawk hammers.
  10. By easier I assume that you mean that I would not have to cut/grind the protruding hump on the Bisley hammer to fit the Vaquero grip frame if I were to get the Super Blackhawk hammers?
  11. Howdy, if I were to install new Bisley hammers on my New Model Vaqueros. will I need new hammer plungers as well? And/or anything else? Thanks in advance!
  12. Can one put the lowered Montado hammers on an older model Vaquero? Please advise. Thanks.
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