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Mirakou Winchester lever springs

Tall John

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I’m the proud owner of a super slick Mirakou Winchester 1873 that I bought from a world champion.  I decided to clean it and my Taylor Uberti 1873 Comanchero 38/357’s this weekend.


after full disassembly and cleaning my Comanchero, when I started tearing down my Mirakou, I noticed that both lever springs #15 finger and #16 carrier lever springs appear identical with the hooks turning to the right vs the same parts on my Comanchero where they each turn inward.(pictures).


is this normal?  A case of not finding the right parts in the past? Or something else?


the gun shoots great, and never jams but I don’t want to break it.






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I checked mine and forget everything I wrote above.  The spring set up on the Miroku is different than the Uberti.  The right side (carrier) spring fits as normal, but the left side (lever) spring is backwards, i.e. the pin makes contact with lever differently.  If you put them in and cycle the action you will see what I mean.  I did note that the spring pins are thicker on mine (no action work done).  It's possible yours may have been thinned out. 

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