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  1. You are right. That was one reason 49r got put in then the rest is history.
  2. Deuce, Y’all put on a great match for EOT last year. I could see you have room for more shooters. I also see why you played close to vest first time. I hope to come back sometime. Volunteers are the key to this game we play.
  3. Many hurdles have to be cleared to put on a successful large (800+) match. 1) volunteers 2) range at least 12 stages 3) parking for shooters at least 600 spaces per wave maybe more 4) banquet facilities 5) hotels close by 6) campgrounds close by 7) capital to handle expenses Taking all of this into consideration. SASS has probably made the best choice for awhile.
  4. It’s all about pay back. Russia gets paid back with Ukraine. OPEC gets paid back with higher oil prices. China gets probably gets paid back with Taiwan.
  5. Looks like the stage writer was trying to trap someone. I know a few duelist that could get a pistol shot off before staging the shotgun on this stage. Maybe a traditional or gunfighter didn’t think it fair for a duelist to have a quick transition. Just the view from my saddle
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