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  1. The "Paladin" Eye Transplant.  For the 2 1/8" tall Holster Chess Knight, I ordered a set of 2 mm dia. 5 ea to a pkg costume jewelry "Rubies" from ETSY.  Use a #2 center drill, to a depth of around .040 +.010 - 0, then Epoxy the "Eye" in the "Socket".  The 2 mm dia. ruby is the right size for the proper Knight height of 2 1/8".  That will still leave you the remaining 4 ea, in case someone should "Put Your Eye Out", Ha!     Keep Gunnin', and Travelin ;)    Gb    bg

  2. Blue Wolf...


    The 45 dies are $45 and the associated caliber conversion set is $30.  Plus shipping of $7.50


    Just let me know...Ledger

    1. Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      I only need the 45acp caliber conversion. If you will sell it by itself I'll take it. 

    2. Ledger


      I can sell the caliber conversion kit by itself.  I have another cowboy interested and he is local but you were first in line.  Please confirm.  $37.50 otherwise I will let the local guy have it.


      You can send me paypal at jcgiicpa@aol.com or mail me a check at... 


      Jim Gill

      105 High Plains Rd.

      Simpsonville, SC 29681


      Also, I will need shipping instructions to you.



    3. Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      I'll take the conversion for 45 acp. I'll do paypal.


      Address is:

      Dwight Gardner 

      2006 Woodmead St SW

      Decatur, AL 35601


  3. You can contact Bo Diddley's widow she has a Dillon balance beam. I don't recall price.


    Email camharris100@gmail.com  

    Tell  her I sent ya.


  4. Purly,

    Bo Diddley's widow has a Dillon balance scale if that's what your interested in. I don't know price. You can contact her here




    Tell her I sent ya.

  5. Happy Birthday and many more! I've been riding this brand now around 17 years.
  6. Big Sage, Most don't care about it. They just want to shoot and have fun. I think SASS is doing the best they can. I'm sure if it goes non-profit, Misty will let us know. I don't care which way they decide, I just want them to remain in business.
  7. I have to disagree. Make safe instruction on a split pistol means make the pistol safe. Either laying on a flat surface pointed down range or holster. I do agree it is kinda of redundant to say make safe after each gun. Unless you are allowing it to be staged at another location from the shooting station. We shoot a lot of shooters choice, therefore I see a lot of make safe. It gives the shooter more options. Besides it is only two words but gives a lot of lead way. Good shooting
  8. I stole one of my wife's 31 bags. Works for me but she wasn't happy. Just roll them up put in bag and it has a lid. She finally got over it. I think
  9. I guess all shooting disciples, parent organizations, have the same problem. Clubs that aren't affiliated putting on shoots. It's just a problem that's not going to go away. Unless members police themselves. I doubt that will happen. Just the way I see it from my saddle.
  10. I don't believe they will interchange. I have a Pietra steel frame and an ASM frame I would sell. No grips, barrell, cylinder, hammer, bolt, trigger, springs, trigger guard or back strap. If your interested. They have been drilled for a cap post and ruger hand conversion. But we're drilled bigger and alas just have extra holes. Doesn't interference with function. I got these in a trade some time back.
  11. I think the categories in 2000 were: traditional, modern, duelist, junior, and blackpowder. Ladies were modern, traditional, I can't remember if there was a lady duelist.
  12. You have to use the nail polish on every stage. Some cap then polish and some polish then cap. Cleaning hammer works best for me. To each his own.
  13. I've used nail polish but didn't find any better results. Joe West is a firm believer in it. Keeping hammer face clean, between stages, seems to help from cap sucking.
  14. Best way to fix this problem is get caps that fit nipple or nipple that fit the caps. Then use a capper of your preference. Squeezing caps isn't safe in my opinion. They are not suppose to go off just squeezing them. If one does when squeezing it........it will hurt and a trip to hospital will happen. There is a picture of a thumb on the web. It was Cuts Crooked's thumb from pressing on a cap. Not pretty. Be careful out there.
  15. I have a Hornady M-2. I've been using it for last 11 years. With amount of brass yall go through maybe a mortar mixer would be good.
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