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  1. That is pure art! Fantastic! SB
  2. I'll give ya $18.99, and you ship! SB
  3. I just put an aluminum .38 liner in my '73. Got it from Jimmy Spurs in VT; Cowboy Gunworks. It was a drop in tube with new spring and follower. Could not have been simpler. Installed it, not because I had had problems, but because on paper it made a load of sense. Have not run many through it yet, but it has been flawless so far. SB
  4. Yellowstone, I was a new shooter last year. As I have watched these pages the last ten months, if Pale Wolf weighs in, that is pretty much the end of discussion because he has given you the accurate, handbook answer! He is the Go-To cowboy! Enjoy the sport! SB
  5. Even as a new shooter, sure sounds like a "Spirit of the Game" issue. I fully agree with Eyesa....a clear integrity issue. SB
  6. Has anyone really noted significant differences between shooting the 4.62 and 5.5 inch Vaqueros? On paper, longer barrel may mean longer draw time but longer sight radius for potentially greater accuracy. Trying to figure out best fit for old eyes...Thanks! SB
  7. I know you were asking about .50 Alaskan brass, and I was not familiar with this cartridge; So, I did a little research and found some loaded ammunition from Buffalo Bore: https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=39 SB
  8. Merry Christmas, Cowboys and Girls! May your stockings be filled with ammo, primers, bullets, shot and whatever else you need in the coming New Year! SB
  9. Mine came this afternoon. Great to see! SB
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