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  1. Thank you for your service, Cpt Dan. SB
  2. Just for giggles, I went to the Sportsman's Warehouse website, and lo, our local store (30 miles) showed you could order AA 12 ga LRLN shotshells for in-store pick up. $13.99/box. Got some. There was nothing on the shelves. Went back to see if I could order more, but they were "out of stock." Could get more if I were willing to drive 75-90 miles. I'm not. Moral: It doesn't hurt to check, and it may pay off. SB
  3. Marshal, I have always gotten by with 2-300 hundred per year on the Rock Chucker. Since the wife and I both started CAS early this summer, we are looking at at least 2000 .38s. If I had all winter, I could make it work, I suppose, but now I am playing catch up and am in a position to upgrade. SB
  4. As an upstate resident, it is way past time for this to have happened...SB
  5. Several matches into our first season, I have concluded that the ol' trusty RCBS single stage press may not keep up with our new found need for .38 ammo. What presses do you all use and/or recommend I look at (currently looking at the Dillon 550C for its versatility...). Thanks! SB
  6. These are the LEO stories that ought to be published!! Excellent! SB
  7. Found a rig, thanks to Happy Appy! Gracias, Amigo! SB
  8. If I buy the pants, can I get the 33/34 inch waist to go in them? Hope they all find new homes.
  9. Yes, it still takes 3-6 months but non-residents can now apply for NYS pistol permits. If a person from out of state wants to travel to NYS for a match, they can have an exemption to NYS rigorous permit laws under NYS Penal law 265.20 (a13). The gist is that you need to preregister and have your registration, a match bulletin or other proof, travel with firearms and ammunition in separate locked opaque cases, and not stay more than 48 hours around the match time. Basically, drive in, shoot, and leave without sightseeing and no carry at all while in NY. Hope that helps. SB
  10. Welcome! We are new also...only a month or so longer than you. We have found this group to be very welcoming and helpful, both on the forums and at our local club. If you are not yet connected to a local club, it is the best thing you can do at this early stage. See you down the trail! SB
  11. Item # T1380, $19.95 + S&H SB
  12. Were you a red leg, Cpt? SB
  13. Memorial Day: We are here because they are not.... SB
  14. Sad, but I lost a mouthful of early morning coffee at the end...blessings ! SB
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