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  1. Blue Wolf...


    The 45 dies are $45 and the associated caliber conversion set is $30.  Plus shipping of $7.50


    Just let me know...Ledger

    1. Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      I only need the 45acp caliber conversion. If you will sell it by itself I'll take it. 

    2. Ledger


      I can sell the caliber conversion kit by itself.  I have another cowboy interested and he is local but you were first in line.  Please confirm.  $37.50 otherwise I will let the local guy have it.


      You can send me paypal at jcgiicpa@aol.com or mail me a check at... 


      Jim Gill

      105 High Plains Rd.

      Simpsonville, SC 29681


      Also, I will need shipping instructions to you.



    3. Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      I'll take the conversion for 45 acp. I'll do paypal.


      Address is:

      Dwight Gardner 

      2006 Woodmead St SW

      Decatur, AL 35601


  2. Mr. Molasses.  I only have one powder measure left and as far as I know it is a complete unit.  $25.  Just let me know.



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    2. Ledger


      I can take paypal at jcgiicpa@aol.com.  Shipping should fit in medium flat rate box.  I think the cost for those is something like $13.60.  Just add that to the price and we are good to go.  also, I will need shipping info to get the powder measure to you.


      Thanks...Jim Gill

    3. Slowaz Molasses
    4. Ledger


      Thanks...I am jammed up tomorrow.  Will get in post on Wednesday.  If you think something is missing, let me know and I will dig it up.



  3. Do you want the caliber conversion kit for the 10mm dies also?

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    2. Ledger


      Should fit in small USPS flat rate box.  They are around $7.50.  Say $37.50



    3. Ledger


      Sorry...I am confused.  I thought you wanted the conversion kit.  Yes the dies are $45.  So make it 52.50.


      Thanks for catching that.



    4. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Ledger I thought that the 10mm/40 dies were $45.00.  


      O K,  I will get a check out to you tomorrow,  Thanks, C.W.  :FlagAm:

  4. I'm interested in seeing some pictures please.

    E-mail to jimmayo45@comcast.net.


    Jim Mayo

    1. Ledger


      Pictures are attached to the listing.  If you cannot see them I can email them to you if you provide your email address.

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