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  1. I use Mobil 28 grease, kind of like Slide Glide, but cheaper, airport mechanics use it. It stays where you want it for the whole season. I also use Mobil 1 oil 20/50.
  2. Several years ago I switched to Super Black Hammers on my old model Vaqueros, I liked the lower hammer spur but I didn't like the wide spur. I ground off the wide spur to the thickness of the stock hammers and they work great for me.
  3. Too many volcanos in Honduras....already checked it out.
  4. Safety glasses, good balance beam scale, 3x5 cards for notes and load data, some kind of brass cleaner, I have a wet stainless pin system that I love and a good sturdy work bench to mount the press on, ammo boxes and most important common sense. Good Luck.
  5. I also don't like carrying my pistols around after I shoot a stage. I made a wooden plate and installed two dowel rods to fit into the barrels of my Vaqueros, then screwed the plate to the bottom of my gun cart. Works great. Attica Jack.
  6. This post made me laugh my AZZ off......wah wah wah. Merry Christmas everyone, be safe.
  7. I have been shooting duelist for the last 19yrs. I use old model Ruger Vaqueros 44 mag. I have changed the grips to thin style Altamont as I don't have large hands and installed Ruger Super Blackhawk hammers. A couple of years ago I thought I would change to shooting gunfighter, I do have arthritis in my right thumb, but I am left handed, so I thought not a big deal. During the winter I did some practice with the gunfighter mode. I was having a hard time cocking my right revolver, and I noticed that my right thumb was about 3/4 inch shorter than my left because of the arthritis, I thought
  8. SASS has gone to the mentality that everyone gets a trophy mode of thinking. There are already too many categories, why do we need men and women categories, it should just be gunfighter, duelist, modern, etc.
  9. Great looking outfit, but it might be a little warm in the summer.
  10. I think the covid-19 has caused all of use to cut back on our sport. When we first started going back to cowboy shooting some of the clubs allowed only members of that club to shoot and with limited shooters, now some of the club restrictions have have been eased, all shooters are welcomed with covid rules in place. With all this PANIC buying of everything related to shooting, ammo, bullets, powder, primers, and guns has added more problems, but this too will pass, hang in there pards, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Myself, I can't wait to get back into shooting my shooting spo
  11. Adjustable sights are legal, but I think you will have to remove the orange part of the front sight, just use the front sight without the orange insert, the targets are not that far away.
  12. Plus one for Gunner Gatlin, he fixed my carrier on my Marlin 44 mag. several years ago, after 30 years the carrier had a grooves, didn't have any problem YET, but the season was over and got rid of Murphys Law and had it repaired.............still looks like new.
  13. I use 5.3gr. of Trailboss, behind a 200gr. LRN bullet in my 94 Marlin and Ruger Vaqueros 4 5/8 bbl. I did switch to 200gr. ACME Hi-Tec coated bullets, I like the way they don't gum up the press when reloading.
  14. Doesn't really matter to me. At the club I belong to, there was only 3 of us setting up 5 stages........lots of heavy targets and work, we finally went to only setting up 3 stages and change them around to shoot 5 stages. On a state match I would want 10 stages set up in their own bays.
  15. Thanks guys. I looked at some data for loading Trailboss and the max was 5.3gr. That is what I load my 44 mags. with so I thought I would ask you guys what you are using.
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