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  1. Yes, our governor is in way over her head, and she has a health and welfare advisor from the obama era....nuf said on that. I can understand some of the restrictions, but others are totally out of this world, ie. you can't have your grass cut, or buy clothes, or garden supplies...this spreads the virus how? Whitmer is useless for Michigan, and is only interested in being on the ballot for vice president.
  2. I checked out the Riogrande.com site. Stratosheen is a little too expensive for me.......don't have a problem with separating the pins. Thanks.
  3. Just what is stratosheen, and where do you get it? Could not find it on Amazon......must not exist.
  4. I made this for drying the clean brass. Going to have to try that Stratosheen that has been talked about.
  5. I just saw this on another site, how sad, shot lots of matches with this cowboy......going to miss him. I think he was good friends with Catlow, who passed away a couple of months ago. RIP.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Being a lefty, if given a choice, I will shoot the targets from right to left. This includes Wild Bunch and Cowboy.
  7. Tom, I might have to disagree with you. I have found the faster the bullet the lower the impact, bullet is out of the barrel before the gun recoils. Slower and heavier bullets usually print high, because the gun is starting to recoil and the bullet is still in the barrel. Does not seem to make much of a difference with a rifle though.
  8. Windage, can be adjusted a little bit with the rear sight, for the front elevation, just take a different hold on the target.
  9. The leather pads are only 3/16 thick and with the screw heads less the 1/4 inch. If it was a problem I could tighten the screws into the pads, or grind down the screw heads some.
  10. I picked up some of the magazine pads. Lucky for me, my mags. are Shooting Stars and already have drilled holes for mounting base pads. I had to remove the IPSIC type pads to shoot Wild Bunch. All I had to do was to drill the pads and get shorter screws, kind of small I think #4.
  11. Are these pads also legal for Traditional?
  12. If you are still interested in the Marlin, I might ship, have to find out how and the cost.

    1. Stopsign32v


      Could you please email me more pictures? My email is KStover8442@yahoo.com


      I'd love to give her a good home!



  13. Are you going to the Michigan Range War?  I still have the Marlin for sale.  Selling for a widow of a cowboy shooter.  Are you setting up a booth?  I had a couple of offers, but they want me to ship.  Let me know perhaps we can meet at the Range War.   Attica Jack

  14. Send it.  Will you be a DSC this weekend?

  15. Lumpy do you use a stainless steel tumbler with the ceramic and do you add water?  Please describe your ceramic cleaning process.  Thanks

    1. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz

      I use a thumler mod B low speed tumbler.



      Use Dave Maurer ceramic media. Put in media, add water till just below media with a 1/4 TSP of Dawn dish soap. Add cases and let it run for about 2hrs.

      Rinse in COLD water and let air dry on towel.

      Rinse media and let it dry......

      That's it.

      You can buy the tumbler and media with 'soap' as a 'kit' from Shiloh Sharps.



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