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  1. Here is a photo of my holster, that I rolled out the lip and put some braid on the edge. My setup is over 30 years old and it is a unlined inexpensive Triple K rig, still use it today.
  2. You can use water or alcohol to moisten the leather fold the lip out as much as you want.....I taped the lip in position and let it dry for a day or two.. Good Luck!
  3. Hendo It sounds like you are left handed, like me. Been shooting duelist for 19 years. I use a cross draw set up, pull the cross draw pistol first, shoot it with my left hand, then reach up with my right hand grab the pistol and holster it while drawing the left hand straight draw....it will take some practice, but it can be smooth and fast.....it always seemed like too much fumbling switching hands from right to left. Be safe and have some fun.
  4. Never knew that a two squib rule was out there, but not a bad idea. I have seen too many shooters have to stop everything, hold the stage up because of a squib load and it has happened every other stage.
  5. Dusty Devil Dale That seems like a strange problem while using Hi-tec coated bullets. Are you using some home made hi-tec bullets? The ones I use you can't even scratch the coating off with your finger nail......just seems odd.
  6. I switched over to Hi-tec coated bullets last year for everything I reload for. Cowboy 44 mags, 45/70 Sharps, and 45 ACP. I use ACME bullets, but there are several other companies that make them. The thing I like most about them is you don't have all the lube to clean off of your reloading dies, after a reload session. They are supposed to give a few more FPS and your ammo, and cut down on leading. I don't really care about getting a few more FPS from my loads, and leading has never been a problem. Try them...you will not be sorry. They do have a different smell when shot.
  7. Mobil 28 grease and Mobil 1, use this on all my guns, AR's, 9mm carbine, 97's, Rugers and 1911. Relatively cheap, the grease stays where you put it and the oil makes things slide the way they should.
  8. I carry 7 mags. A stage with 28 rounds is pretty normal. Where I shoot typically the last stage is all pistol.....lots of fun.
  9. I can only hope that Wild Bunch doesn't go the way of Cowboy shooting....a category for everyone that shows up.
  10. Kind of off the original post, but....why do we have separate men and women categories?
  11. I agree there are TOO many categories now. Just have to go with the flow. Wild Bunch two categories....nice.
  12. Thanks for the tip. Being a lefty, if given a choice, I will shoot the targets from right to left. This includes Wild Bunch and Cowboy.
  13. Been shooting Elder Statesman Duelist since last March, joined the other statesman shooters.
  14. I have a New Year hangover.........why did I open this post????????????
  15. Tom, I might have to disagree with you. I have found the faster the bullet the lower the impact, bullet is out of the barrel before the gun recoils. Slower and heavier bullets usually print high, because the gun is starting to recoil and the bullet is still in the barrel. Does not seem to make much of a difference with a rifle though.
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