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  1. I have a question. I have a Pedersoli Sharps rifle that I want to sell. I would like to sell it locally, but how much of a hassle is it to sell my rifle to someone out of state and deal with the shipping etc?
  2. I use it in my Vaquero 44 mags. I don't find it any dirtier than any other powder. If you down load it too much you can get some blow-by and your cases will be somewhat black. Clean my guns once a year.
  3. I picked up some of the magazine pads. Lucky for me, my mags. are Shooting Stars and already have drilled holes for mounting base pads. I had to remove the IPSIC type pads to shoot Wild Bunch. All I had to do was to drill the pads and get shorter screws, kind of small I think #4.
  4. Go on E-bay and order direct from China takes about 4 weeks, but the cost is around $2.50. All the ones you buy here are made in China anyways. I tired to find one made in the USA to an avail.
  5. Should have not answered the call, stayed at Dunkin Donuts and finished coffee and donuts...let the coroner do his job.
  6. Are these pads also legal for Traditional?
  7. If you dye anything, make sure you read on how to set the dye. While in the USMC we dyed our t-shirts green...didn't set the dye, and we were green machines on our first march.
  8. Probably the last time law enforcement got pro-active when dealing with trouble makers....
  9. If you have deep pockets, go for the Shiloh, if not, a Pedersoli will fit your need.
  10. I am not blaming anyone but myself.....just seemed a little harsh. Probably need to pay a little more attention on how to shoot each stage, "Correctly."
  11. Had something happen to myself and another shooter at last Sundays match. It was the first stage, very easy. 2 shotgun targets, 2 rifle targets and 2 pistol targets. The stage was to be shot, 5 shots on one target and 5 shots on the other target, both the rifle and pistol targets were shot the same way, then knockdown the shotgun targets. I shot the stage, had one pistol miss. I received a "P" because I shot the rifle on the pistol targets and the pistol on the rifle targets. My score was my time, a "P" and a miss...I thought OK, not a good way to start the day. The other shooter shot the stage the same a I did, but he was clean and received a "P". Later I was talking to the score keeper and was told that we got a break, because we should have received 20 misses and a "P". I never really thought about it until yesterday, but to receive a 120 second penalty seemed a little harsh for shooting the wrong targets, they were hit, just not with the correct firearm. What do you think?
  12. With all those restrictive anti-gun laws in California.......it is time to push back. Perhaps other cities will do the same.
  13. I guess I should rephrase my earlier statement. I was in law enforcement for many years..........and all the criminal lawyers I had to deal with were nothing but scum bags.
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