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  1. I have a captured K-98 very accurate and it is .323 bore. You will have to find a gunsmith and have the head space checked, or you can purchase the go, no-go gauges from Brownells, I don't think they are very expensive. I use PPU ammo 198 gr. have had great accuracy with this, then I reload the used brass. I did a poor mans head space check with mine, go on the internet and it will tell you how to do it with masking tape. Good Luck, also get a padded butt plate, those 8 mm. kick like a mule.
  2. Someone miss understood my previous post. Drive the sight out from the left side and in from the right side......left out right in.
  3. Remember on dovetails, left out and right in, while having the rifle at the shoulder.
  4. Mobil 28 grease on the bolts etc, it is kind of like Brians Eno's slide guide, but cheaper and it stays where you put it and Mobil 1 on everything else.
  5. When I changed from 240gr. bullets to 200gr. bullets in my Ruger Vaqueros 44 mags., with the same powder charge, my point of impact changed from a six o'clock hold to a point of aim to point to point impact..it .didn't change anything with my rifle. I only load one type of ammo for rifle and pistols.
  6. First I would change to a lighter bullet, say a 200gr, and use Trailboss, it was designed to fill up the case with a small charge. I don't shoot 45's but probably around 5.8grs. would probably work, lots of info out there. Also I more thing, going to a lighter bullet will change your point of impact
  7. Most ranges around here, you can't start busting caps until 9:30 AM.
  8. I have a experience with the wall. The moving wall was in Algonac Mi. a few years ago and I visited the wall in Washington D.C. I was looking for a classmate of mine from Jr. High and High School, we had the same last letter of our names so we shared desks, lockers and became good friends. He was a little older than me, and when we graduated in 1966 and with A-1 draft status, your time as a civilian was going to be very short. He got drafted into the Army, two months later I got my draft notice and enlisted into the Marine Corps. While I was in basic training my mom wrote me and gave me the terrible news that my friend has been killed in Viet Nam, I was devastated. For years and years I thought my friend had been killed in the war. Later I got together with a Highschool mate and wear discussing the war and the friends that we had lost, and we were talking about our mutual friend and how I could not locate him on the wall. My friend said that he was not dead and he had just had a beer with him a couple of week ago, I was elated. We live far apart and I have not got together with him as yet. My mom had sent me the dead notice of a Marine that had been killed in the war with similar last name, and she thought it was my friend. I am looking forward to having a beer with my friend.
  9. A bunch of postal employees are off on sick type leave....refuse to work because of the covid 19 virus....postal deliveries are slow everywhere.
  10. If you are still interested in the Marlin, I might ship, have to find out how and the cost.

    1. Stopsign32v


      Could you please email me more pictures? My email is KStover8442@yahoo.com


      I'd love to give her a good home!



  11. Are you going to the Michigan Range War?  I still have the Marlin for sale.  Selling for a widow of a cowboy shooter.  Are you setting up a booth?  I had a couple of offers, but they want me to ship.  Let me know perhaps we can meet at the Range War.   Attica Jack

  12. Send it.  Will you be a DSC this weekend?

  13. Lumpy do you use a stainless steel tumbler with the ceramic and do you add water?  Please describe your ceramic cleaning process.  Thanks

    1. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz

      I use a thumler mod B low speed tumbler.



      Use Dave Maurer ceramic media. Put in media, add water till just below media with a 1/4 TSP of Dawn dish soap. Add cases and let it run for about 2hrs.

      Rinse in COLD water and let air dry on towel.

      Rinse media and let it dry......

      That's it.

      You can buy the tumbler and media with 'soap' as a 'kit' from Shiloh Sharps.



  14. Been shooting SASS for about 19 years, I can name about 10 shooters by their real names.
  15. Please, please, no more categories.....................
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