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  1. I have been shooting duelist since I started shooting SASS, about 23 years ago, I shoot in the Elder Statesman category now. If I can shoot a stage under 30 sec. that is my goal, sometimes I meet it other times I don't. I usually end up in the top 8 or 10 of overall shooters. I use my original 3 K holster set up with a crossdraw rig. Good Luck Be safe Have Fun
  2. Everything since the pandemic has gone up in price...look at lumber, ridiculous. I realize that prices will go up, but not what some retailers are charging, ammo and primer manufactures said to expect prices to up 15 to 25%, not the 100% increase that the GOUGERS are charging. I saw that some Cabelas stores where charging $45/1000 primers not $80 for 1000. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
  3. I hate to see that the big stores like Cabelas and Sportsmans warehouse fall into the price gougers category......shame on them.
  4. Advertise it in Armslist, someone will buy it.
  5. I will have to wait until my neighbor gets his Sunday Free Press and go and liberate it. I was at that shoot, good time.
  6. I use Mobil 28 grease and Mobil 1 20/50. Mobil 28 grease is similar to Brian Enos slide glide, but cheaper, it is used in the aircraft field. The grease stays where you put it and it works.
  7. Like the statement 38 cal. is the cheapest to LOSE.
  8. Some of the clubs in Michigan, during the hot summer months, have a T-Shirt and shorts match, I think this works out well for everyone.
  9. Roll up your sleeves....the end.
  10. If you are still interested in the Marlin, I might ship, have to find out how and the cost.

    1. Stopsign32v


      Could you please email me more pictures? My email is KStover8442@yahoo.com


      I'd love to give her a good home!



  11. Are you going to the Michigan Range War?  I still have the Marlin for sale.  Selling for a widow of a cowboy shooter.  Are you setting up a booth?  I had a couple of offers, but they want me to ship.  Let me know perhaps we can meet at the Range War.   Attica Jack

  12. Send it.  Will you be a DSC this weekend?

  13. Lumpy do you use a stainless steel tumbler with the ceramic and do you add water?  Please describe your ceramic cleaning process.  Thanks

    1. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz

      I use a thumler mod B low speed tumbler.



      Use Dave Maurer ceramic media. Put in media, add water till just below media with a 1/4 TSP of Dawn dish soap. Add cases and let it run for about 2hrs.

      Rinse in COLD water and let air dry on towel.

      Rinse media and let it dry......

      That's it.

      You can buy the tumbler and media with 'soap' as a 'kit' from Shiloh Sharps.



  14. Been shooting SASS for about 19 years, I can name about 10 shooters by their real names.
  15. Please, please, no more categories.....................
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