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  1. I would have voted to keep the rule as it is. I don't like changing gun safety rules, it's a disaster waiting to happen.
  2. CCI are the hardest, then Winchester and finally Federal the softest. One more thing, are the primer pockets clean? Some shooters never clean them, I always do. If you are on the edge of light hammer springs and dirty primer pockets...things might not go bang.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Lost power for 12 hours, due to utility poles down, and gale force winds. Power is back on, another thing to be thankful for.
  4. How about all the guns came from Catlow gun safe?
  5. If you want to shoot a 1911, shoot Wild Bunch.
  6. You really don't buy reloading equipment..you lease it. When you are done reloading for whatever reason, the resale of the equipment is usually high. I paid $229 for my Dillon Square deal, many years ago....check out the price now.
  7. Try Trailboss, my shooting buddy uses it in his 45 acp with good results. You should be able to download the charge for less recoil.
  8. I was really looking forward to the annual Thanksgiving and Turkey dinner shoot at Detroit Sportsmans Congress. But Michigan weather had other ideas, 10 inches of snow and very cold temperatures. Lots of shooters, including me were disappointed, but it was a good call to cancel. Lots of work and money goes into preparing the Turkey dinner meal, with the cooks volunteering their time and efforts to provide a great meal. I think I would need a 4X4 with chains to get down the road to the cowboy town and they would need a large team of cowboys armed with snow blowers to clean out shooting lanes in the town. See everyone next year. Thanks to all that put on great matches and the DSC.
  9. Don't know if this is the proper spot to post this, but I did. About 19 years ago used to shoot SASS in Michigan with a shooter, Lead Fouling, I know he did move to New Mexico, and I think he is still a active shooter. Does anyone know this person? I would like to get in touch with him. Thanks Attica Jack, still stuck in Michigan.
  10. Make the switch now to Hi-tek coated bullets. Keep your dies clean, less leading, and no bullet lube to mess with.
  11. Lots of answers to this question. I use a 200gr. ACME Hi-tek coated bullet, it has a round nose but has a lip like a semi-wadcutter, and 5.0grs of W321/HP38, 1.250 OAL, this combo work great in my Mil-spec Springfield. ALWAYS check each round with case gauge.
  12. Get the 97, if you ever want to shoot Wild Bunch, you already have the shotgun. I started out with a Bakail double, just could not get it to work for me.
  13. For Sale Pedersoli Sharps, 45/70, silhouette model, Lee Shaver spirit level front sight, Pedersoli ladder sight and 79 pieces of 45/70 brass. Excellent condition $1400, will ship my FFl to your FFL. JUST ADDED 45/70 Reloading dies, 73 ACME 45/70, 405gr. Hi-Tek coated bullets.
  14. The leather pads are only 3/16 thick and with the screw heads less the 1/4 inch. If it was a problem I could tighten the screws into the pads, or grind down the screw heads some.
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