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  1. I changed the Cowboy PPC around just a little bit, after yesterdays time at the range. This is my updated PPC Cowboy stages. 5 Rounds loaded in each revolver. Stage #1 4 yards, 5 shots, one hand. Other hand can be used to cock gun, but must be shot one handed. Stage #2 7 yards, 10 shots, standing. Stage #3 50 feet, 5 shots standing, 5 shots kneeling. Stage #4 50 feet, 5 shots, sitting, 5 shots prone. Stage #5 50 feet, 5 shots, left hand, using barricade, 5 shot right hand, using barricade. Total 45 rounds Shooter has the option to stand and shoot instead of kneeling,
  2. Went to the range today, perfect Michigan weather for this time of the year, 55 degrees and sunny. Set up a regular PPC range practice and a Cowboy PPC practice. The regular PPC practice went okay, but I need to change some of the stages for Cowboy PPC. First I think I would eliminate Stage #2 and move everything back to regular PPC distances of 50 feet, and maybe make the first stage at 4 yards, 10 shots one handed, kind of like the semi- auto PPC stage. Our cowboy guns are real accurate at these distances. Cowboy PPC is kind of slow as you have to reload a single action after each s
  3. Going to try out PPC Cowboy tomorrow, and I have another cowboy going to be the guinea pig. Just finished making a portable barricade, for the barricade portions of the PPC.....the range is probably going to be wet, so not going shoot the prone position.
  4. I had not shot any double action revolver in about 40 years, took some adjustment to try to get back into double actions.....so far so good.
  5. Practical Police Competition, started out using 6 shot issued police revolvers, now progressed to include semi-autos, they even have a Bug Match. The Bug Match is back up gun match, using guns with 3.5 inch or less barrels, if lots of fun, targets are closer. In PPC loaded guns are drawn from a holster, and sometimes 4 positions are used, standing, left and right hand barricade, kneeling and other positions like sitting and prone are used. Most reloads are done on the clock with speed loaders or magazine changes.
  6. It has been a long, long, winter. I have been shooting PPC practice during the winter. I got to thinking, (That can be dangerous with me.) anyway how about Cowboy PPC for just fun? You would use your regular pistols and holsters, and guns loaded with 5 rds. Stage 1, 7 yards standing, 10 shots. Stage 2, 10 yards, 5 shots left hand with barricade and 5 shot, right hand with barricade. Stage 3, 40 feet, 5 shots standing, 5 shots kneeling. Stage 4, 40 feet, 5 shots sitting, 5 shots prone. Stage 5, 5 shots left hand with barricade and 5 shots right hand with barricade. 50 rds. tota
  7. While using a magnet to pick up escaped stainless steel pins, I found a very small plunger from a gun spring. I had not done any spring changes etc. in about 4 years, where did this part go? I ended up taking all my guns apart to see if something was missing, all was okay, but I did find a crack in the slide of my MK9 Kahr pistol which has been replaced. Finally about 3 weeks later I remembered I replaced the 2 piece hammer spring in my 1911 and that plunger was from that gun.......99% sure.
  8. Let me get this straight, if shooting the rifle and I hit the no hit zone and flier goes out, and I would have to ground a loaded rifle pickup the shotgun and shoot the flier.......you are correct a bad stage idea.
  9. See if you can trade them for what you want.
  10. When my wife and I lived on our sailboat in the Caribbean, I would have a trivial question on the morning SSB net....lots of fun. I still have the book with lots of useless info. Attica Jack Jeopardy question..... What was the worst decision you made in the last 8 years? Answer, why did I leave the Caribbean and move back to Michigan.
  11. I usually get 10 to 12 questions correct....sometimes I wonder, why did I know that?
  12. Just a long covid 19 winter....needed some laughs.
  13. I agree....can't wait until Woopie Goldburn will be the guest host.
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