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  1. Good question. At the clubs that I shoot at, if anyone calls a procedure and discussion will follow between timer, spotters and then a decision will be made, to issue a procedure penalty or not.
  2. The idea is to have a SAFE match....always be safe, period. Rules say you can't sweep any one, if you are a shooter, then you are someone, correct? If a shooter sweeps him/herself, point it out to them, as it was for me sweeping myself during pulling my gun from a cross draw holster, and I corrected the problem. In our sport we play with real guns, and live ammo. I would not want a shooter to accidentally shoot them selves in the arm, and say "I didn't know I could not do that." Lawyers would be salivating over that. Keep it safe.
  3. Matthew, if the shooter pumps the guns as some gunfighters do, he has crossed one of his arms with a loaded gun, just my thoughts. I use a cross draw holster set up, and it was pointed out to me many years ago, that when I drew my cross draw gun I swept my arm with a loaded gun, now I make sure it is out of the way.
  4. Sinola, missed you at the shoot, finally perfect weather.
  5. I think he swept himself, just my thought. Perhaps not a written safety penalty, but dangerous.
  6. I have counted my thumbs......today only have two, have to see how many I acquire on Sat.
  7. My first match of the 2019 Michigan Wolverine Rangers shooting season starts for me, this Sat. the 6th. of April, and it is a Wild Bunch match. It has been a long, long, winter waiting for the season to begin, and the weather is cooperating too, supposed to be in the mid. 50"s. See you all there.
  8. I have a Springfield mil-spec, works great. Most modern 1911's are able to shoot lead bullets without any problems, might have to play around with the OAL a bit. I just switched to Hi-Tec coated bullets. Plenty of 1911's in your price range.
  9. Last employee out of Dicks after they go bankrupt......please turn out the lights.
  10. Some of the shooters have down loaded their ammo so much, I think if they pointed the gun to the sky, the bullet wouldn't make it out of the barrel. Squibs waiting to happen.
  11. I have had my Pedersoli Sharps for 19 years, 45/70 great rifle. Shilohs are great but very costly and a long, long wait. I couldn't justify the cost or the wait. For very long range I hear they use 500gr. bullets.
  12. IMR 4198 and Hodgdon 4198 are different powders.
  13. Dutch. A scrimmage shoot is shot with 22 cal. open sighted single shot or semi-auto, mag. fed rifles. Our range is 20yds, you are limited to only loading 4 rds. and 4 rd. reloads. Our range shoots 4 teams at a time, and there is 5 to 6 relays. Teams are drawn at random. Each team member has 4 breakable targets to shoot at, I.E. 5 team members 20 targets. The object is to beak all the targets in the fastest time and shoot down a bowling pin to stop the clock. If you break all your targets start shooting another team members targets. Each relay has smaller targets, our first relay is 3 inch clay targets, and then smaller targets.......the last relay has been shooting a hanging orange paint stirrer with a bowling pin hanging from the bottom, the object is to saw the stick in half dropping the pin, a black line is painted across the stick for shooters to shoot at.
  14. During the winter, I shoot 22 cal. scrimmage shoots at my gun club, lots of fun. Today while getting the Michigan SASS shoot schedules, I already see a conflict. The first Sat. in April is the last scrimmage shoot of the year and it is also the first Wild Bunch shoot of the season. I just hate that when that happens....can't be two places at the same time. I will shoot the Wild Bunch match, as that is my favorite game, depending on the unpredictable Michigan weather. The scrimmage is shot indoors.
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