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  1. Very sorry to hear that, but maybe something else happened. If I knew that the screw knife was yours and I knew you, and you had already left, I would have claimed the knife and returned it back to you. Good Luck
  2. For Sale Pair of Winchester hand forged spurs, marked Korea, with brown boot straps, lady leg design. $112 free shipping cont. US.
  3. Same old story............money talks, B.S. walks.
  4. Many years ago the Michigan State Champion in IPSIC won with a customized Norinco....great guns.
  5. Those pesky pins escape everywhere, they will float on the soap bubbles. I use a mechanics magnet on a stick to pick them up. I use a RCBS rotating media separator, with the bottom cut out and place a nylon paint strainer over a 5 gal. pail and put the media separator on the pail, the pins (most of them) drop into the paint strainer, I rinse the soap off the brass while turning and spinning the brass over the 5 gal. pail. It works for me. When all the pins are in the strainer, rinse the remaining soap off of the pins, I hang the whole set up to dry. I use the mechanics magnet to find the pins that have escaped into the dirty water, before pouring the water down the drain.
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