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  1. Riverdog, I will send you some pictures in the next couple days. It is in excellent condition. There's a little wear on the wood (dings and such), but nothing major.
  2. Is the 87 12 gauge still up for grabs?

  3. Not sure how to tell which generation it is. It is a cap special and has the drop two model. I worked the extractor some to strengthen it for better extractions.
  4. Looking to sell my 1887 Coyote Cap lever shotgun in 12 gauge. I know the quality of the pictures aren't the best. The 1884 Trapdoor Springfield Carbine is SPF. Asking $900 shipped each.
  5. You still lookin' for one all slicked up? I got a coyote cap.
  6. Are you still looking? I've got a trapdoor carbine I'm looking to sell.
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