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  1. Years ago, I used my Uberti '58 carbine with Kirst Konvertors and used a second cylinder for reload. At least 2 rules violations. Second cylinder was fully load in a belt pouch. Very accurate with full house Holy Black loads and 200 grain bullets.
  2. I got some damn good fudge, some batteries and a Butane mini-torch at the Tucson gun show, Saturday. Oh yeah; and some gun brushes. Always wear my USS ENTERPRISE hat and get to talk with some vets. I still attend. When I spent winters at home, we set up our recruiting table for WOWS, at many of the local shows.
  3. For a pistol that doesn't exist; mine sure shoots nice.
  4. Nice! Way off subject. If you attend the gun show in Tucson today, I will be the stubby one in the "USS ENTERPRISE" ball cap.
  5. Big Sage, I know, I know. My '58 Remington's w/ Kirst Konvertors love that. Winter home makes using Black inconvenient. The rest of you fine pards and Buzzard, Had a powder measure set up for Unique that I used for .45 Colt loads. It is what you suggested Rooster Ron Waynne. Thank you all for the great input. If I get lazy next year and shoot some smokey-less in this cartridge; I will do as the Buzzard says. He is my go-to for tuning of Dillons and other things. A pard to ride the river with. Thanks all. Marty
  6. Have some 180 grain hollowbase lead bullets. Have Bullseye, Unique, Titegroup, W231 and Accurate #5 powders. Have always loaded Holy Black in .45 SP. Want to try these cartridges in a Ruger 3 1/2". Anyone got any recipes to share with any of these powders? PM me, please. Thanks, in advance.
  7. -20 at 7:30 this AM. That is on my deck 10 feet above ground level. Next year returning to leaving after 1st weekend in Dec.
  8. Damn dumbest sale of a gun ever, was when I sold that .30 Carbine Blackhawk. You can shoot the 2 .41 mags if you come up. Got lots of ammo. Bring the .30 and some of those 4F black loads. We'll go over to the long range and do some testing.
  9. Hey J. Mark, Shot that .41 Blackhawk,I got from you in a match a few weeks ago. It works fine. Paired up with a gorgeous 3-screw Doug Turnbull .41 that belonged to Wild Root. Love them .41's! Still owe you for the advice on having Larry fix my car in Nashville. Don't get down that way very often these days. Been heading out to Arizona in the winter. You are always welcome to come up this way. Fire in the Hills is on me any year you get here. Your Pard, Marty Mudd
  10. The .38 is probably the Lightning. I have owned 5 of them over the years. They are excellent for people with small hands. I love the 3 1/2 " . Like the 4 3/4" for shooting Gunfighter. Keep the loads light( I use .38 Short Colt brass) Send them to a good gunsmith. None of mine were great out of the box. One of them got better with use, others not so much. Used ones may still have the extremely soft firing pins. Good for about 200 rounds. There are also 2 different firing pin sizes depending on whether the firing pin bushing is under the hammer or on the cylinder side of the frame. YMMV. That'
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