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  1. DANG!! DANG!! DANG!! Just a tich too small or I'd be all over this! What a nice looking jacket!
  2. Sorry to hear this. Any time someone has to sell their firearms to make ends meet is a sad day indeed. BEST OF LUCK COWBOY!!
  3. Very nice, but unless they can grow up to at least 11 1/2 DD......
  4. Really like that hat....but my heads too fat, dang it!!
  5. Voiced an interest in the 1897 take down shotgun. FFL to FFL 95973 zip. Sent PM but hadn't heard anything back yet. Is the shotgun still available?


    Steve (Doc Ironbeard)

  6. I might be interested in your old ugly 73. Especially if it's ugly, but not too ugly. Need it for above the bar, that and a good story would be cool. What are you looking for $$.



  7. Pictures please to <oakspring@yahoo.com>

  8. How much are you asking? What size? Pictures please to oakspring@yahoo.com


    THANKS Blackey




    I'm nearly at the bottom, depending on which map you're looking at. I'm located in Butte country near Chico, California. I would be VERY interested in looking at some pictures. Please send them to me at <oakspring@yahoo.com>. What are you asking for the rig?


    Are you talking about Albany Oregon, or Albany California in the Bay Area? Spent a couple of years as a kid growing up in Corvallis.....LOVED IT THERE. Unfortunately family moved back to SoCal were my father was a teacher. Corvallis was always one of my fondest memories.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Dr. Ironbeard

  10. So I suppose the Belgian 21 Shot Pin Fire Pistol is out of the question??? Perhaps we need a "Steampunk" category to cover all the weird inventions developed during that crazy era. I mean after all they were, even as weird as some of them were......of that period.
  11. So is the original blackpowder/percussion version of the Le Mat a GO or a NO GO? Or can you only load 6 of 9 chambers?
  12. You have to think that a Le Mat would be wickedly wild to see out on the firing line. I've been looking at the cartridge conversion version Le Mat that was actually done on the TV Show Johnny Ringo's pistol. Which is possible. I don't think you could get all nine chambers to fit that number of rimmed cartridges, besides the limitation in the rules for a max of six chambers being allowed. As for the shotgun aspect I don't think it would be "technically" ATF legal.....AKA: short barrelled shotgun. Well, it might.....if you go through the trouble of getting permission, getting it properly registered and pay for the "tax" stamp. And then I doubt you would be allowed to use that aspect of the pistol in SASS competition....pity. However, considering Jeb Stewart carried two of them during the Civil War, it must be a wickedly effective weapon.
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