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  1. I wonder how much Tax Payer dollars would be saved by simply just doing away with this "USELESS" and UNCONSTITUTIONAL organization. Saw a list not too long ago of all the REDUNDANT and UNNECESSARY government departments. GOOD LORD there are a lot of them.....and we wonder where all our tax dollars go?
  2. That is a SaaaaWEEEET little pistol!! Wish I had the gold I'd totally go for it!! Best of luck on your sale!
  3. I would love something like this puppy....but my pockets just are deep enough. Beautiful Rifle. Totally jealous.
  4. Is there anywhere I can get a pattern for one? I'm a 2XL to 3XL depending on the cut. Have yet to seen on my size. Darn! Looks like I'll have to make my own.
  5. That is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS cart.......totally wicked bad.
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