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  1. You mentioned Llama mags, do you have anything for the Llama "Special" IIIA .380acp, It looks like a scaled down 1911 Colt. I needs mags with the fat bottom plate.
  2. Quick question. How is the recoil on a 16 gauge? I have a petite wife, barely 5 foot tall and 110 pounds and a 12 is just too much recoil for her. I'm think of 16 or 20 gauge for her.
  3. Very nice cart! Love the wagon wheels. Unfortunately I'm on the wrong coast.
  4. I'll take the 12 Ga Shotgun Slide for $15 shipped. Discrete PayPal or ?
  5. Wish it had been one of the .455 models. Been keeping and eye out for a pair of those.
  6. Horse Hair, pm me as to where you want the gold sent.
  7. PM didn't come through? Please try again. Not sure what happened.
  8. I'm your Huckleberry....for the Walker cap gun. PM sent.
  9. I'll take the Duster please. PM sent
  10. Damn.....I gotta get up earlier!!
  11. DANG!! DANG!! DANG!! Just a tich too small or I'd be all over this! What a nice looking jacket!
  12. Sorry to hear this. Any time someone has to sell their firearms to make ends meet is a sad day indeed. BEST OF LUCK COWBOY!!
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