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  1. I understand parachutes weren't exactly common either... ..........Widder
  2. Thanks for posting such a Memorial eulogy. Our Warriors face difficulties on foreign shores and here in the homeland and we should never grow weary or lazy in our Prayers for them and their families. ..........Widder
  3. ME thinks your opinion is correct. I learned that from 4 separate Audiology test from the VA. 105db won't mean crap to my ears if the frequency is one of those I seem to be immune to..... But, my guess is the freqs used in our Timers are good enough because I can detect most 'Beeps' if the timer is within a couple inches of my ear. Max: When I did a couple videos on shooting the SG, I had to clip the timer on my shirt collar in order to react to the beep. Its something you might want to consider. ..........Widder
  4. Good info Pards..... Thanks. At present, my 10mm possessions are the EAA Witness Compact and the SIG P220 ELITE. The EAA is roughly 3.5" and the SIG is 5". I plan to get a Dan Wesson 10mm 'Bruin' in 6" soon and compare Chronograph/accuracy testing with it to the EAA and SIG. The Bruin is a 1911 and I would really like a top notch 1911 in 6" 10mm. At present, I have an opportunity to get a Dan Wesson 'Silverback', 5" in 10mm but don't think my banker (Bunkhouse Boss) can handle me getting 2 of them in a short period of time..... Again, thanks for the info. ..........Widder
  5. In the Navy and while in boot camp, I listed 'Corpman' as my top choice for Navy career. This was 1969. They made me a Radioman. Go Figure. ..........Widder
  6. I don't know where RED KNEE lives, exactly, but he sent me an email pic of a twisty estimated about 2 miles from his house. He was taking the picture from his 'Safe Room'. No, it wasn't his gun safe room but rather a specific room built into his house for such an occasion. That 'Twisty' looked darn big and mean. ..........Widder
  7. I'm looking to buy a new 1911, preferably a Dan Wesson in 10mm. Right now, I'm looking at a 5" Silverback or a 6" Bruin. Anyone have any experience with DW and their 1911 pistols? Thanks ..........Widder
  8. With all electronic gizmos and stuff in the cockpit and the pilot wearing a special suit, just how cool/cold is it in the cockpit of todays jet fighters? I know its cold up there in the thin air and such, but is the temps kept steady by an air conditioner. And would air friction tend to make it warmer inside? Just curious. I been watching to many YouTube videos..... ..........Widder
  9. Pistols: 8 yds with POI about 1" higher than POA. Rifle: I actually don't use, nor have, a rear sight. I only have a front site. BUT, I have the appropriate height that when I look down the flat surface of my octagon barrel and see my brass bead, that will put me on a small target at 20 yds. P.S. - I would likely MISS a 100 yard target, regardless of size or color because of eye sight. ..........Widder
  10. KIRK, that is some deep thinking. Do you know the velocities of the rounds you are shooting of the 105/110 vs. the 125? Velocity x weight divided by 1000 = PF Example: 105 at 800 fps has a PF of 84 125 at 750 fps has a PF of 93 I think your observance of heavier bullets causing your sights to move off target is a real occurrence. This might not have helped answer your question, but I thought I would post it. 'CLANG' effect on a target with different bullet weights is a good lunch table discussion. I shoot a .32 H&R in Cowboy competition. My bullet weights are 78, 82 and 100 grainers in the rifle. My velocity with the 82 grainers is above 1200 fps because I like a fast bullet down range. I have been told that my rifle 'clangs' are more audible than most others on the Posse and more so than the mildly loaded .38 special stuff that most folks shoot. Trying to filter in 'clang' effects is something you might have to experiment for yeself. ..........Widder
  11. QUESTION: If the lighter/faster bullet hits lower because it exits the muzzle before recoil effects its travel, AND, the heavy/slower bullet hits higher because recoil is effecting its trajectory before it exits the muzzle, wouldn't barrel length play a part of the equation? How about a light faster bullet in a Long Barrel (lets say 7") vs. a heavy, slower bullet in a 3" barrel. Looks like a whole new ball game to me if you factor in those items. ..........Widder
  12. Rolan, this is sad indeed. My condolences and Prayers for comfort to you and the family members. ..........Widder
  13. Thats funny. I'm one of them amphibidextrious fellers. I can normally type with my brain disengaged... and still use all 11 fingers with great viscosity..... ..........Widder
  14. Hey Rance. My opinion only: It would be nice if our 'subjectiveness' had more of a distinct guideline....... something like 3-4" apart. But, who really wants to start measuring? I don't. Honestly, I like Creeker's position. Its a defined method and eliminates any subjective judgement calls...AND, it makes it the same for all of us. One other thing I must admit..... If I miss an 18x20" plate at 15 yards with my rifle and hit another plate 3" to the side, there is NO WAY I will argue the 'Clean Miss' thing. Missing something like that and hitting the wrong target deserves a legitimate 'P' for me..... What's on your mind? ..........Widder
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