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  1. Wow! You wouldn't see that in South Florida.
  2. I got an oil change in the wife's car earlier this week at Walmart and it was $33.00. They also claim they checked all the fluids and air pressure but don't trust them.
  3. Bermuda is too small and over populated to grow many onions. There are a few gentleman farms but I saw no agricultural operations of any size the last time I was there. The same thing happened to their furniture business.
  4. Be careful around the edges of the receiver. They can be really sharp and blood will leave really nasty rust spots on the blued parts.
  5. SFC Alwyn Cashe is the type of person you want with you when you go into battle. I'm sorry it took the military 16 years to honor your sacrifice. Well done. RIP
  6. I suppose if your lawn mower is not too heavy and you aren't planning on towing anything, this truck might work for you. I do like the 40 mpg. My 2015 F-150 has the aluminum body and it has been trouble free. Of course, I haven't hit anything with it yet. I still have a 6,000 lb camper so I guess I'll keep my F-150. I wonder how much an aluminum unibody baby pickup in the Lariat package would run?
  7. We had lots of rain on the east coast. Rained almost every day last Summer. It was all I could do to keep the grass cut.
  8. In 50 years of shooting, I've never experienced a hang fire with a cartridge gun. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's very improbable.
  9. So Max, you're a 2 and Ophelia is a 10? Yea, that's about right. I dropped my lead level after changing over to wet tumbling my brass. No more breathing lizard litter dust for me.
  10. It seems like this is happening every couple of days. I don't have the answer. People have lost their minds.
  11. A friend of mine has a teenage daughter that raises show pigs through FFA at school. They travel around to different shows and compete with other show pigs. At the end of the season, I buy 1/2 of one pig and have it processed. I've got a freezer full of pampered show pig. Every pig comes with a name. We are eating Dobby this year. I'm told it was named after a Harry Potter character. I don't know if Dobby volunteered for what happened to him in the end, but I do know he lived a charmed life as a show pig.
  12. You just need a good hurricane every few years to replenish the supply.
  13. I think the buildings looked a lot better in 1908. Kinda sad how they covered up/removed all the old architectural details.
  14. I thought we were done with him 40 years ago.
  15. So if the TO said "Stand by" and the shooter jumps the beep and starts shooting and the TO never gives the Beep, is it still a procedural? There is no stage time because the TO never started the timer. Send the shooter back to the loading table to reload his guns and add a P to his stage time when he does a "reshoot". No Beep, No penalty? Reload and reshoot?
  16. No Mall Ninja outfit would be complete without one.
  17. Kajun handles the registration so he is the preverbal horses mouth. As opposed to the other end of the horse....
  18. After December 7th, we'll be back to Magnum P.I. trying to get us to do a reverse mortgage on our house because he trusts the mortgage company and you can too.
  19. I'm going to say the top 100 dollar bill is the real one. Hard to tell from the photograph but the top one looks a little cleaner. I hd to blow the picture up 500% to start seeing any difference. You can usually tell by the micro-printing and the feel of the paper. There's lots of security features on paper currency but someone who's in a hurry may not catch a fake.
  20. When California finally just legislates itself out of existence, just shut it down. Cut off the power and let it collapse. There will be whaling and all sorts of crying but they did it to themselves. It'll be ok. I'll just find another source for my avocados and we make better wine in North Georgia anyway.
  21. Its been almost a year since we've been to the Gulf coast. I'm having seafood withdrawals.
  22. Teenage boys and driving. They are going to wreck whatever you give them. It's going to happen. It's a right of passage. Just pray they survive it and eventually realize they aren't invincible. Most of them survive their teenage years but it's hard on the parents. Buy them something disposable and pay extra for lots of liability insurance.
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