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  1. Billy and Taco Belle, along with their team, did a lot of work for the Matches and it showed. The Wild Bunch Match was well received with good round count, scenarios, and target distance. The Banquet for this match, at the range with The Butcher's Block was superb! The Cowboy Match was also well organized. Target placement was great and the scenarios were fun. There was a good, well organized Saturday Night Banquet. The Award Presentation on Sunday, after the Match (and the morning showers), was one of the best organized ceremonies I have attended! Jean Duke was an Excellent Master of Ceremonies. His voice, along with the well tuned sound system allowed the presentations to be well heard. Thanks for a Great set of State championship Matches. By the way, the caliber of competition, from Missouri Lefty and Two Sons, the Overall Winners, Fast Fingers and Turkey Legs, the State Champions, and all the way through the list of participants was as good as at any Big Match I have attended!
  2. I was specifically referring to the Bond Derringer.
  3. For side matches, can derringer grips be extended, or do they have to conform to the size of the frame?
  4. What is a reasonable shelf life of reloaded brass ((black powder) shells that have been sealed with water glass?
  5. Thanks for sharing your methods.
  6. What is a good source for loading accessories for reloading brass shotgun shells? Items like a decapper, capper, brass “wad guide,” etc.
  7. Thanks for the information and recommendations.
  8. Would the "Vintiger" shells, which are smokeless, 2 1/4 dram equiv and 7/8 oz shot still be excessive? I presume it would be.
  9. Where would be a source for properly sized 12 gauge shells/hulls in 2 5/8"? Can a BP substitute, like APP be used? Thanks for your info.
  10. Would a 1887 built in 1892 be a black powder only gun, or could light smokeless loads be used as well? What is the chamber length in such a gun? Thanks.
  11. I noticed the thread discussing long range .30-30 loads, but I am interested in the shorter distances, around 100 yards. I have some Purcella 150 gr and 170 gr bullets, and was thinking of using 2400 for the powder, or perhaps IMR 4895. Are these considered good choices?
  12. Hi Don Jorge


    Give me a call today Sunday the 12-9-18 I have your Model 12 ready.  You did not leave a phone number in the letter you wrote with the shotgun.  Could not call, it has been ready for over 2 weeks.



    817 247-9982

    1. Don Jorge

      Don Jorge

      Sorry I left it out of the letter.

      My number is 217-725-6153.

      Give me a call anytime.


      Don Jorge

  13. The SPARTA SUMMER SHOOTOUT was another fabulous event at Sparta hosted by the Kaskaskia Cowboys, led by Phiren Smoke and Boben Weev. we had great stages, a nice breeze, and super food (from Mike, The Butcher's Block). It was a fine day of competition.
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