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  1. One aspect of the RO I and RO II courses is the time for the courses themselves. By having an online course available, one could study the online course and the Manuals, then, at the "course meeting," have a test and discussion about the answers. Passing the test would allow certification. Basically, a time saver for the course, and perhaps a better meeting rather than going over material in a didactic way. At least the members interested in certification/re-certification, would be better served, perhaps. Members uninterested in learning the rules may not be able to be coerced in doing so.
  2. Why are the hammers different? or is it the angle?
  3. Here are a few more pics of my long gun rack
  4. I had the sight issue in mind when I developed the rack I pictured. And the rack leans back, to cradle the rifle or shotgun a bit. I'll post a picture of the rack with the rifle. Mounting it on the table, either inside or out, allows one to reach straight to it without bending over. Sooner's rack looks good too.
  5. Vertical staging may not be ideal, but one does see it occasionally, and is good to practice, in my view.
  6. I made this single long gun rack for use either indoors or out. this can be bolted onto a table, on anchored to the ground with a screw. the knobs screw into blind nuts, T-nuts, so the structure can fold flat.
  7. I was in a similar situation, and used the same measures as you noted. Although anecdotal, I also added Spirulina, supposedly a mild chelater. These measures provided me a 23% reduction in 6 months.
  8. Hi Don Jorge


    Give me a call today Sunday the 12-9-18 I have your Model 12 ready.  You did not leave a phone number in the letter you wrote with the shotgun.  Could not call, it has been ready for over 2 weeks.



    817 247-9982

    1. Don Jorge

      Don Jorge

      Sorry I left it out of the letter.

      My number is 217-725-6153.

      Give me a call anytime.


      Don Jorge

  9. BB, If you would, put me down for two sets of the USA Flag garters. Let me know when they are in. Thanks, Don Jorge
  10. Will you be stocking the USA Flag sleeve garters in the future?
  11. The SPARTA SUMMER SHOOTOUT was another fabulous event at Sparta hosted by the Kaskaskia Cowboys, led by Phiren Smoke and Boben Weev. we had great stages, a nice breeze, and super food (from Mike, The Butcher's Block). It was a fine day of competition.
  12. This should be another Great Shoot hosted by the Kaskaskia Cowboys! I can't wait!
  13. This should be a great match at a tremendous facility. I'm signed up.
  14. Would you be interested in a trade for an unaltered Browning Double?
  15. Don Jorge

    Spotting scope

    If I were getting a spotting scope for long range, I would be considering one of the camera type set-ups.
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