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  1. Interesting comments. Certainly, more powder may be the way to go. How quickly do warm cartridges cool off when put into a cold chambers at the loading table (revolvers) or a cold magazine tube (rifle)?
  2. It sounds like some powders may be more LOAD sensitive at certain temperatures. "Standard loading" may not exhibit such variations with temperatures.
  3. It is often stated that a certain smokeless powder is temperature sensitive, usually, not always, less "power/velocity" with a decrease of ambient temperature. I would be interested in information about that. It seems that the temperature range involved, for us cowboys at least, is from 30 to 100 degrees, roughly, which is not really very much.
  4. Thanks for the information. Perhaps someone has tried VV310
  5. Are the "faster burning propellants," like VVN310, Red dot,Promo or others a good choice for .45 colt with a 200 gr. bullet? By good choice, I would refer to clean burning, consistent metering, or other favorable properties.
  6. Would you consider a trade for a Winchester/Miroku 1892 .32-20, 1 of 500 (Davidson) un-fired and with all of the boxes? Thanks
  7. Do these have the palm swell option?
  8. I did not receive one. Checked regular email and spam folders.
  9. As noted by Back 40. Do we even get a survey to fill out?
  10. What distance are you planning to spot? How would some of the camera-wifi setups compare to a good scope?
  11. Hi Don Jorge


    Give me a call today Sunday the 12-9-18 I have your Model 12 ready.  You did not leave a phone number in the letter you wrote with the shotgun.  Could not call, it has been ready for over 2 weeks.



    817 247-9982

    1. Don Jorge

      Don Jorge

      Sorry I left it out of the letter.

      My number is 217-725-6153.

      Give me a call anytime.


      Don Jorge

  12. The SPARTA SUMMER SHOOTOUT was another fabulous event at Sparta hosted by the Kaskaskia Cowboys, led by Phiren Smoke and Boben Weev. we had great stages, a nice breeze, and super food (from Mike, The Butcher's Block). It was a fine day of competition.
  13. This should be another Great Shoot hosted by the Kaskaskia Cowboys! I can't wait!
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