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  1. We shot five stages in one bay yesterday. There was a little target movement required after some stages, but no one seemed to mind. Clean up was quick. Tough to get very many cowboys to help with set up, isn't it?
  2. Let's just change the shotgun shooting to Virginia count, no make-up shots. This work for Wild Bunch.
  3. I agree with you, Count Sandor. Some, though bring up the argument that should an accident occur, images, information, would be used against the club.
  4. Do many ranges have "security cameras?" When the topic is brought up, some indicate that one reason NOT to have them is that it catches the "mistakes" that we all would make. The cameras/images would be "evidence" against the club under the right circumstances. Comments?
  5. Yes, he has excellent evaluations.
  6. I have an 1892 Winchester/Miroku, a Davidson's 1 of 500, .32-20, never been fired, with all of the boxes and papers. I'll be in Oklahoma in October for a shoot or two. Let me know if interested.
  7. I think a lot, if not all of the R.O. course could be done in this manner and would support it.
  8. Thanks Larsen. I'll check that out. May need to give Dillon a call one way or the other.
  9. What might I adjust or replace on the primer system to correct an increasing number of miss-seated primers? 5-10/100 seem to be cock-eyed! Thanks.
  10. I have used Spirulina with good results. It contains a "natural chelator." Another option is to donate blood, which removes some lead. The real problem is the blood level is one aspect of the problem, but that is in other tissues, liver, bone, brain, and it is more difficult to measure, as you would suspect. Some ignore it, saying that they feel fine, even with a higher level, but then they get neuropathy, impotence, and other issues, when it is much more difficult to treat successfuly, even with major chelators.
  11. Hi Don Jorge


    Give me a call today Sunday the 12-9-18 I have your Model 12 ready.  You did not leave a phone number in the letter you wrote with the shotgun.  Could not call, it has been ready for over 2 weeks.



    817 247-9982

    1. Don Jorge

      Don Jorge

      Sorry I left it out of the letter.

      My number is 217-725-6153.

      Give me a call anytime.


      Don Jorge

  12. The SPARTA SUMMER SHOOTOUT was another fabulous event at Sparta hosted by the Kaskaskia Cowboys, led by Phiren Smoke and Boben Weev. we had great stages, a nice breeze, and super food (from Mike, The Butcher's Block). It was a fine day of competition.
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