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  1. I sent a pm about the carbine yesterday also asking for pictures to be emailed thanks bc
  2. I will take it per our PM’s Thanks BC
  3. Matthew, I did not pay in advance. All payment was made after the fact. I was just glad to get everything back. I can live with the difference in the 97’s. Smoken, Thank you. I appreciate it. BC
  4. Widder, I agree 100% in firearms feeling different. The only reason I said that I felt it was a rush job is that there are several places that were polished and have a more finished/tuned look on number 1 and number 3, where on number 2 it looks like those locations were not touched. The polishing and adjusting does not seem to the same level and it shows in the smoothness of the function of the 97. Thanks BC
  5. Time to close this thread out. The last 97 arrived home earlier this week. Yes, I gave him more time. The gunsmith had surgery and asked for more time. He also started communicating, which was a change. The third 97 work was the best of all. The first was good, the second seemed like it was a rushed job and was just okay. The third looks and feels better than either of the other two. Lessons learned on both sides. Thanks to all that supported and were interested. BC
  6. Marshal, As long as nice people like you are interested I’m sure we can continue the post thread for a long time. I know several other Cowboys have asked in the forum to be kept updated, that is the reason I’ve continued to update the thread. Again Thank You for your interest. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. BC
  7. Well number 2 was received. Not quite as impressed with this one as I was the first one. Was told that the third one was almost ready to test fire. Next email stated, recovering from surgery and that it will be delayed another week or so. At least the communication is occurring. I’m “patiently” waiting the couple of more weeks and then ask again. This seems to be the never ending test of patience. I’ve learned important lessons from this. 1. Ask for a specific delivery date and state up from if it slips then I would like to be notified and a legitimate reason. 2. If it slips more than once, ask for my items back and go elsewhere. 3. Be fair, but be firm. 4. If the person will not give a date then just go elsewhere. After this episode, I sent three sets of pistols to a well known gunsmith for action jobs and short strokes. He stated it may take up to three months for what I wanted. I had my pistols back in six weeks. I freely recommend him to everyone every chance I get. I know there are a lot of great people in our sport. I’m glad to work with them. I know at times life happens, but “truthful” communication is the key. Thanks BC
  8. Hiya OLG, In the first post “At 14 months I received one back and was told the other two would follow soon and things had been delayed and that this was not normal. “ Thanks BC
  9. Just got back in town from a business trip and figured it was time to give an update. The second of my three 97’s has been completed and shipped back. It is scheduled to arrive Tuesday. I have been told that the third is almost ready to test fire and also be returned. I’m looking forward to receiving them and giving them a run. I will give an update on the work and performance of the second one after I try it out. I will also keep everyone posted on the return of number three. Thanks BC
  10. I received an email reply back stating both 97’s are almost finished. I asked for a date estimate instead of “almost” I have not received that yet. As as I said in the start of this thread, the gunsmith does great work. My intention was not to cause any issues, but to ask the question of if I am being impatient or justified in my concern. I know “Life Happens” and as many in the thread have said, as long as it is communicated then the customer can decide if they want to wait or not. I try try to be as patient as possible and consider the other side of all issues. But, for me to consider them, I must know them. I have even been called a _______ for waiting over a year. I may be several things, you fill in the blank. I consider my self someone who follows the Cowboy Way. My word is my bond. If I tell you something I stick to it. I try to help others and be considerate of their situation. I try to deal with everyone fairly and honestly. I will let everyone know the final outcome, hopefully there will be a happy ending at the end of the saga. Thanks BC
  11. OLG, After receiving the communication Wednesday and being a Holiday weekend I am giving him until next week and then reaching out again. Thanks for inquiring. BC
  12. Wider I agree it should go both ways. If a shooter is a problem customer or a deadbeat and does not pay then the gunsmiths deserve to know. Son of the Midnight Star we cannot name names. That is why I suggest a place where both sides of the story can be told. If you look at the original question, I wanted to know if this was normal or not. I would welcome the other side of the story. That was the other issue, no communication, no story, so I started to worry. And wanted to know if I was just being impatient or if I was justified in my concern. Thanks BC
  13. I did not ask for pictures. I have given him this much time I will see if he follows through with “almost done and ready to test fire” or if it continues to drag, I will take the other offered advice and follow up with a certified letter. I see from all of the other posts that I am not the only one that has experienced this type of issue. As SASS is our organization I would think they would want this type of information shared to help prevent it from occurring. Thanks BC
  14. The times that I called I was told that he did not know why it had been so long and that he would call me back with and update. The return call did not happen. Soon afterwards when calling the message on the answering machine says to email that they are no longer accepting calls. BC
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